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An inbound marketer can attract and convert new leads through step by step on page SEO best practices that require right content to attract and perfect optimization. Content helps in conveying the real value of your brand and optimization serves as communication channel that puts your content in front of thousands of users. Most of the people aren’t aware of fundamental of on page SEO and they gets a little chance to gain presence or better rank over search engine.

To search engine smart algorithms like Google, content tells a lot about what you are planning to deliver to your readers. At initial level it is recommended that you Hire Dedicated SEO Team for your online business so that a concise course of action could be generated.

5. Craft Good Content

Ok so you have written an article ready to post on your website right? But answer few questions:

● Is your content unique? There’s a difference between writing content on random-common topic and writing content on unique topic. Make sure that your topic heading is not repeated over internet.

● Is your content as per your theme? This is extremely important to ascertain that all your content is representation to your core work. If you are dealing in medical equipment and writing about restaurant then there’s huge irrelevancy.

● Is your content appealing and informative? Informative comes with relevant points and indepth information that could add value. Appealing comes by using images, video and infographics that greatly helps better grasping of information.

Internet is filled with several myths of content marketing that you need to get out from otherwise you won’t be able to concentrate properly.

The best way to achieve all the points mentioned above is analyze your business niche properly and think of customer personas in better way. Researching about their brainstorm can make you come up with great content to not only earn their trust and respect but to also generate maximum lead.

4. Optimize Target Keywords In Content Title

The problem with the people is that they do not optimize instead they insert it. Optimizing sounds your content more appropriate whereas inserting makes your content look awkward. Once you’ve written a great content, it’s time to optimize it with your targeted keywords in page title.

This helps in describing the topic of a web page to search engine that motivate people to click. It is important for better search engine ranking. But make sure that your title:

● Title Is Concise
● You Have Include The Target Keywords At Beginning Of Page
● Every Page Or Post Has To Be Unique

3. Also Include Targeted Keywords In Meta Description

Meta Description is like a small summary that tells a lot about your content to search engine and customers like:

● What Your Content Is All About?
● What It Promises To Deliver?

Most of the companies seek for writers in Meta Description for concise explanations that are proficient in coming up with best optimized summary. Here are certain requirements to be follow:

● It Should Be Under 150 Character
● Use Targeted Keywords
● Should Be Compelling
● It Must Not Mislead
● Make It Relevant To Your Topic

2. Don’t Forget Images and URL’s

Countless of people simply neglect the URL’s plus images optimization and we still don’t understand why? As of our experience it is extremely beneficial for blog promotion for better results in traffic as well as ranking. There are certain set of parameters that you need to follow:

● In URL’s: make sure that there aren’t any stops words in urls and targeted keywords are there. Keep in short and simple.
● In Image: use natural keywords that are relevant to images. Avoid stuffing.

1. Use Right Anchor Text For Internal Linking

Internal linking in great way not only for better engagement but also adds worthiness of other pages. Anchor text is the dedicated words that you use to link. Try avoiding using words like click here or read more. Instead make use of related phrase for better linking.

One important thing to note down here is that it should point to page that you have discussed in phrase.

These were the end of the list and make use of all these point in your next content. It is a good advice to work as beginner level that helps in grabbing more traffic and leads. The on page DEO is extremely beneficial in generating continuous flow of information for long period of time.

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