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Want to catch the eye of readers instantly?

Enhance brand visibility and persuade Auidence to take action

An art of creating viral content for social media audience can be ideally termed as social media writing. A major point that should be kept in mind for this type of content is that one should have strong writing skills, in order to make his or her content, a complete success on social networks. In the present age, where social media has become the second home of your target customers, it is very important for you to invest in a content that reflects your brand. To be very crisp, creating a copy of content for social networks is essential for creating a buzz in the social world, enhancing your online visibility and inducing compelling communication. This is why business owners are always advised to post persuasive, grammatically correct content that boosts engagement.

How Social Media Writing Benefits
Your Business Growth?

From business perspective, a good content on social media plays an important role on creating awareness at massive rate. There’s a huge potential lies over social media especially for start-ups to create a strong online presence, generating sales and making a space for your business operation in this intense competition world. The importance of social media content can be easily figured out from various benefits such as highly effective for small-medium businesses, Persuades your target customers, Promotes your products and services, Fosters maximum reach to global customers, Creates solid impression, Gigantic online presence at worldwide level.


For Small Websites

Upto 5 Write-up
Billed in advanced every months
400 words in each Write-up
2 times Proof Reading Check

$50 Per Month


Small to Medium Websites

Upto 10 Write-up
Billed in advanced every months
450 words in each Write-up
2 times Proof Reading Check

$100 Per Month


Medium to Large Websites

Upto 15 Write-up
Billed in advanced every months
500 words in each Write-up
2 times Proof Reading Check

$150 Per Month


For Large Websites

Upto 20 Write-up
Billed in advanced every months
600 words in each Write-up
2 times Proof Reading Check

$199 Per Month

Why Should You Choose our Social Media Writing Packages?

At us, you lend a hand to awesome team of writers that are passionate in bringing you the finest social media post through extensive research bringing handpicked topic through research. They are capable in generating the flare and interest among customers further leading to maximum impact. With us, you get to unleash the power of social media and loads of opportunities. Hence, our packages are specifically designed in a manner that gives you access to engaging content worth sharing. Further, we possess a clear understanding about the fact that every business is different, in terms of its budget limits and business objectives. This is why our team has come up with not just one or two, but a range of packages that meet your varying requirements with 100% satisfaction level.

How Our Social Media Writing Packages Deliver Value For Money?

We understand the pain of earning every single penny. Hence, we make it a point that the packages offered to the clients deliver complete value for the money invested. Each of the packages consist of writing informative and enticing content that is initiated under the guidance of experienced social media writers. We make sure that the grammar, jargons, social networking guidelines and terminologies, are better taken care of.


Features Starter Standard Advanced Premium Platinum
Social Media Writing Plan 5 10 15 20 30
Price $50 $100 $150 $199 $299
No. of Words Per Post 400 450 500 550 600
Keyword Allowed 2 2 3 3 3+
Meta Description
Duration 3 Days 5 Days 7 Days 7 Days 7 Days
Proof Reading Check
SEO Friendly

Confused Which One To Choose?

Over the past few years, we have worked with numerous entrepreneurs that helped them in providing strong genuine followers through legitimate practices that impacted them terrifically. We make sure that your audiences perceive your business as a brand through content that tells trustworthiness. Hence, no matter which package you choose, it is for sure that you would be able to establish a strong social presence with flying colors.

However, as we understand that the pricing limitations and business needs may vary from one business to another, therefore, our packages are classified into different varieties that cater to your specific budget and business requirements. Further, if under any circumstances, you feel that you are unable to pick one out of many options, don’t worry; we are here to help. Our team will first understand as well as analyze your needs, and then suggest the most befitting package that works wonders for your enhanced social media presence.

Struggling To
Boost Social Presence?

Your social company profile is failing due to these reasons –

  Poor brand presence on Facebook & Twitter
  Poor promotion or marketing of products
  No audience engagement
  Poor quality social media content

Do You Know ?

“The total figure of active social media users is approximately around 3.03 billion, which in itself defines why it is so important for businesses to improve their brand’s social presence. As an online business owner, one must understand the fact that a major proportion of global communication takes place through social media. Hence, social platforms serve golden opportunities to business owners for communicating and engaging with their prospects. This is majorly possible with a shareworthy content posted on social media. “

Crucial Facts About Social Media Writing

With social media penetration in the market, it has become very important for businesses to keep focus on social networks – how to grab customers’ attention, how to use engaging content to expand your social presence etc.

  2 hours approximately is spent daily on varied social media sites.

  8 billion average views are found on Facebook videos daily.

☞  3.2 billion (approximately) images are shared on everyday basis.

With these facts, it becomes quite evident that to have a maximum impact on business growth, one needs to focus on social media and the content created for the same. A compelling content can help you establish a strong bond with your customers and enhance online visibility.


Though there’s a huge change to get at top level of success through social sites, yet one must also understand this from customer’s point of view that they always look for striking words that create a huge difference between you and other competitors. This is where we jump in to provide the greatest content that is capable of grabbing the attention of customers as well as motivates them to make a purchase.

There are so many competitors and so many post available on social network. We do the extensive research of your business niche, product and services, target audiences and competitors in order to make sure that content provided by us is one of its kind and capable in differentiating you from other players.

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    Valuable feedback that keeps us going.
    • They timely manages everything in providing me complete online solution and creating a buzz of my product launch date. They handled search engines, email marketing and social post in a preeminent way by keeping the standard of business.

      John Doe
    • Over an extensive mind boggling research, I chose to go with LinkBuildingCorp. They have been very helpful in providing me links as per my website theme furthermore they also provided me some additional changes that I could make on my website.

      Jane Smith
      Web Marketing Analyst
    • Couldn’t get any better than this. If you are looking for a complete web alteration then this is just right for you. They provide entire digital services under one roof and also at vary affordable cost. At this moment, I have some great written post and under second’s page load time with great material design on my website.

      Paul Frank
      Chief Executive Officer
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