What Are The Tips For Growing Your Ecommerce Website SEO?


Unless your Ecommerce site is not SEO friendly, it becomes tough to gain that proper ranking at the top. It is really difficult how simple SEO tips can run a long way in moving your site forward. Not only that, but in this hard core competitive world there are so many e-commerce sites designed for the entrepreneurs, making it hard to shine through.  Therefore, unless you have proper SEO tactics designed into your e-commerce site, chances are high that your site might get lost in the middle of such a huge crowd. So, certain important tips might help you big time in addressing your ecommerce growth pretty well.

Best Tips For You To Follow

It is true to state that SEO is quite important for the growth of your ecommerce store. It is also stated to be a procedure for improving the current visibility of website or even online store in the field of search engines. Now you might be wondering why this service is important. It is because if the ranks are higher, then more traffic and potential customers are going to drive towards your store.

Now, there is no one size fit all rule over here. The owner of the online store is going to assess site carefully for developing a customized form of SEO strategy. The chosen action plan can help in improving your current search engine presence and also traffic to online store. So, going through some crucial tips might help in the growth of your eCommerce website SEO now.

Avoid Relying On PPC Only

Don’t just rely on pay per click ad only and don’t again forget it completely. There are some ecommerce sites, which fall back on PPC strategy to create the best visibility for store. But, the truth here is that PPC costs will grow up and once you stop paying for the available placement, your online presence might disappear.

● Sometimes, customers have this inherent distrust towards sponsored links, online ads and other banners.

● Ecommerce site may not just rely on PPC ads and strategies and also to implement some of the other organic SEO practices for increasing their online visibility.

● After saying that, Google research has shown that some of the websites stopped using AdWords as around 89% of paid ads failed to shift over to the organic more SEO clicks. Therefore, you have to use the PPC ads carefully along with SEO tricks.

Don’t Go For Duplicate Content

Adding duplicate content in your website is the absolute no-no in this regard. It is going to be the enemy for some of the search engines. As most of the ecommerce stores have wide amount of duplicate content as a result of lists and product descriptions, therefore; the sites will get penalized by the reputed search engines.

■ So, the store owners have to assess website and look for some ways to reduce amount of duplicate or redundant content present over the WWW.

■ You can try using the rel=”canonical” tag carefully as that might help in avoiding these issues right from the core.

■ Some of the chosen themes can easily insert this tag on all the available pages using a code of one line.

Focusing On A Content Strategy

Adding high quality and unique content on regular basis to your e-commerce source will help in adding some extra values for users. Not only that, but it might help you with the search engine based ranking.  You can try using your own and add content to it, which is otherwise related to services and products, which you are planning to sell. Some of the online stores will include functional blogging platform automatically, which can otherwise be used for publishing such content.

Avoid Using The Product Descriptions From Manufacturers

Creating own product database might be a rather time consuming procedure. So, to save time, some of the store owners will just copy and paste product description from manufacturers onto their own site.

► This is something which is not SEO approved.

► You have to work your way out to re-write or even create a new description for every [product under your list for ensuring that every point is SEO friendly and unique.

► You are often asked to use multiple words, which people are mostly looking for or searching while logging online to check.

It is mandatory for you to follow all the points, which can otherwise help your business to grow and flourish. Your ecommerce site will get the reputation it deserves by following and focusing on these points.

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