All business owners want to take their business website to the next level. And this can only be done with a powerful SEO strategy.

60% of marketers say that SEO is their priority when it comes to marketing online.

And so, it is a harsh truth that without a good online presence in SERPs, your business will not be able to achieve the expected profits.
Here is a comprehensive guide for you…

In this guide, you will learn:

What is SEO?
How Does Google Rank Websites?
Black Hat vs White Hat
Different Types of SEO

a) On-Page SEO
b) Off-Page SEO
c) Technical SEO
d) Local SEO

In this guide, you’ll discover a strategy to build your online presence — Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In this guide, we will learn everything about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Here, you will learn what SEO is, how it works, and everything related to it that will help to rank your website in a good position.

What is SEO?

SEO is being used popularly to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website. It is highly beneficial to attract more customers and also to get into the eyes of search engines. This means search engines will find it easy to provide your website to the consumers looking for the best solutions. This will provide great exposure to your desired target audience.

The professional SEO Services help in providing the best optimization for your site. If it is done by professionals, it can improve the user experience your site provides.

Examples of SEO objectives

Listed below are three main objectives of SEO that can be used to set appropriate objectives for your business or website:

You can aim to rank half of your top 4 keywords to rank on the 1st page of Google within 9 months. This objective will help in keyword ranking.

Increase your organic traffic yearly by 20% in quarter 3 and 25% in quarter 4. This helps to focus on boosting organic website traffic.

Aim to expand your market share massively by 2% in the next financial year. This objective is meant for increasing market share through valuable SEO link building services.

How Does Google Rank Websites?

Websites are generally ranked according to the competition level. The competition is analyzed between your web pages and other web pages for a specific keyword. The web pages that follow the most effective strategy can beat other web pages in the competition and rank above those keywords.

Popular search engines like Google use 3 common steps to rank a site.

a)- Crawling

Search engines have bots and spiders that help them to scan a website and then copy the entire content to store it in the search engine’s index.

b)- Indexing

Indexing is the process of including web pages into Google search results. If you are unable to index your website in the search engine, no one will find your website in SERPs.

c)- Ranking

If you type something in the Google search box, you will see that the most relevant websites will come first on the page. The ranking given to any website is according to the language, user location, and so on. There are many other factors that help in ranking- relevancy is one of them. Here, standard industry SEO can help you immensely.

Language as well as location plays a very important role in ranking.

For instance, if you search in Spain, the results will totally be different from the results in India. This is purely because Google has various bots crawling multiple pages numerous times and Google’s index is updated often.

Black Hat vs White Hat

Google’s algorithm is always working on enhancing users’ search experience.

This means, that Black Hat SEO not just improves search results but also focuses on enhancing content quality.

Black Hat has always been on the target list of Google since the days when cost effective organic SEO was introduced.

Earlier, when the algorithm was new and has a lot of loopholes, it was convenient to get a high ranking, even when you didn’t have nothing to offer to the users.

Here are some common black hat strategies involved:

✓ Doorway pages: pages optimized to make users visit malicious web pages.
✓ Cloaking: web pages that showcase various content to users.
✓ Link farms: web pages that online hold backlinks to various other pages
✓ Keyword stuffing: frequent use of keywords.
✓ Hidden texts and links: hiding the texts and links from the users in the pages.
✓ Comment spam: commenting on blogs to get backlinks.

Today also, some of these strategies built by trustworthy SEO professionals are still used by many companies However, Google’s algorithm is becoming complicated day by day and more intelligent in identifying Black Hat SEO.

For instance, an increasing number of backlinks from doubtful domains within a short period of time is a sign of Black Hat techniques.

When companies do this, pages are more likely to get penalized, which can range from a temporary drop to a complete ban.

Therefore, it’s good to avoid Black Hat SEO.

If you are planning to gain trust from SERPs to assure a sustainable ranking on SERPs, ensure to consider Google’s SEO guidelines.

These guidelines suggest to use popular white hat SEO trends. It is an acceptable SEO strategy that is recommended by search engines.

White Hat SEO allows to improve website usability, receive backlinks from authorized websites, and natural use of keywords in the content.

Different Types of SEO

SEO is the best process to improve your website presence and increase your rankings on Google. It is one of the key terms and is one of the most effective marketing tactics.

When you invest your time in professional solutions, you get a variety of ways to use them to increase your website’s online presence.

Given are four key types of SEO that you can get started on.

1- On-Page SEO

On-page SEO works on the content and keyword optimization for your website. In order to rank higher on the Google SERP, it is important to optimize the content with the right keyword.

This is important to make your business ready to reach your target audience. When taking help from the right SEO Company that knows actual on page SEO trends, you can see better website visibility of your content.

For this, it is also important to make sure the content itself is exceptional. This lets the people land on your website and what else you want with the online presence.

It is said to provide show desired results, but when it was done by professionals, you can see a significant rise in your website’s ranking and the number of visits after some time.

So, in this type of SEO, you need to be patient but the results are there. This also requires optimization of HTML tags which makes it easy for Google to understand your content in order to present it conveniently.

Some of the essential on-page SEO guidelines followed by reputed local SEO company are:

a)- Optimize your page titles:

This is a little complicated aspect. Page titles are represented in the SERPs and should be interesting enough to make the users click.

Plus, the title of a page should also provide search engine bots with sufficient clues on what the page content is all about.

b)- Optimize your H1 Tag:

While the page title is shown in the search engine, the H1 tag is what is represented as the top heading of a page. An optimized web page usually has one H1 tag that holds the same value as the page title.

c)- Optimize Your Headings:

Apart from the H1 tag a page also requires subheading for various sections. When it a long content, subheadings provided by knowledgeable SEO professionals make the page content easy-to-understand and make it convenient to scan by crawlers.

d)- SEO for Images:

Every image used on a page should be perfectly optimized, otherwise, search engines will not understand anything that is conveyed. Things like optimizing the filename, ALT text, and file size are important for generating SEO-appropriate image.

c)- Page formatting:

Creating a page with images and text without investing much time to enhance the efficiency of content is not a helpful SEO practice. Although Google cannot understand a web page like a human, they have multiple methods to analyze how a page should look or if it is full of ads.

All these things are considered during the ranking process and when building effective SEO strategies for business.

2- Off-Page SEO

On one side where On-page SEO happens to your website, Off-page SEO is just the opposite to it. This type of SEO factor happens outside your website which works in the favor of the growth of the website. It includes things that help in building backlinks from relevant websites.

Getting high domain authority can really help your business to make a positive point to rank on Google. This helps to provide backlinking when a page from one website is linked to a completely different website.

One of the practices that are good for Off-page SEO is by creating amazing content. This can make you get as huge shares on social media as possible, and doing some guest posts can also link back to you. To understand it properly, know what is off page SEO.

The best benefit of using good Off-page SEO is that once you get noticed by search engines, you will start ranking higher.

Off-page SEO refers to activities you can perform outside the boundaries of your website. The most important off-page SEO techniques are:

a)- Link Building

One of the most effective techniques of off-page SEO is backlinking, which focuses on increasing natural links in your website.

Having a good website to link back to your website has two major advantages: bringing more traffic to your website and assisting to identify your rank. Links from an authorized website are very helpful.

But how will you make other trustworthy websites link to you? Here are some off-page SEO strategies suggested by reliable link building company that you can rely on:

✓ Join an association: You can choose to have an industry association or the local Chamber of Commerce. Just ensure that your company receives as many links as possible on the association’s site.

✓ Create quality content: Writing top-notch content for infographics, blog posts, and much more are fabulous ways to get more clicks and natural links to your website.

✓ Reach out: Approach bloggers and journalists for promoting something you have created so that you can get a chance to build links.

✓ Share on social media: Sharing your content on social media helps to attain traction. Publish content like blog posts, infographics, and much more to popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

To ensure that your off-page SEO is effective enough to beat the competition, ensure to check your backlinks on a regular basis. Some backlinks tools you can use are:

Moz Link Explorer

When implementing your off-page SEO strategy, don’t just know how to build links, understand why you’re building them.

b)- Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful off-page SEO technique. There are numerous benefits of social media. Today, social media platforms are very popular and thus give a great way to help your content reach a new audience. Not only can social media help you gain more clicks but can also be a valuable source of getting high-quality backlinks that too with high domain authority:

Instagram (DA:92)
Facebook (DA:98)
Twitter (DA:93)
LinkedIn (DA:95)

Search engines do not take social media as a powerful factor for ranking a website, but it can immensely help in getting positive SEO results. There are various ways in which social media marketing helps to improve SEO:

SMM makes sure distribution of your content around multiple outlets.
Builds your brand reputation & recognition.
Increase your local SEO rankings.

The more social media user share your content, the better it would be for your business.

Something that social media platforms will give you is the way to publish interesting content that can make many people curious about you and your offerings. Furthermore, it will help to establish a long-lasting online reputation in the long run.

c)- Brand Mentions

According to authority, expertise, and trustworthiness, search engines love to rank websites on top of the results.

A brand that is ranked on the 1st page of Google is more reliable and trustworthy for users. And this helps to give a better user experience and happier Google users. This is one of the real advanced link building tactics.

Do you know what’s the major difference between brand mentions, link building, and social media marketing?

The difference is that brand mentions don’t have a link pointing toward a specific website.

You can opt to mention your brands in articles, forums, reviews, or any other social media networks.

After mentioning this, Google crawlers will pick up these signals and analyze them for creating a more reliable image of your brand.

Furthermore, you should focus on getting as many positive mentions of your website as possible, and also ensure you respond to every negative or misleading comment.

If you get successful in putting a link to your brand mention, it would be better but even if you become unsuccessful, it would still have some value.

d)- Customer Reviews

When doing off-page SEO, customer reviews should not be ignored. Reviews are the most reliable guide for users to build a certain perception of a brand.

Websites that have more positive reviews become more credible and ultimately get ranked at the top of search results. Here , knowledgeable SEO professionals can help you immensely.

Adding to that, when a website has a positive reputation it leads to more conversion rates. Repeated users will add so much value to your brand’s credibility in the eyes of search engines.

There are top four powerful ways to allow a customer to write a review:

✓ Sincere desire: If you are offering your customers high-quality products or services, more people will try to talk about it.

✓ Contests: Try to include rewards or bonus points for the most interesting review.

✓ Discount: Discounts on some products could also become a reason for the positive feedback.

✓ Just ask: Ask them to share their suggestions or review of the products or services.

3- Technical SEO

Technical SEO includes the part of the optimization where you don’t make changes with the content of the website but with the website. Hence this is more technical.

Unlike other SEO such as On-page and Off-page SEO, the quality of your content doesn’t give much priority.

Technical SEO is an important thing to search engines such as Google and other search engines which can easily access and understand your website. This helps search engines to crawl through it. This means, with popular SEO Strategies you can optimize the website’s infrastructure.

This is done when you optimize your website to make it a better mobile-friendly website. According to experts, most searches are made on mobile devices.

This is why Google prefers websites to get websites optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Listed below are some examples of technical SEO improvements:

a)- Focus on the Speed of your site: The speed of a website is also considered by Google when it comes to ranking. The faster the page is, the better the user experience will be. Increasing your web page speed may include methods like compressing your images, cleaning up your code, and utilizing browser caching.

b)- Keep updating your robots.txt file: The txt file can tell the search engine crawlers which portion of your site should not be crawled and indexed. Ensure that your robots.txt file is blocking all the right pages.

c)- Make an XML sitemap: An XML sitemap allows search engines to crawl your site more quickly and develop accurate indexes.

d)- Avoid duplicate content: Avoid having duplicate content on your site this will affect your ranking. There is a canonical tag that updates Google which part of the page is original, and a 301 redirect allows to transfer of traffic from one URL to another.

f)- Use responsive design: Try to use responsive design as it makes sure that your website is correctly displayed on mobile devices. It makes the image adjustable according to the device it’s seen in.

If you want to make your website’s Technical SEO score, you can optimize the URL structure. This fixes the website structure to make it easier for users as well as search engines to navigate.

4- Local SEO

When you want to make your business grow locally, you need to focus on local SEO solutions. This is often decided by the small and medium-sized businesses that operate in a particular geographical location.

Understand it with a simple example, if you operate a restaurant or a store, worthwhile local SEO for franchises can really do wonders for your website. Local SEO is important to attract target potential clients in your locality.

This makes sure that your clients get to know about your presence which is one of the easiest ways of touching up.

In the successful Google Search Results Tricks, it is important to add the address and contact details of your business in local SEO solutions.

Ensure that your business address, name, and contact information are on all pages of your site.

Include the local business schema on your homepage.
Ensure to register your business with reliable directories.
Make a Google My Business Account.
Try to promote your website on local directories.

Using content with a bunch of keywords is the standard task. If you create quality content that actually helps your customers in some way, you are going to stand out.


The ultimate reason to choose SEO solutions is that you can easily achieve many of your business goals. SEO can help you to build better relationships with your audience. To gain a better advantage you can get it done by LinkbuildingCorp to improve the customer experience and increase your authority. Our experts know the best way to drive more people to your site and stay you over the competition.

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