Busting 5 Myths About Content Marketing With Actual Facts


There are certain myths about content marketing that keeps your business small and restrain it from growing. At present content plays an important role in attracting customer, generating interest, building brand value, enclosing sales and telling other reason they should trust you. We witness the growing trend in industry and read fresh headline to get update but sometimes headlines could be false too.

This same goes in the field of business Content Marketing also where misleading and misunderstanding truth completely brainwash the mind of marketer.

Myth No 1: You’ll Instantly Attract Tons Of New Visitors

As of our experience, it takes tremendous amount of reasonable time to embrace content marketing. You might hear from lots of agency that claims to provide you extreme flow of traffic in fewer days. But in reality, things don’t work like that. There are several On page, Off page, Social media and other optimization strategy that needs to be implemented accurately along with unique content on regular basis.

So next time you get decisive call from any agency then do make sure that you ask couple of questions such as- How they going to do it? Or ask them about their strategy. If they truly genuine like us then their experience should provide you reasonable answers. Content marketing is something that one must start it right now and in a span of 6 to 12 months you’ll get rewarding in form of sales and revenues.

Myth No 2: All Is Matter To Business Is Traffic

One must understand that traffic means nothing if it’s not leading to profitable outcome. The sole purpose of content marketing is to not generate tons of traffic instead must persuade potential clients to purchase.

Strategy that you must perform here is find out hidden keywords as per niche and come up with exceptional piece of writing that could bring in front relevancy of your business. There’s a difference between clicking and clicking with motive to purchase.

Myth 3: Focus On Text Only; Skipping Graphical And Video Content

This is the most absurd thing that most of the online marketer does not understand. At present, user refrain themselves reading lengthy post as they don’t have that much of time. On other hand, if you use pictures, videos, infographic, podcast or any other graphical media, the engagement level is extremely high.

As per the research, customer that watches video is more likely to purchase your product as compare to those that doesn’t. The gap is almost 85 percentile. You better learn some insider guide for promoting blog leading you to better results.

Myth 4: SEO is For Once And Done Process

Search engine optimization can be extremely tricky and exhausting but thinking of this process as one and done is a bit foolish move. In real, website SEO is a more like continuous process that demands updation, assessment and optimization on regular basis.

Algorithm is constantly evolving for better search engine results to users. One needs to be updated with ongoing SEO Trend to become frontward.

Myth 5: Small Business Can’t Afford

This is so far the biggest myth that is completely ridiculous. Comparing to traditional method of promotion, marketing through content is the most affordable mode to promote all type of business. It’s like an open marketplace where one can take assistance of SEO experts and can even do it on your own.

All you need to do is research and experiment on working tips to boost traffic right at your website blog.

Don’t waste unnecessary time by further thinking. All you need is correct research about search engine, social media, directory, etc or right partner to your business that understand your vision and strategize your business in a manner that you earn profit. Once you have the updated knowledge or specialized expertises, you’ll be able to promote unique content at cross platform.

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