How To Write Good Article For Blog And SEO For High Traffic?


Coming up with intriguing topic is quite challenging and most of us doesn’t even know how to write good article for Blog. At present, we focused too much on search engine optimization that we sometimes over optimized it and forgets the quality factor. It has becomes easier to launch the website but challenges comes when you have to make it resourceful. This is only achievable through if you are writing best articles for SEO as well as readers.

Before you write your next blog or article for online platform, do make uses of these important steps that are extremely helpful to generate best content.

1- Research About Your Topic

If you think that you can come up with some random topic then you are clearly mistaken. Coming up with content topic is more like strategizing and shaping your website that helps you in attaining maximum traffic. But there are certain parameters that you need to follow like:

● Content Article Should Be Of Your Niche
● It Should Represent Your Brand Value
● One Must Write Article To Solve The Problem
● Content Should Be Exclusive And Unique

At beginner level, you can take advantage of dedicated content writers in India to plan some of great articles. This is great to kick start your website through relevant content that grabs the attention of people.

2- Formulate SEO and Reader friendly Intro

The game of to grab readers attention lies on description and that also results into better ranking. But it would be wiser if you would also include the opening paragraph of content. Today, search engines decides ranking after page body and customers read further after understanding first paragraph.

Meta Description + 1st Paragraph = Best Of Both World

But make sure that you do not get more inclined towards search engine optimization because that would greatly impact on user experience. You need to understand the mentality of people and work ethics of search bot. implement the keywords in a way that it could generate sensible meaning. Another thing to dodge here is the myths about content marketing that greatly impacts the working mind for your content.

3- Learn On Page SEO Technique

On-Page holds the key to successfully rank over search engine and you need to make sure that you practice is complete genuine plus white hat. This involves:

● Come Up With Most Common User Query I.E. Keywords Research
● Optimizing Tags, Images, Meta Description And Content With Relevant Keywords Research
● Content Should Be Of Atleast 500 Words
● Title Should Be Eye-Catching
● URL’s Should Also Be Optimized

4- Create Appealing and Engagement Session

Most of the people think that people click on link to see texts only and that is so incorrect. The truth is that there’s no limitation that how content should be made and what should be included. But one can be creative by including images, videos, presentation and other graphical element that appeals them.

Besides, it has been found that is someone includes infographic or images then people tends to stay for longer period of time. One must blend the engaging blog headline and informative content of images.

These were the simple techniques that countless of bloggers surpass. Just make sure that you implement all these in your next blog. So far it has benefitted thousands of bloggers and surely going to benefit your website also.

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