How to Create Mobile Landing Page to Grow Conversions By 270%


Mobile marketing and mobile friendliness needs no introduction. But, the topic as to how to create mobile landing pages that converts into sales is still unexplored or misunderstood by most of the entrepreneurs across the world. At present, the digital marketers very well understand the concept behind making their website mobile friendly and creating more conversion-worthy pages. After the advent of Facebook’s Instant Articles and Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages, the concept got even more transparent and clear. But, inspite of all this, the marketers seem to be lacking either in their knowledge or in the ability to design perfect mobile landing pages.

As per a study, the gap between the conversions made through desktop and mobile is almost 270%. So, if follow some productive tips to make a mobile friendly landing page, you could be successful to boost the conversion rate by 270%.

Mobile Landing Page Best Practices

If you want to make best converting mobile landing pages, you must follow some of the following tips –

a) Image Optimization

While you are creating a landing page on wordpress, it is ideal to make it responsive, as the image will get smaller in size, when viewed on mobile. However, you’ll still have to work on the visual appeal. The images that appear excellent on the desktop, may not be so on the mobile screen. Hence, one must consider few parameters before adding images on the landing pages of mobile version –

• Image-to-copy ratio
• Whether the CTA buttons are properly visible to the audience or not
• The time that the images takes to appear on the page

b) Easy Navigation

Easy navigation is one of the most important tricks to earn revenue from landing pages. At one end, where using navigation links is considered to be a not-so-good idea, on the other end, researchers believe that using such links (like terms and conditions, privacy policy etc.) can add credibility to your page. While placing such links on mobile pages, hamburger menu should be taken into account.

c) Placement of CTA Button

No matter how attractive the CTA button is, if it isn’t placed at the right position, you won’t get the right results at the right time. Hence, it is advised that CTA should be placed above the fold. This will help the visitor understand what they would receive if they convert into consumers. Also, the button must be color contrasting, so that it is clearly visible on the mobile screen.

d) Avoid Annoying Pop-Ups

Pop-ups can get very annoying on a mobile screen. Hence, experts recommend avoiding full screen pop-ups or notifications. The pop-ups appearing on the entire screen block the view of the visitors and don’t allow them to access the content. Henceforth, the conversion rate of such sites decreases at a very rapid pace. Search engines like Google can penalize your website, for using interstitials that restrict the accessibility of the content.

e) Page Content

Mobile users are generally in a hurry; they do not have much time to read a long story. Hence, you need to simplify the content of your page, for the mobile audience. Don’t worry, it’s not as complex as you are assuming it to be. Simply copy the page content (displayed on the desktop), reformat, rearrange and rewrite the entire content of the page for the mobile version.

Miscellaneous Tips

The tips mentioned above are the most pivotal tips for a perfect mobile landing page template. However, you must also keep some miscellaneous tips in mind, such as –

• De-clutter the page using whitespace
• Quicken the page loading time
• Apply A/B test on the landing pages
• Use bigger fonts that are easily visible

A Perfect Mobilegeddon Experience

To make sure that the sales of your product or services increase, you must start focusing on the landing page. You need to focus on how your potential customers or visitors view the page on their mobile screens and get started with the tips instantly!!

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