Almost 70 % of marketer uses B2C Content Marketing Strategy but only 28 percent of them are effective. There’s a huge gap that needed to be bridge by accurate approach through precise planning and implementation that could make all your marketing efforts successful. Before we proceed with strategy, here are some of holistic stats that are extremely important for effective content marketing. Approx 60 percent of marketer publish fresh content daily.

It cost less than traditional marketing (60 percent less) and 70 percent of CMO’s create custom content.

Table of Content:

1. Let us edify your knowledge about B2C first
2. Recognize Your Buyers
3. Marketing Articles
4. Let’s Understand Its Effectiveness In B2C

1- Let us edify your knowledge about B2C first:

business to consumer is a channel that directly in response to customer targeted audiences in order to generate credibility, goodwill, product and service sales and generating loads of revenues.

You might think of this as buzzing word but in reality it’s like having an effective strategy that directly impact organization growth and website traffic. By enrolling dedicated Content writers for your business from beginning you can ensure good quality of articles for better brand enhancement. There are several questions that you need to ask as marketer to yourself and that is:

● What Is Your Purpose?
● Why You Need Content?
● What Type Of Content You Need?
● Who Are Your Audience?

Below are some of the great advices that exceedingly help in achieving better strategy:

2- Recognize Your Buyers

The first thing you need to do is finding out whom you are addressing? This extremely helpful in coming up with effective topic based writing as per business theme and audiences interest. Here are certain set of question that you must seek answer:

● Who Is Your Target Audience? Be Definitive As Per Age, Gender, Taste, Behavior And Many More.
● What They Expect From Your Content? A Reason To Trust Or Purchase Your Brand.
● How To Interact With Readers? Perfect Call To Action Button Or Redirection Or Phone Number
● How To Motivate Them? Sharing Research Finding, Pros And Cons

In marketing world, content plays a key role in solving the problem of customers. You need to be creative here in solving their problem and telling them why you are best investment decision as per their requirement.

3- Marketing Articles

After getting answer to above questions, it’s time to craft a good content with unique piece of information. There are certain metrics of content marketing that you mustn’t avoid in order to make best possible use of your writing. A good quality of content is absolute representation of value and relevancy of business.

What type of content is best suited to market?

There are several platforms (from directory to social networking) to place and promote your content but you need to create best mixture of content at large:

● Blogs
● Presentation PPT
● Infographic
● GIF’s
● Online Videos
● PDF And Many More

4- Let’s Understand Its Effectiveness In B2C

The foremost objective of B2C content marketing is to generate business lead and prospects. It requires a perfect mixture of product, place, price and promotion. It has been found that:

70 percent of marketer likely to produce more content
40 percent are about to increase their spending in 12 months
They are more successful as compare to last year
Documented content results into more awareness

Approach of business to consumer is rising and many domestic as well as international companies are adopting it. Ever since the customers shifted online the entire scenario of marketing shifted and at present content plays more like a sales pitch to any business. Engagement and subject matter expertise plays an important role in grabbing the attention of users.

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