3 Keys To SEO Writing Compelling Content For Readers & Search Engines


At some point, we all have majorly witnessed that somehow the role of search engine play a dominant role in determining the organic vitality SEO writing content where it has been found that approximately 96% of all online experiences begin with search engine result. Not just this much in fact 70% of the link that people click is the outcome of SEO. Do we still need any more evidence to question that whether SEO based content has any worth to boost the popularity of your website or your brand?

Writing SEO focused content is the heart and soul for manipulating the search engine result in its favor. But it also be can’t be denied that integrating the mutual balance between the creative element and search optimization is far from an easy task. The reason for the failure is writers fail to understand the detailing concept of SEO, it’s need and the way it thinks. All in all the failure of writers determine the SEO as the most misunderstood topic online. But trust me it is not that much-complicated concept, once you know that you can rule the online world taking search engine algorithms as your assistant.

To cut down it simpler for your understanding here are three key points you should take into account as an innovative writer in order to create catchy content that will also attract organic traffic:

Key 1 – Always Figure Out Trendy Topic Before You Start Writing

Once you grab the technique to pick the right topic for your content, there you win your half battle with SEO. You have maximum 30 seconds to leave the first impression on your audience and your title decide whether you are capable or not. To improve the traffic for your content you have to figure out which kind of content your target audience prefers, what factors influence their choices, and what exact words can drive them to action.

Tips: Dive deep into the latest news, find out what’s latest happening in the economy and understand what’s reader’s opinion. Once you figure out them there is no more need to market your content it will automatically go viral.”

It may also be advantageous to take a closer look at those who are already a big name in your niche. Try to analyze- What lets them dominate the minds of their audience and especially their critics none other than- SERPs? Also, what topics do your rivals cover, what headlines do they use, etc.? Copy the mind of your rivals won’t make you recognize as their photocopy but make you stand ahead of your competitors.

Key 2 – Make Your Audience The Target Of Your Content

Your write up context should cover the following:

● Solve a problem: Eg. a step by step guide – a simple example that targets a set of readers and benefits them at the same time.

● Inspire Action: Once you have compiled your content that focuses on the reader, it will have the power to inspire them towards action. By the end of your post, give an opinion or something that brings their attention back to you, hence making them remember you each time they use your advice.

Note- More the search engine feel you give priority to your audience more it will give priority to you in its search result. This is the mool mantra that very few people know but now you are one among them definitely.

Key 3 – Focused More On Featured Snippet

The featured snippet is something all SEO prevailed writers dream to conquer it’s all possibilities in their favor because it assures guarantee for optimum visibility of their content and a serious improvement in traffic inflow. Once you determine the criteria how Google rank the featured snippets It become easier for you to buzz your content on every platform.

Tips: There are no delectable recipes to land your feet direct to so-called “position zero #0,” but some tactics are definitely worth trying out where you need to:

● Identify all the pages of your site that already rank in the Top 10 and try to optimize them for popular queries.

● Initially target question-based keywords which you think your audience definitely ask

● Create content that answers all the doubts of your audience

● Make sure you use header tags correctly.

Go depth into your topic and analyze what else are the possibility to be improved so that no loophole detected by Google to boycott your content. Keep it in mind your content should be like which generate answers to seekers’ questions, only then your possibilities to get featured will enhance by several folds.


If you want to ensure that your content increases your web ranking, carefully follow these SEO writing guidelines that gets into your skin after a little practice. Once you start applying all the techniques you will see how your productivity will start to increase and how your style will naturally find the right keywords and create the right structure.

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