On Page SEO Trends: Rank your Website Higher in Search Engines


To rank higher or just maintaining your rankings, you have to keep changing your SEO strategy in accordance with SERP- as its algorithms change. Here we will read the most important on-page SEO trends to rank your website higher in search engines.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

What Is On-Page SEO?

3 Essential On-Page SEO Factors

How To Rank Your Website Higher In SERPs Through On-Page SEO Trends

a) Google’s BERT Looks For Intent Matches

b) Don’t Freeze

c) Never Ignore Technical SEO

d) Loading Speed Of The Pages

e) Create an Optimized Knowledge Base

Let’s get started….

Search engine optimization is an efficient method to attract consumers to your online platforms- if you utilize it correctly. SEO is rapidly evolving, and staying on top of the latest updates can be very challenging. However, it is worth the effort: some 80% to 70% of users concentrate on organic results and neglect paid listings. What is more, around 28% of those searches convert, leading to a purchase? Top-ranking SEO performance need focus on many metrics, including social shares, traffic, and backlinks- to name just a few. This article will give you the most relevant and timely search engine optimization trends to greatly improve google rankings.

What Is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to the method of optimizing web pages to enhance a website’s search engine rankings and gather organic traffic.

Adding to publishing quality content, on-page SEO involves optimizing your HTML tags, headlines, and images. It also means ensuring your site has a great level of authoritativeness, expertise, trustworthiness as well. It takes into consideration different elements of the webpage that, when included together, will increase your site’s visibility in the search results.

3 Essential On-Page SEO Factors

In professionals’ point of view, there are 3 significant on-page SEO factors. These 3 things are the ones you should concentrate on:

1. Technical Excellence

The quality of your code should be great. An effective SEO services USA can help you immensely. If you are searching for an SEO-friendly site, professionals suggest WordPress. Another reason to keep in mind is that it assists you to establish a site without requiring too much technical knowledge. If you have or select a top site, free SEO plugin can take care of the majority of the remaining technical SEO challenges, without you even considering it. Therefore if you are using top sites and you have configured Yoast SEO the perfect way, you will have many technical components of your on-page SEO covered.

Another aspect necessary to mention here is indexing. If you are not aware of this term, you’ll know now.

To be able to present your page in the SERPs, Google has to be aware of your page. It has to be indexed by Google, which importantly means that this page has been there in the index. And for that to be possible, you require to ensure that you are not blocking Google from indexing your post or your entire website, and here majorly dedicated SEO experts are important. Therefore check if you are not unintentionally doing that and ensure to get your website indexed.

2. Awesome Content

Why do you think that audience visits your website? Most probably because it holds the information they are searching for. Hence it is vital to write great content that corresponds with their requirements. Search engines such as Google also read your text. Which website ranks highest for a specific search term is greatly based on the content of a site. That is the reason why your content should be easy to read, informative, and focused on the correct keywords that your audience uses.

3. Flawless UX

The third pillar you need to keep in mind is user experience. Simply put, users have to conveniently understand your site. They should be able to find what they need in a go and a well-experienced SEO reseller knows how to do that. They should know where to click and how to navigate through your website. And your site should be really quick. A greatly designed website is good, but you should surely make it your priority to develop a user-friendly site first.

If you are planning to learn more about combining SEO and UX to get more people to your website, professionals would suggest you take a look at other posts on user experience.

1. Google’s BERT Looks For Intent Matches

Google’s BERT algorithm utilizes machine learning as well as natural language processing to better-known searches and what users are generally searching for. It works in more than 50 languages and for almost every query in Google English.

With Google’s BERT update, the Google search engine bots have become way conversational, so now, Google’s algorithm can now interpret the intention of the searcher. In simple words, now Google can know things such as the human brain. To understand it correctly, first, you need to learn what does link building mean.

What this also means is that sites that have content-intent mismatches will be badly affected. No matter how informative or high-quality content is, it is not satisfying user intent then BERT will neglect yours and prefer another content that accomplishes the intent for the given query.

One thing to keep in mind is the Google BERT is not an algorithm penalty. It is an aspect of the Google search engine that assists filter out the most beneficial and relevant content to users by knowing search queries and content as humans. Therefore it won’t penalize websites. It will just provide favor to those that present the best results to users, which is what Google has always wanted to do.

If your content is not offering what a user is searching for, then your content is not BERT-friendly and you won’t rank for that keyword for the long term. This is the reason why investing in valuable website content writing that suits the user intent can assist you.

a) How To Optimize For Google’s BERT

Search intent is actually what the user is looking for when they type a specific keyword into a Google search. Are they searching for an answer to your question? A huge list of options? Or do they need to purchase a product and read reviews? There is a lot of intent that the audience brings to the Google search bar, so it is essential to ensure your content and the keyword intent match.

For instance, if someone is typing SEO as a keyword on Google that means the user needs to know about Search Engine Optimization. But if a user is searching for “SEO services” as a keyword that means the user is searching someone for SEO services. So the keyword “SEO” is an informational keyword while SEO services is a commercial keyword.

But few keywords could be multi-intent keywords such as “SEO professional” Maybe the individual who is searching it is search for an SEO professional to hire or needs to be an SEO professional. Always search a keyword on Google before beginning working on content for it. This plan will assist you to know the intent of a keyword so that you can be sure it will succeed before consuming time to develop the content. This will also help you how to get high quality links for website growth.

2. Don’t Freeze

Mostly, marketers crank out pages, “optimize” them, as well as never return. While you likely cannot do it for every page, take time to optimize important pages and any pages close to ranking on the first page of SERPs.

Here is an instance: Many companies have a well-designed site. But their products page does not rank well. Instead of leaving the content as well as the page title- frozen as is, revising the title to represent searchers’ requirements would offer the company a possibility to increase its original traffic.

Here’s how it occurs now:

<title>Bathroom Products | Recruit and Onboard | Cost effective &amp; easy-to-use</title>

Here are two different ways it could be optimized:

<title>HR Onboarding Software for Recruiters</title>


<title>Onboarding Software</title>

generate the most website traffic.

The second option is not as descriptive, but it is worth testing to observe which approach assists the page increase the website traffic. Also, there are many SEO techniques for organic traffic that you can use.

3. Never Ignore Technical SEO

You could be considering everything right, but if your website’s not technically correct, it may be underperforming.

Listed below are some advanced SEO techniques you have to consider regarding technical SEO.

a) Make Sure Your Site Loads on HTTPS

HTTPS has been a ranking aspect since 2014. Websites that are not safe, or even sites with mixed security, can strive hard to rank. Today, a safe site is important.

Google has begun to warn users when they are visiting non-HTTPS sites, and if you are yet to make the switch to encrypted, secure connections, you might be losing a great portion of people wanting to visit your website.


HTTPS is a great practice that will assist your site increase its SEO presence, stay secure, and make it difficult for malicious parties to break in and take benefit of your site. You can consider a professional SEO link building company for this purpose. If you are a smaller company, your process will probably be less time-consuming, but, moving to HTTPS is essential in a world of satisfying SEM and SEO needs. Transitioning to HTTPS is conveniently said than done, and needs multiple processes.

b) Enable AMP for Mobile

AMP began as a Google-backed open initiative that permitted publishers to conveniently develop mobile-optimized and creative content.

What is the real difference between AMP pages?

As per professionals:

A great page or a mobile-friendly webpage is the same page of the site which is served in various layouts. The pages get displayed as per the device from which the professionals accessed. AMP pages are provided to you from the Google AMP cache. AMP pages have varied URLs. Visualized as a process to instantly render content on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, AMP combines three components. With this, you can get the massive importance of link building.

• HTML tags: which assist common web patterns render instantly.
• AMP JS: A library that manages the resource loading as well as best practices essential for quick rendering.
• AMP cache: a content delivery network that both loads content and make sure speed.

For those of you who utilize a website, AMP should be much convenient to execute than a home-grown CMS. To execute AMP to assist cater to mobile searchers, go through this Google’s guide.

Note: Because AMP pages have various URLs, there will be a problem with duplicate content unless you locate that. As EJ succinctly explains: If you have both non-AMP as well as AMP versions of your pages, involve the listed links:

Add the specified thing to the non-AMP page:
<link rel+”amphtml” href=https://www.example.com/url/to/amp-version.html/>

On the AMP page, include the mentioned text to reference its non-AMP canonical version:
<link rel=”canonical” ☛ href=https://www.example.com/url/to/regular-html-version.html/>

For standalone AMP pages, the AMP page, the AMP page should highlight itself as the canonical version as follows:
<link rel= “canonical” href=https://www.example.com/url/to/amp-document.html/>

c) Invest in Crawling Software

These SEO crawler programs are similar to Google’s own crawlers and will provide you insights into the technical health of your website. Also, this is one of the best SEO trends 2021:

Deep Crawl: Deep Crawl is a web-based crawler that analyzes websites for SEO visibility and SEO health. Deep Crawl will offer you a laundry list of essential improvements as well as errors, like broken pages, duplicate content, descriptions, flawed titles, and metadata.

Botify: A cloud-based crawler that increases such as eBay and Expedia, Botify is the strongest crawler available, today, short of Google’s own secret algorithms. Not only can Botify check whether Google has crawled your page, but it can also provide recommendations on how to restructure website content and site maps to optimize your web page for Google’s crawlers.

Unluckily, Botify has become massively expensive and is now only realistically cost-effective to enterprise companies.

For budget-friendly crawling software, you might need to look at one of the mentioned options:

Screaming Frog: Likely the well-known crawler on the market, Screaming Frog may seem intimidating at first, but once you understand your method around it you will appreciate it for its power, speed, and efficiency.

Sitebulb: The newer crawlers on the scene, since its launch, Sitebulb’s won different awards and has been touted by many as converting the method we execute technical SEO. In short, it does the hard work for you, detailing a website’s technical issues in simple language, and explaining actually what you require to do to fix them. It is best to completely learn the link building methods now.

D) Correct Your Semantic Markups

Semantic markups assist Google to know your website- but only if they are right. Semantic markups are specifically HTML tags that emphasize key detail on your website. They tell Google’s spiders what a web page is about without needing to digest each word on the page.

Just consider heading tags, for example. Text wrapped in a <h1> tag is the page’s main title and should provide a brief explanation of the complete shared content on that page. Text wrapped in a <h2> tag are subheadings, etc.

Here are examples of heading structure listed below:

<h1> The Guide to Guest Posting
<h2> What is guest posting?
<h3> Perks of guest blogging
<h3> 4 different types of links you can build
<h2> How to write an awesome guest post
<h3> 1. Choose the perfect website
<h3> 2. Send an email pitch
<h3> 3. Write your content

4. Loading Speed of The Pages

The first impression is the very last impression. Hence, instead of affecting the mood of your audiences with slow loading web pages, try to optimize your increasing speeds.

Take the assistance of PageSpeed Insights by Google developers to understand your current page speed score and begin making improvements. This is one of the effective link building strategies.

a) First Contentful Paint

First Contentful Pain analyzes how long it takes your web to render the first piece of DOM content after a visitor navigates to your web page. This involves SVGs, images, and so on.

b) First Meaningful Paint

First meaningful Pain analyzes when the primary content of the webpage is visible to the audience. It generally registers the time when the content within the iFrame is visible.

c) Speed Index

Speed Index identifies how quickly the content is displayed to your audience during the page loading.

d) First CPU Idle

The time taken by a page to become less interactive for the user is analyzed as the First CPU Idle.

A page is taken into consideration minimally interactive when:

☛ The majority of the UI aspects are interactive on the screen.
☛ The page responds to a majority of the user inputs in a specific amount of time.

e) Time To Interactive

Time to engaging identifies the time taken by a webpage to become entirely interactive. A page is considered completely interactive if:

☛ It displays beneficial content as measured by FCP.
☛ The webpage responds to user actions within 50millieconds.
☛ Event handlers are registered for the majority of the page aspects.

f) First Input Delay

First Input Delay analyzes the time from when an audience first interacts with your website aspects like JavaScript controlled element or clicking on a button and to the time when the web actually responds to that interaction. Here, a reputable link building company can help you immensely.

Going through the definitions of the above-mentioned metrics, here are some tips mentioned that you can use for increasing your page speed:

Utilize the compressed form of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. Try compressing files that are above 150 bytes.
Decrease redirects so that your audience does not have to go through additional waiting time by the HTTP response cycle.
Leverage browser caching so that the web does not have to reload the complete for a visitor returning to your website.
Increase your server response times by searching for different weak areas like database queries and slow routing.
Distribute your content delivery load with the assistance of a content delivery network.
Lastly, optimize your images by making sure they are in the correct format and used where they are essential.

Create an Optimized Knowledge Base

One industry of SEO you might have to ignore is your knowledge base. As part of your customer service plan, you need users to have access to support and common services questions on a 24/7 basis. This is where a great knowledge base can be beneficial. However, you may not have considered the SEO advantages of a knowledge base.

A knowledge base can provide many quality content possibilities, all of which can assist you to improve your SEO ranking. This involves developing specific content full of variable keywords. Plus, you can fine-tune your experience to keep customers happy as well as loyal.

Keeping your audiences satisfied can break or make a point for many businesses. Research shows 92% of customers will switch to another company after three or fewer bad customer service experiences. This clearly means you have a great chance to knock out two birds with one stone offers rich content and fabulous customer service at the same time. Since you want your users to find the articles they require, knowledge base content also tends to consider SEO practices. You can also ramp up your knowledge base efforts with the utilization of plugins. One thing to consider: since visitors to a knowledge base are not wanting to be entertained, you can just get down to business and cover the topic using greatly optimized keywords.

As the internet evolves, so do the parameters that analyze how well your website ranks in search engines. This means you have to stay up-to-speed with the advanced SEO tips for business to make sure continued success for years to come.

Wrapping It Up:

SEO is getting more complicated, as the above list makes clear. With SEO’s new trends, you have to consider everything from voice control to SEO. Metrics are evolving, and it is complicated to stay on top of your place in the rankings. Here, LinkBuildingCorp can assist you to get the information and assist you with the right SEO strategy.

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