Blog Posts Topics: How to Choose New And Trending Topics For Your Blog Posts


Are you really trying to find out the new and trending topics for your blog posts?

It’s fine, we all experience the equal situation once.

However, highly prolific bloggers find it too tough to hunt for trending topics often.

1: Quora

Quora is one of most likes place by people to mention when you just have to find new and innovative topics to write blog posts.

Would you like to know how Quora can assist you?

Here is the best ways.

For instance, you are working on a blog on associations. Then you would like to find subjects to write for the next blog posts.

Let us look for that right topic ‘association’ on Quora.
If you find the questions one-by-one, you will realize that several questions have over and above 100 answers.

2: Reditt

Have you ever perceived of the phrase – reditt embrace of death?
Now urban dictionary describes reditt hug of death as,“A precious phrase that insipid Reddit users want to nonstop comment when a website which has been connected on slows due to the current arrival of hefty traffic.”

Your blog is in the entertainment realm, and you like to look for a new and trendy topic to write about.
Now you can start searching for ‘entertainment’ on reditt:

You can also see that entertainment subreditt includes 239,414 followers till now.

With a huge number of followers, this subreditt will definitely offer you with something entertaining topics to write about.

The more appropriate subreditt you will explore, and the more it will be better for you.

3: Google Trends

Google trend is one of the effective ways to find new and trending topics for your blog posts.

You also have great choices to tailor your search. You can acquire the data based on place, time period, category, and search type.

Google trends delivers the data of how many people are paying attention in a particular topic but also provides comprehensive information on the relevant topics and associated questions.

4: Facebook

As a popular social media network Facebook, includes 1.94 billion periodic active users as of the first quarter of 2017. This only means what new trends on Facebook that will be perfect for your blog post.

However Facebook trending topics are an amazing way to explore new ideas for your next blog.

You can just try to find out the trending topics associated to politics, science & technology, sports, and entertainment. If your business drops among these classifications, Facebook will claim to be a massive source to discover trending topics for your next posts.

5: Twitter

Just as Facebook, Twitter also has a unit to provide an opinion of what is newest on Twitter. Although, trending topics on Twitters are pretty distinct. As like Facebook, Twitter trends are just based on your location and who you track. The more pertinent people or brand you follow, that it will be far better for you.

6: Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner is one of marvelous tools to find out the most trending topics for your next blog posts.

The great thing about it is that you can definitely and easily to use it. What exactly you have to do earliest is to build Google AdWords account. You can easily log in with your present Gmail account. After accessing to your Google AdWords account, you must have to get on the Tools segment and then the keyword planner. If you want to emphasize on a specific customer, you have to use search filters, like All Locations, English, and others.

When you obtain the results, just need to tap on Ad groups ideas, the next window will open.

So, you can also write on Living Tips, Lifestyle Tips, Eating Tips, and etc. Thus, you can easily search for any keyword.

7: Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a perfect source to find the trending topics for blog post.

Finding new and trending topics on Yahoo Answers are very easy. You need to choose the right category, which you are quite simple and active, and select the question that can provide several answers.

8: Blog Comments on Popular Blogs

If you just get to know what people are commenting or even, asking about the topics, you will never come to an end of trending topics for your next blog posts. So, what you have to fix is to be always present on the online platforms where people are conveying themselves.

You must experience the comments and try to find out if people are querying for any extra or new information.

9: Buzz Sumo

Buzz Sumo is a well-likes tool to find all innovative and trending topics in your place. What you have to do is to hunt with a keyword, and the tool will provide you the maximum shared content on the web.
Buzz Sumo also explains you the most shared content for ‘healthy living’ keyword. You can use filters in your search to improve your search.


Finding trending topics for blog posts is really challenging task. All bloggers brawl at one time or another to find right topics to write down the next posts.

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