You are just writing and writing, and some people say that you like it, but you are just not achieving results. Traffic is coming in at a trickle, links are difficult to come by, and your comments section is very lively. And you cannot assist wondering. Do you just have to be patient, waiting for your traffic to increase? Or could it be possible that your content is bad, and everyone is just being nice to not affect the artistic feeling?

Great content writing is a major key for a successful content marketing plan. Non-experienced writers can do damage. Whether it is grammatical errors that decrease your business’s credibility or plagiarism costing your business, you need to do all you can to prevent these very harmful mistakes? Here, we have put together 5 warning signs that can help you determine if the content writing is going to deliver what you have expected or if you are better off with someone else.

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Top 5 Signs Your Content Writing Is Wrong

1. Misleading Titles

It is convenient for a writer to get off the track and end up in an entirely different place than they began from when writing content. The issue is that many writers do not think about adjusting their titles to represent the change in the original content. For instance, you may have a title such as “Top Benefits of SEO”, when the article generally talks about why SEO is vital. This is a “truth of advertising” problem, and it returns readers off when they do not get what they want when they clicked on a search result. They go back from your website and that’s really bad for your business. Furthermore, you need to know efficiently what is content writing to understand the importance properly.

2. Organic Traffic Is Minimal

It may go without saying that if no one is looking anything around the topic that you are writing about, the possibilities of it driving specific traffic are less to none. To develop relevant and valuable content, you have to know what detail your audience is looking for.

Invest time getting to know your readers- what their daily roles and duties are like, the challenges they are going through, how they find information and gather content, and their business requirements. This will provide you many insights and, ultimately, assist you in keyword research.

3. Poor Research

Professionals firmly think that you can have a great conversation about anything, even very technical, dry subject matter. You need to professionally do writing for SEO. But you have to have some fabulous information to talk about, and the only method to get those details is to do your research; otherwise, you lead to a shallow, vapid piece of writing. And with no deep concepts, there is no reason for anyone to read what you have written.

4. Content Is Being Found, but Not Read

By searching at metrics like time on page and bounce rate, you can achieve a great feel for how engaged audiences are with your content. If you are seeing a high bounce rate as well as low time on page, this shows that audiences are not finding the content mainly valuable, or it does not offer the information they require. Basically, this issue can generally be traced back to varied search intent; however, it could also have to do with the format of content or say readability. Adding to that, accurate blog writing services can help you immensely in attracting a genuine audience.

High impressions and a low click-through rate could be a sign that your content is missing something. In this case, they are probably many ways you can adjust page tagging aspects such as the description and title to make it more appropriate and initiate users to click into the page.

5. No Formatting

Big, unbroken blocks of text, with no formatting to break the content piece. Headings and good intro sentences assist develop a visual reference for skimming readers and make it more probably they will find what they are searching for in your content, stay on the webpage longer as well as click on links.

You may feel really embarrassed at first, but the sooner you specify the content on your site the faster you will experience increased engagement with your audience as well as more conversion rates. Your website or blog makes first impression on your readers as well as customers.

Therefore, do not let poor content writing affect your image. Taking easy steps to tweak what you post on your blog or website will keep your readers coming back for more. Also, you can follow one of the most effective content writing trends in 2021.


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