What is Google Big Daddy Update? A Complete Guide and Recovery Tips


If you are working on making your business website rank and perform better online, you must know about how Google algorithm updates work especially when it is an infrastructure update. Google Big Daddy update can bring huge changes to your website’s rank in search results.

Google Big Daddy update had a major impact on the overall quality of the search engine results pages (SERPs) at the time. When it comes to the algorithm, the only constant changes by Google are to update their user experience and to improve the quality of the search results they deliver.

This might can be highly frustrating for people who are thinking about different ways how to rank higher on Google.

Over the years, there have been many different Google algorithm updates, but few have had major effects. Among them, the Google Big Daddy update comes with a major update. Let’s read and know more about this update.

Today we’ll read:

1. What Is Google Big Daddy Update?
2. Objective Of Google Big Daddy Update
3. Which Websites Get Affected by Google Big Daddy Update?
4. Impact of Google Big Daddy Update on SEO
5. Impact Of Google Big Daddy Update On Link Building
6. How Can You Work With Google Big Daddy Update?
7. Conclusion

What Is Google Big Daddy Update?

This update was partially rolled out on December 1, 2005, and came as no surprise to marketers and website owners. With this, Google reached out to a test base of SEO professionals who work to implement accurate SEO trends to give them feedback on the algorithm change.

Unlike some other updates, this can cause a major impact on SERPs. The SEO professionals decided to make changes gradually over time so they could receive feedback from testers on how well their update was doing.

Google wanted to ensure that its new data center strategy was up to the challenge before embarking on a large-scale rollout.

Objective Of Google Big Daddy Update

Google Big Daddy update did not provide much more information on the release but it was said to be majorly focused on the infrastructure of the website. If the infrastructure is good, it will help to improve the quality of search results.

Some professionals working in major SEO solutions in India have stated the updates were caused by the Big Daddy update about the connections. If the connections are received on the Big Daddy update were untrustworthy for both inbound and outbound links, this can affect the website’s performance.

The Google Big Daddy update was more on low-quality connections, reasons for excessive reciprocal linking, spammy neighborhood links, and algorithmic detection of bought links are examples of these.

Which Websites Get Affected by Google Big Daddy Update?

After this update rolled out, some SEO professionals felt that the quality of the SERPs they were seeing had not improved at all. Even after applying various SEO strategies, performance didn’t improve. So, Google officials maintained that these complaints were minimal and forced more on it and launching it full in-effect

When Big Daddy came into full effect, Google announced the supplemental index to search results. The supplemental index was supposed to benefit visitors. With this, they will be visiting your website and making it easier to find specific information that may not be located in your site’s main index.

But in reality, most visitors never got to the point where they saw the supplemental index. This was to help the visitors to see the related searches in this index. In this case, getting the chances of views was not much as you would like on those pages.

According to expert technical SEO professionals, common pages that ended up in supplemental indexes seemed to be duplicate content.

So, these were deemed as less important such as category pages. This was a big problem for some website managers and it was really hard to figure out why a certain page was ending up in the supplemental index.

Impact of Google Big Daddy Update on SEO

There are several Google algorithm modifications and all have had a great impact on Big Daddy Update. Since Big Daddy, the problematic additional index was dropped long ago. Big Daddy did teach later algorithms about the value of creating a clear framework for your website.

Big Daddy and other early algorithm adjustments gave rise to many various concerns for SEO practitioners and some of them things like interlinking, right website sitemap guide, meta descriptions, and website navigation.

The websites that were having low-quality links have faced a lot of side effects. To improve your performance according to the Big Daddy Update, Google wants you to improve the quality of search results by working on your links.

However, this is not confirmed by the SEO expert but bad linking always has a bad effect. You must work with trustworthy SEO link building solutions that help you to build the best quality links.

How Can You Work With Google Big Daddy Update?

Big Daddy was when launched and has seen many changes. However, SEO professionals were able to take a valuable lesson from Big Daddy which is about working on delivering the best user experience.

Google’s aim for launching various updates is constantly working toward a better overall customer experience for users. Big Daddy is also to help the users to find what they are looking for. With this, the aim was to scrutinize websites to produce better search results.

With this, several SEO “hacks” you’re using today probably won’t be as effective a year from now. Instead, website owners should focus on mentioned things:

You must work to organize your website structure. The website should be clear, and concise manner. You must prefer to learn SEO for beginners which makes it easy for Google to analyze and index all of your site’s pages. By implementing SEO techniques, you’ll see how to make a well-organized website layout and properly utilize meta titles, tags, and keywords.

To get the best results, try to work on this on both content pages and media like images and videos.

You must work to make sure that they are generating quality content that their target audience will find useful. There is a great need to make the user experience the top priority. You need to look for reliable content writing solutions in New Zealand that always pay off in the end.

If you want to optimize your website for Google and other search engines, you must get the help of professionals. A professional expert will help you to test for the quality of the SERPs or search engine results pages and this brings up a new update.


Several blogs will discuss the update during any Google update and many argued at the time that the Big Daddy update. This update is highly focused on your website’s overall functioning from content and low-quality links.

There is a need to work with professionals who understand and follow the latest Google Algorithm Updates to implement the best strategies.

To make your website perform better with each Google update, ensure to work with experts. For this, contact us at +91-9205356986 or mail us at info@linkbuildingcorp.com

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