What is The Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)? How To Optimize LCP To Rank Higher In Google


A fast website not only makes your users happier and more likely to convert but can also help you rank better in Google. In fact, Google recognizes website speed as a ranking factor, especially when it comes to how it factors into your website’s Core Web Vitals.

Site speed is most closely related to the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) of your website, which is the most important metric in Google’s Core Web Vitals.

Our guide explains what LCP is, how to rank higher in Google with LCP, its importance, and how to measure it.

1. What is the largest contentful paint (LCP)?
2. How to rank higher in Google with LCP?

a) Streamline web page elements
b) Optimize Images
c) Minimize the use of blocking JavaScript
d) Use a fast hosting provider
e) Use a content delivery network(CDN)

3. Why is Largest Contentful Paint Important?
4. How to Measure the Largest Contentful Paint

a) Google Chrome DevTools
b) WebPage Test
c) Lighthouse

Optimizing for LCP is a complex task, but as with many complex tasks, it’s generally better to break those tasks down into smaller, more manageable parts and address each of them individually, rather than addressing them all at once.

Let’s begin with understanding what LCP is first.

1. What is The Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)?

LCP is a metric that measures the time it takes for the largest content element on a webpage to fully render in the browser.

It is an important factor in determining the overall speed and user experience of a webpage, as it reflects the time it takes for users to see the main content of the page.

By keeping the reliable on-page ranking factors in mind, all of these actions can be taken.

2. How to Rank Higher in Google with LCP?

You can rank higher in Google with LCP by following the below ways:

a)- Streamline Web Page Elements

Large web pages elements, such as images and videos, can take longer to load and affect LCP.

Reducing their size can help improve LCP. For this, you can utilize free Google Tools.

For example, you can compress images using tools like TinyPNG or Kraken.io to reduce their file size without sacrificing quality.

You can also resize images to the dimensions they will be displayed on the webpage to avoid loading unnecessary data.

b)- Optimize Images

Properly compressing and resizing images can significantly improve LCP. Understand the image SEO before beginning with the optimization.

Using image optimization tools can help ensure that images are optimized for the web.

For example, you can use a tool like ImageOptim to optimize images for the web by removing unnecessary metadata and compressing the image without sacrificing quality.

c)- Minimize the Use of Blocking JavaScript

JavaScript can block the rendering of web page content, causing delays in LCP.

Keep yourself up with the ongoing Google algorithm updates.

Minimizing the use of blocking JavaScript or using non-blocking JavaScript can help improve LCP.

You can also consider using async or defer attributes to specify when JavaScript should be executed, allowing the browser to load other elements in parallel.

d)- Use a Fast Hosting Provider

Choosing a fast and reliable hosting provider can help ensure that web pages load quickly, improving LCP and increasing the chances of ranking higher in Google search results.

Go through the effective elements of Google SEO to use tools like Pingdom or GTmetrix to test the speed of your website and identify potential bottlenecks that may be affecting LCP.

e)- Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A CDN helps distribute web content to users around the world, reducing the distance that data has to travel and improving LCP.

By using a CDN, you can serve content from servers that are closer to the user, resulting in faster loading times.

Acknowledge On-Page SEO Guide to know the secrets of optimizing LCP.

It’s worth noting that optimizing LCP is just one aspect of improving the overall performance of a webpage.

There are many other factors that can affect the user experience and SEO, such as first contentful paint (FCP), time to interact (TTI), and server response time (SRT).

By focusing on these factors, you can create a faster, more engaging website that is more likely to rank well in Google search results.

3. Why is Largest Contentful Paint Important?

Get to know how to rank higher on Google to use LCP as one of the key factors in determining the quality and user experience of a webpage.

A slow LCP can lead to a poor user experience, which can result in lower search engine rankings and reduced traffic.

On the other hand, a fast LCP can improve the user experience, leading to higher search engine rankings and increased traffic.

4. How to Measure the Largest Contentful Paint?

Take advantage of professional SEO Solutions to measure the LCP.

There are several tools that you can use to measure the LCP of your webpage, including :

a)- Google Chrome DevTools

This is a built-in tool in the Google Chrome browser that allows you to measure the LCP of your webpage.

To use it, simply open the DevTools by pressing F12 and navigate to the “Performance” tab.

The LCP will be displayed in the “Summary” section.

b)- WebPage Test

You can start with getting to know how to improve google rankings by using a free online tool that allows you to measure the LCP of your webpage from different locations and browsers.

Simply enter the URL of your webpage and select the desired test location and browser.

The LCP will be displayed in the “Performance Review” section.

c)- Lighthouse

This is an open-source tool developed by Google that allows you to measure the performance of your webpage, including the LCP.

You can use it in the Google Chrome DevTools or as a standalone application.

With the help of beneficial on-page seo techniques and tools, you will be able to measure the LCP of your webpage more effectively and easily.


It is clear that all sites face challenges when it comes to performance metrics.

User experience is proxied by performance metrics.

Check out Google’s Test My Site and What Does My Site Cost? Performance-based arguments can help you convert customers.

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