Keep in mind that while doing SEO page you must avoid on-page SEO errors if you want to develop top rank on search results.

The backlinks play a great role in the search engine ranking. But without success the on-page SEO right, it is quite tough to do.

Do you know the right on-page SEO faults that many businesses make unintentionally?

In today’s content, we will discuss 11 on-page SEO mistakes.

You will know how to reduce these on-page SEO mistakes and optimize web pages flawlessly for greater visibility on Google.

1- Title tag is not front-loaded with using any keyword

Only including a keyword in a title tag is not sufficient. You have to do front-load your title tag with a keyword. The faster you are able to put a keyword in your title tag, it will improve your web page visibility.

Must notice the top rank results and both Moz and BACKLINKO need front-loaded their title tags with the appropriate keyword – on-page SEO.

Google usually shows the first 50-60 characters of a title tag. Thus, you should make your title just within 60 characters. This will help you dodge making this common on-page SEO mistake.

2- Meta description is not optimized

The Meta description of your web page is likewise vital as its title tag.

If you scrutinize the Meta descriptions of the search results for the keyword ‘on-page SEO’, you will discover that the Meta descriptions have been properly optimized the technique as the title tags.

Google always abbreviate extracts longer than 160 characters. It is better to keep your Meta description smaller than 160 characters. Though, make sure that your Meta description is proper and click commendable.

3- Avoid SEO-friendly URLs

Google also deliberates URLs to take a sign to understand the subject of your content.

You should often make small and correct URLs with keywords.

4- Keyword misplaced in the start of your content

Most of businesses write lengthy outlines without making use of a keyword. You must dodge it.

You should try to make use of a keyword in the beginning 50-100 words.

You should always comprise your target keyword in the earliest 50-100 words of your content. This will assist Google know quickly what the mentioned topic is all about.

5- Avoid using LSI keywords

You must often use LSI keywords in your content.
“LSI keywords assist search engines quotation that means from words with above one meaning

Making use of LSI keywords can aid Google know what your content is all about; thus, it may assist in getting top ranking on Google.

6- Alt tag is lost

Google is not able to read an image. The alt text defines what is on the image and how the image is linked to the web page. You should also optimize the images you are using in your content. Thus, one image in your content should need alt tag.

The right use of alt tag in the image on your web page not only aids the page gets higher rank but also assists unseeing and visually lessened people to comprehend what is on the page through screen readers.

7- Without outbound link in your content

If you don’t even comprise outgoing links to high-authority websites in your web pages, then just you should begin it.

When you comprise outbound links, ensure you link to high-authority websites pertinent to your business. Connecting low-authority websites might reduce the ranking of your website.

Similarly, don’t contain outbound links at all. Every outbound link in your content should include a dispute, idea or prove a fact.

8- Poor internal linking

An internal link is that term which leads to another page on your website. However many businesses do internal linking on their websites. You should not use interlinking your Home

9- Sluggish site loading speed

Here are a few techniques to increase the page load speed:

Diminish redirects
Influence browser caching
Increase server response time
Use a content distribution network (CDN)
Optimize images
Reduce HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Accelerate your site loading and reduce this on-page SEO mistake.

10- Lessen lodge time

Lessen lodge time on your website is often poor. Google emphasizes to it.

If someone hit it off back to search results the time they reach on your website, it directs Google an indication that the content on your website does not sort out the inquiry of the visitor. This is also recognized as Pogo-sticking.

Here are a few important tips that will assist you pay attention of your website’s visitors:

Write eye-catching first paragraph
Endeavors on creating your content compelling
Write unique, valuable, lengthy content
Use relevant, attention-grabbing images
Use pertinent video

If you follow these facts, you will surely have visitors lodging longer on your website.

11- Non-responsive website design

Today, people carry smartphones to access the web than PC or laptop according to a study.

You should make use of responsive website design so that your website can be seen greatly to all devices.


On-page SEO is vital to optimize your online presence. By avoiding these mistakes for top on-page SEO errors, you can go to a step ahead acquiring high rank on Google when a prospective user makes a search for a keyword linked to your products or services.

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