8 Helpful UX Tips To Improve E-Commerce Sales


The E-commerce business is on the move. A large number of tech-savvy users rush to shopping sites every day to buy their desired products and services. So, entrepreneurs have gone online with E-commerce websites to push their sales and increase their customer base.

However, E-commerce world is totally different from traditional brick and mortar shops. There is a cut-throat competition and the most interesting fact is that your competitor is just a click away. So, how can you attract online shoppers towards your E-store and make them loyal to your brand? The simple and straightforward answer is by increasing the site’s UX.

In fact, user experience (UX) is the first impression of your website/app visitors get while using it for the first time. If they get the positive experience, they love to engage with your E-commerce site many times and encourage other buyers to buy from you. It helps you to register a sharp growth in E-commerce sales easily and quickly.

Now, consider a totally different scenario. If buyers have a negative experience on your E-commerce site, they not only stop purchasing from your site but also spread negativity about it.

So, if you want to stay long in E-commerce business and grow your E-commerce sales, you need to improve your site’s UX sooner or later. But, how can you do that? A list of some important ways is concluded here below. Just look at them one by one-

1. Make Your Site Responsive To Mobile Devices

Shoppers use different mobile devices for online shopping and their numbers are increasing by leaps and bounds every year. This trend has gained momentum and is so widespread that E-retailers can’t think of dominating the E-commerce world if they ignore the potential sales coming from small screens. Additionally, websites that are unresponsive to mobile devices are ignored by Google, which affects their performance badly.

So, you should make your site responsive to all mobile devices as soon as possible. This allows shoppers to access your site easily on mobiles and buy their favorite products easily. For example- If you run a Magento site and want to take it to the mobile platform, you can easily do it with the help of a Magento extension.

2. Up-To- Date And Fresh Content

One of the main shortcomings of online shopping is that buyers can’t see the products in reality. They have to depend totally on the site content to get an idea about the products and make decisions accordingly.

If the content available on your site is outdated, duplicate, copied or of low-quality, it doesn’t convince visitors for buying from your site. So, they abandon your site quickly to go to some other sites for the same purpose.

Therefore, it is important for you to improve the content presentation technique. You can take the following steps:

● Don’t use the product description supplied by the product manufacturers. Write useful content yourself or get it done through professional content writing agencies.

● Keep the content length at a moderate level. For example- 200-250 words (product descriptions), 400-450 words (Blog posts), 300-350 (site content), etc.

● Depending on your needs, add relevant images and videos to your content.

● Use static font on your website. It will help readers to read your content easily without straining their eyes.

● Add titles and sub-titles in your content. It allows visitors to go through your content easily and take buying decisions easily.

3. Smooth Navigation

Generally, an E-commerce website has several pages. Therefore, its navigation should be simple and straightforward, allowing visitors to look for the exact products/services easily. You can also add breadcrumb navigation to your site. It helps visitors to know where they are on the site and where they must go. A smooth navigation encourages buyers to use your site for online shopping time and again.

4. Offer A Simple Search Bar

E-commerce site search is an essential facility for increasing your sales. All those visitors who actively use your site’s search bar have a higher level of buying intent. It is because search function allows them to look for the exact products and services easily and quickly without visiting several pages.

So, you must optimize your site’s search bar very well, so that it may help visitors to get instant results and provide them a better user experience.

5. A Secure Shopping Cart

An online shopping cart is an essential software that you should install on your E-commerce site. It helps buyers to collect numerous items for purchase and complete the transaction easily and quickly. When customers checkout, it automatically calculates the total price for the order (including the applicable taxes, shipping, packing, etc,).

Thus, it allows visitors to make adjustments in their shopping cart to buy the most needed items first and exclude the unimportant ones. In case, you want to add a shopping cart to your Magento site, you can use Magento extensions.

6. Add Trust Factors To Your Site

It is not an easy task to deal with online buyers and persuade them for purchasing products/services from your site. For this, you need to add trust factors to your site as soon as possible. There are many trust-building elements you can use as per your needs. Some of them are:

● A solid presence of your site on different social media channels,

● Live chat feature, tool free numbers, and physical address,

● Show the brands you are working with

● Display the review & testimonials given by customers/clients,

● Display your privacy policy, cash refund policy, Terms of use, Product return/replacement policy on your site clearly

● Availability of different payment options

● SSL and HTTPS certificate, etc.

7. A Corporate Blog

All E-commerce websites must have a properly designed and optimized blog. Actually, it works as an information center and a selling point of your E-commerce site.

You can publish fresh content regularly on your blog, educate visitors about your new products/services, promote special sales campaigns, and persuade shoppers to go for your products. Make sure that your blog design has all features and functionalities to convert readers into loyal customers.

If you have an E-commerce with Magento, you can use Magento extensions to integrate WordPress blog into Magento site or vice versa and can start blogging easily.

8. Place Call To Action Buttons Prominently

Call to action buttons are an internal part of any website. They guide the buyers as to what they have to do next once they finish the site browsing. For example-

● Subscribing newsletters,

● Buying products/services,

● Adding products to the shopping cart, etc.

Depending on your needs, add the clear call to action buttons to your site to increase your sales.

Concluding Remarks

These are simple, but important factors that can create a huge impact on your E-commerce site. If you implement UX design as per the above-mentioned tips, you will definitely see a sharp boom in your E-commerce sales. If you want to improve the UX of your Magento site amazingly, you should go for a well-recognized Magento development company.

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