A golden tip for all the SEO beginners is out now. Without a proper good linking based strategy, your website is like dead in water. On the other hand, with a promising linking strategy, you can even get to put site in worse state.

Linking strategies are often termed to be most innovative aspects of any SEO. Links help in determining the popularity of website and keeping the traffic flowing towards your side.

However, not all linking strategies are created in the equal manner.

Here, you can come across this on link strategy, which is always superior among the other options.

As per the SEO experts, one way link is always the king.

More About One Way Link

Thanks to the one way link building solutions / strategy, you get the chance to address inbound link to your website from some of the other internet locales, and you don’t have to bother link back to the options.

a)- Entertainment sites, new bloggers, ultra-authoritative bloggers and mega prolific are the ones, which are currently enjoying greater amount of link building or inbound option on consistent basis.

b)- The great thing about this approach is that you don’t have to think about the possibility of linking to any bad site.

c)- Most of the time these one way links are judged by the search engines as valuable linking forms. It is mainly because inbound links can signify vote of confidence on part of other websites in favour of your own site.

d)- It means that other owners have already found your online sire to be of high value and recommending your content to the other visitors.

e)- Always remember that these on way links are proven to be beneficial if sites linked up to yours have greater page ranking than yours. Or, it is also suitable if they have achieved same level of ranking like yours.

f)- Whenever you are trying to attract links from other sites, search engines will award some greater value to yours and hand you the key to next best page ranking.

Get To Create Such Links

If your website got launched quite recently, then you must get the links to come from none but the authority sites only and from those areas with higher page rank than yours or at least of the same level like yours.

For generating some of the best one way links, there are some things for you to understand for knowing more about one way link building or effective link building strategies.

a)- You need to get the linking from some of the well-known social media sites like Reddit, LinkedIn and more.

b)- You have to submit original form of content with links to some of the article posting sites.

c)- You have to think about the field of guest posting.

d)- You can even try to submit to some of the directories like the Yahoo! Directory, and more

When it comes to submitting content to the article directories, you have to post them in some proper categories for helping search engines to identify properly what the site you are dealing with is all about.

On the other hand, you have to work hard to keep the content of the website interesting, fresh and even highly valuable, other than being engaging for visitors and websites to find new reasons to come and visit your website.

In the end, they might even link their site with your website.

Links Will Start At Your Home

Most of the people agree on the fact that internal navigation forms an extremely important role to the SEO procedure.

For that, you have to use some of the meaningful, concise and keyword based anchor text in navigation.

a)- On the other hand, you have to offer content embedded alternative links in some of the deeper content in site for making proper sense

b)- Sometimes, you are guided to use some alternative anchor texts for some secondary on page based links

c)- You might also have to provide some cross promotional links on multiple pages as possible in the most unobtrusive way as possible

Always remember that user experience is going to be your first priority.

So, you have to post the link strategically throughout the site and your pages. The navigation you have should be designed to serve user’s needs and for your self-promotional option too.

However, your content is designed to offer you with multiple opportunities to inform visitors more about your related and relevant content.

Be sure to check out the pro sides of one way linking strategy before going for the right result. The results will act in your favour.

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