A new site should be a golden chance to improve conversion rates, SEO, and digital marketing as a whole. Unluckily, it can also be an invitation for damage- if the correct steps are not taken to make sure a smooth transition from the old site to new, you can negatively affect the SEO equity your website has worked hard to establish over the years.

The biggest myth among site owners is that SEO only requires to be done once. Unluckily, this is not the case. Different fractions are changed during redesign including pages as well as codes.

If they are not appropriately managed, it can negatively affect the site’s SEO and affect the long-term growth of the website. If done correctly, however, redesigning a site with perfect link building strategies can also boost your SEO strength.

In today’s article, we will go through some information regarding why to do link building with a website redesign.

Reason To Do Link Building With A Website Redesign

1. Get SEO built-in to your design

A new, redesigned website offers your company a fresh beginning. It also provides you the opportunity to design and establish a website optimized for SEO on the frontend and backend.

These optimizations can involve your navigation, page speed, breadcrumb navigation, internal linking, and many more. Essentially, you get a chance to establish a site that users and search engines will love.

Keep in account that a site optimized for SEO or say efficient off page SEO services does not mean a boring website design.

If you work with a company that specialized in site SEO redesign, you can count on getting a fabulous SEO-friendly website.

2. Power Search Rankings and Lead Conversions

Before replacing website pages, review web analytics to analyze which keywords are fostering your site growth. Analyze which keywords are offering quality traffic, and determine the landing pages linked with each.

Look at your analytics to identify which content is entrancing audiences.

Examine cues like a visitor’s recorded time on page and low bounce rate to analyze what exactly is driving targeted web traffic.

Preserve that performance when designing your new website. No requirement to rewrite high-performing content, doing so may affect search rankings as well as lead conversions. Here, you can always rely on powerful link building packages.

Finishing thorough SEO audio also permits you to see the key design aspects generating conversions on your site.

You will need to include these elements into new versions of website pages to maintain a conversion-oriented site and SEO.

3. Preserve Any Existing Optimizations

Companies that already utilize SEO cannot afford to deduct SEO from their site redesign. A redesign that forgets all about SEO, like introducing your redesigned website without any redirects, can cost your business-specific amount in lost leads, traffic, and sales.

This is the reason why your internal team or web design company should include SEO in your redesign. With this, you now know, how to get high quality links for site.

If you are working with a web design company, ensure they know search engine optimization and its effect on your website’s design and performance as well.

Many companies specialize in designing and establishing websites and won’t involve SEO. That means your company could lose all its hard work upon ranking your new website.

4. Provide Redirection for Domain Changes

Each link you click or webpage you visit returns a status code with instructions for your web. Search bots view these codes and depend on these codes to appropriately crawl your site.

Hence, it is essential to properly manage these codes and repair all broken links, the wrong status code can destroy authority.

When executing a new domain name for an indexed site, one must develop a proper system of 301 redirects, mapping old to new URLs for search engines. Anytime you alter a URL syntax, you risk confusing search engines.

Hence, you need to redirect URLs to make sure link equity is passed between the redirecting web pages. Here, effective business SEO tips will work great.

Pages that cannot be mapped with a 301 redirect will need a custom 404 error page. This lets users, as well as search engines, know that the actual page is gone and not just a broken link.

When requesting a deleted page, the site server will return a 404 response code.

Once all internal pages are appropriately redirected, refer next to your web analytics to analyze top linking referring sources of traffic.

Contact every noted source and ask each to update their links to your new domain.

Furthermore, the structure of link building is organic and changes gradually, so it is vital to maintain the practice and be willing to do changes with the help of quality link building services in Australia whenever necessary.


A website redesign with SEO needs a massive skill set, from design to development to SEO. For many organizations, that is a challenge.

At Linkbuildingcorp, however, we make it very convenient. This is because we feature a professional team of professionals, from designers to developers to SEO experts.

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