Blog Promotion Guide: 10 Insider Guide To Blog Promotion For Better Results


Optimizing website content to rank at top position is like getting out of spider web to most of the start-ups. The problem is that despite of creating an informational and engaging content most of us fails to get at top results. Frustration level is so high that we starting to doubt at our creation and we believe that that there’s something missing in articles. As a matter of fact, there’s something missing but not in terms of content rather we optimized our content poorly that search engine fails to understand. You need to write content to entice users and to let search bot crawl to understand for better ranking.

Below are some of the important tips that’ll help you to gain increase traffic to your website with your leads and conversion.

1- Do not neglect RSS:

There are millions of people that uses RSS feed sites and application constantly to keep up with latest updates from their interested websites. Listing your blog on RSS platform further help in getting your post shared over various social networking, forums, etc.

2- Keep your URL short:

Make sure that your page and post link are short so that it could be easily to post Content over social platforms. Other than this, your targeted keywords must be included on your URL.

3- Keyword Integration:

Despite of saying again and again, people still makes silly mistakes in terms of accurate placement of keywords. At starting it’s better to take assistance of dedicated SEO team to avoid any blunder. Fine don’t the most common keywords that people uses on Internet to search and optimize that in your content.

4- Regular Status Update:

You might think of status update as simple task but it requires continuity. To get consistent views and share you need to come up with new type of content on regular basis to keep readers interested. It could involve images, videos, info graphics, etc.

5- Content Teasers:

Sharing a link on social in becoming old method and it doesn’t even get high amount of reach. Video on other hand gets better reach and invite more people to clicks. If you make small teaser on what you are sharing or how this link is beneficial creates strong motivational impact in the mind of consumer. Loads of start-up business take help if experts for successful internet marketing to their business.

6- Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking is widely searched platform. People love reading on these sites as they provide content to their interest. Stumbled upon, Digg, Flipboard are some of the most popular platform that generates traffic, exposure and backlinks.

7- Guest Posting And Comment On Other Blogs:

Find the sites that are of similar niche. Guest posting on other blogs not kinky fetch traffic but also improves search engine ranking. Your sites credibility increases once you build quality One way links and more people get to know about you.

8- Email Signature:

Adding your latest blog in your email sparks high organic traffic besides its a free marketing tool if done correctly. At the end of email, people definitely want to read more about sender.

9- Maintain subscriber List:

Don’t lose an opportunity to get in touch with your followers. If your content is worthy then people definitely would like to read more. Create a subscribing panel in right hand side of your website so that user can share their email. This is further highly beneficial in business email marketing that creates quick awareness in less time.

10- As you Co-bloggers or community to Help:

If your blog is mentioned in their website articles then you get to make big jump. The mention could be in form of courtesy or blog link or author description.

It’s time for you to improve site performance by implementing these blog promotion that helped several bloggers to gain immense traffic through accurate promotion. Though there are several paid version also but we must try to take advantage of those tricks that are absolutely free and only require your efforts.

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