Getting more traffic to come your way and increasing conversion rates is every content marketer’s dream. Helping you to establish your brand online with a powerful brand image, content marketing really takes the entire game to a different level. What’s more, it costs you 62% less than traditional marketing tactics (yes, you read that right!) such as outbound promotions yet generates thrice as many leads. You have a win-win situation right there!

As the digital space transforms rapidly, marketers all around the globe are looking for newer ways to make their online presence felt. Content marketing presents the perfect scope for them to achieve that. If you too want to develop a great content marketing strategy that will tick all the right boxes for you, then you must know about the 5 main elements that make it successful.

Table of Content:

1. Maintain clarity for goals and objectives
2. Figure out who you want to reach out to
3. Whip up riveting content – every time
4. Include optimisation in your marketing plan
5. Push the promotions envelope

5 Elements You Must Have in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing must-haves include the 5 main elements, which are goals, audience, quality, SEO and promotions. Leading marketers of the modern age can successfully converge these 5 elements with the digital tools of the current times for creating a robust content marketing strategy.

Check out 5 elements in detail as discussed below and make sure that your content marketing plan has all of them so you can take your business to newer heights.

1. Maintain clarity for goals and objectives

While this seems like a no-brainer, quite a high number of businesses are still not clear about their content marketing goals and objectives. You need to have a clear picture in mind regarding your marketing goals and objectives if you want your strategies to work out just like you have planned. Make sure that everyone in the content team (that includes you as well) is on the same page concerning questions such as:

● Why you are investing in content marketing

● How it can benefit your business and whether those benefits are important enough

● How you wish to go about measuring the effectiveness of your marketing strategy

● What are the plans of action that need to be in place for the strategies to work out

The best way to ensure that you know the goals and objectives clearly is to document them at the very outset. You can arrange reviews for the same at regular intervals to realign the goals with how the marketing strategies are paying off, and incorporate new ones as per the demands of your audience or industry.

2. Figure out who you want to reach out to

Although marketing goals are intricately tied to knowing who your target audience is, it is best to discuss them separately. The target audience for any business is one of the core elements for designing a successful content marketing strategy and thus requires focused attention. To know who your prospective clientele are, you need to get under their skin and think like them. As any good content marketer worth his copy will tell you, the following are some of the factors you should keep in mind when getting to know your target audience.

● Buyer personas are the imaginary profiles of your prospective and current clients. You can create a database for them using data from previous customers and target new ones that match the profiles of the previous ones.

● Factors such as gender, age group, community, culture, income levels, social values, and general preferences all account for how the buyer persona will ultimately shape up.

3. Whip up riveting content – every time

Content marketing revolves around content, but it needs to be mind-blowing for it to even matter. Every marketer needs to understand that even the grandest of marketing plans can fail due to the absence of half-baked or rehashed content. Originality and relevance are the two most sought-after factors in content that goes viral. Here are a few things that your content must have to make it appealing to your readers.

● An attention-grabbing headline or title that makes your readers want to read a little bit more into what you have got to say.

● Relatable and fresh content that is useful for the readers. No one would like to know about the seven shades of a celeb’s lip colour unless you are offering the same seven shades in your Spring-Summer collection at throwaway prices.

Relevant keywords for your industry so it rakes in those SEO brownie points as well.

● Content that engages the readers (an online poll, for example) scores higher. So make sure you include factors for engagement in your content as well.

4. Include optimisation in your marketing plan

Simply spinning out awesome content won’t cut the deal anymore. You must look for ways to optimize it fully so it reaches to the right audience. Creating platforms for channelizing the superb copy that you know will be an instant hit is imperative if you actually want them jumping up and down with excitement after reading the post. Keep in mind the following factors for having a splendid optimisation plan for your content marketing strategy.

Designing the page: Right from the placement of headers and logos to how readers scroll down your page, design factors must be optimised keeping your SEO goals in mind.

Landing page details: The copy of the landing page is crucial for SEO. Mention of giveaways such as e-books, online courses or audio content also matters when it comes to using the landing page for achieving SEO goals.

Email list: One of the vital tools at your disposal, email lists are the real people that you can reach out to by dint of great content. Once you have a flawless copy in hand, channelise the same using your email lists so that readers are compelled to hit ‘open’.

5. Push the promotions envelope

Content promotion goes hand in hand with SEO. The more you choose to pull out all stops to make sure that your content is visible everywhere, the more you will benefit in SEO for higher engagement rates. When you promote your content, you must go all out to make your presence felt and noted.

Living in the age of the Internet, there is no dearth of great content making its ways to the readers. So how do you ensure a place in their minds? Simply by taking your promotion game to a whole new level. Have your competitors taken to Instagram for promotions? Why not try beating them at their own game by coming up with a killer Instagram story content? Apart from the usual Google+, Twitter and Facebook, you can also promote your business through Instagram, guest posting, getting your business registered on an online forum in your niche and following up on email lists.

Content marketing is one of the leading marketing pathways that lead to increased business revenue. Putting the digital age to great use, content marketing aims at reaching out to the right people at the right time, armed with content that they need or want to see. Setting goals, optimising content and having in-depth knowledge about your audience are some of the essential elements that you must have in your content marketing strategy. Ensure that you have all the 5 content marketing must-haves discussed here, and your marketing game is sure to up its level by quite a few notches. Good luck!

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