Finding topics to write about can be challenging, especially when you are writing for your insurance website. In addition to that, not all strategies work when it comes to boosting your conversion rate.

However, there are some that prove highly effective. Here are fifteen content writing tips to boost conversions on your insurance website.

1- Research Keywords

One important thing you must do before writing your articles is to research the keywords. Search engines are able to find your content only when you use these properly. One way to find the appropriate keywords for your articles is to use Keyword Tool, a free online tool that will also show you related keywords to the one you enter in its search.

2- Write Headlines With Keywords

Just like including keywords in the text itself, using them in your headlines is also very important. Search engines not only grab the different words and phrases within your articles but also look at their titles to detect the most relevant content.

3- Write For Your Audience

Insurance can be a very dry topic, which means that you will find yourself on a writer’s block more often than not. But instead of thinking from your own perspective, try taking your readers’ point of view. They will only read your content if there is something in it that they find interesting or important.

To help you create the best content possible, make use of these tools and services:

  • Hemingway Editor: This online tool checks your text for adverbs, passive voice, complicated sentences, and more.
  • Hot Essay Service: This online writing service can write your content for you.
  • Plagiarism Checker: This web tool checks your text for plagiarism and provides you with a report.

4- Keep It Simple

Remember that most of your readers will not want to read overly lengthy texts. They only need the key points, so try keeping it concise.

5- Watch Out For Typos

Nobody likes typos. They distract the reader from your content and show that you are not very serious or professional about your insurance website or blog. Make sure to proofread your work before publishing it. You can also use such tools and services as Grammarly (checks grammar, spelling, and punctuation), Studicus (an online writing service), and Google Docs (good for formatting and can detect typos).

6- Write To Help People, Not To Build Business

As mentioned above, writing to help people is crucial for being relevant. If your content doesn’t solve your readers’ problems, then it has no value for them. Instead of focusing on building your business and selling something, dedicate your content to reaching out to people and getting across the information they are looking for.

7- Have A Clear Mission Statement

Having a clear mission statement helps you find your “individuality” in the insurance industry. It makes you stand out of the crowd and shows your potential customers why you are who you are and why you do what you do. Make sure to have a clear mission statement, and, if possible, a unique one too. Originality is rare these days.

8- Make Use Of Videos

While written content is your primary means of getting traffic and boosting conversions, you must not forget about a different form of content – videos. It is easy to make them nowadays with the help of such tools as Animoto. Once you have created a video, be sure to transcribe it and include its contents in written form on the same page as the video. This way, you will be able to easier optimize your videos for search engines.

9- Ask Your Customers

The best way to know what your potential customers want to read about is to ask your current customers about it. Make surveys and collect feedback on what interests them the most about insurance. Then, write articles on these topics.

10- Include Local Reviews

This may seem a bit odd to do as it could be considered as promotion of competitors, but it’s actually a great way to attract customers to your own service. Review local insurance agency and compare them to your own at the end of the review. Show your readers that your company is superior and they will choose you over them.

11- Dedicate Content To Holidays

Federal holidays, cultural festivals, and other events are perfect for scheduling certain posts around them. For example, you can write a post related to Christmas in December or one related to Independence Day in July. Make sure to still stick to insurance related topics though.

12- Write About Trending Topics & Celebrities

The easiest way to produce relevant content is to write on trending topics. Set up Google Alerts to notify you when a certain topic is trending in the insurance industry. Another good idea is to connect celebrities and insurance. Articles about celebrities always create buzz, so your blogs are bound to be noticed one way or the other.

13- Announce New Products Or Services & Make News Reports

When you release a new product or offer a new service related to insurance, make sure to notify your readers about it. Make a newsletter and send out emails to those who are subscribed to it. When they see your offer in an email and click on the link, there will be a bigger chance that they convert when they get to your site. Likewise, news reports can end with a call to action to use your insurance agency’s services.

14- Experiment With Interactive Content

While written content is informative, it can’t always be fun. To make your readers’ experience even better, experiment with some interactive content such as quizzes, flash games, etc. For example, you could make a quiz with the help of Quiz Maker that would test your audience’s knowledge about a certain type of insurance. This will improve engagement among other things.

15- Interviews & Behind The Scenes

Last but not least, giving a sneak peek of what goes on behind the scene could be perfect for establishing better customer relationships (which will, in turn, lead to a higher conversion rate). Take interviews from industry professionals (maybe your company even has some) and publish them on your blog to show your authority in the field.


To sum up, writing on insurance related topics is not that complicated. All you need to do is follow the advice in this article. This will boost your conversions dramatically and, consequently, increase your sales.

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