Is SEO still worth investing in? Is putting efforts for generating organic traffic is a prominent strategy in 2023?! Is SEO dead?!

These are the questions entrepreneurs ask every year. These questions make more sense now because of all the Google algorithm updates and modifications to the Google search results page.

One of the major issues is those old SEO techniques that used to get effective results, don’t work anymore. SEO has evolved massively and now needs much more than just having great content.

So, is SEO still relevant in 2023, and upcoming years?!

Answer in simple terms: YES!

SEO is more vital than ever! It is still one of the potential digital marketing strategies that provide long-term results. You just need to know how to do SEO in right way.

Dive in and learn what has revolutionized and how to do search engine optimization in 2023!

What Is Seo?

SEO is a set of optimizations and tweaks to your site to drive organic traffic by ranking high in Google search results.


Ranking high in search engines helps your site to get attention of the users when they are looking for the keywords related to your niche.

This takes you to the next question.

Do People Browse The Internet Via Search Engines?

When you have used the internet last time. How did you get the exact site? Anyone can bet on this that it was a search engine.

Considering that the search engine is the most brilliant way of knowing about the sites, It’s vital to be listed in their results. Google alone works on over 40,000 search query every second and over 3.5 billion searches per day, and there is a great chance that at least one or two of those searches are related to your niche.

So how can you present your business in front of those users who can become your customers? The best way is SEO. Even though it needs time and energy, it’s worth executing SEO techniques to improve your website ranking.

Now it again takes you to the next question.

Why Is Website Traffic So Important?

According to the experts, organic traffic brings 66% of users for business services, trumping all other sources like paid 12%, social 12%, and display 19%.

Not only it brings website visitors, but it also benefits in many other ways:

■ People Prefer ‘Google’ When They Want Specific Products Or Services-

Most people, first prefer using a search engine to look for information about the products or services, they need.

■ Organic Traffic Is Popular According To User Intent –

Users searching for a keyword like “ice-cream parlour Toronto” are likely searching to get a popular ice-cream parlour. Google’s search results play a huge role in unfolding shops or services, as well as making the right buying decisions. The same goes for the product-related searches like “Micromax C7”, in which case users are searching to buy this exact product.

■ It’s More Cost-Effective –

Investing in affordable SEO reseller services will help you to get long-term benefits. Once you get ranked on the first page, you can enjoy being on the throne for the longest time.

■ More Sales –

High ranking generates more traffic and brings more potential customers to your site. SEO makes it convenient for the users interested in your products and services to reach your business.

■ Organic Rankings Are Critical For Local Businesses –

30% of mobile searches are related to the location, and 72% of consumers who executed a local search got a store within five miles. Through prominent SEO tactics, not only your business will get listed in SERP but also, it will help you to grow organic traffic on your website.

■ Google’s Authority –

People believe that Google delivers the most relevant results for every search. That’s why, the sites ranking on the first page gets 21% clicks, 2 and 3-page sites get about 5% clicks. So ranking high will boost your organic traffic massively.

Lastly, thanks to smartphones, people can find your business anytime and anywhere.

87% of smartphone owners utilize a search engine at least once a day, and more Google searches take place on mobile in comparison to that on desktop devices.

People can discover your business no matter the time or place, generating more customers and visitors.

This is the reason why organic traffic and SEO are important!!

And you can bet that all the investments made for SEO are worth it.

How Google Rankings Changed

Back in days, it wasn’t too difficult to rank on Google, there wasn’t much competition either.

Yes, Google could understand the content on your website but still, it was not very smart.

Many SEO gurus were successful in manipulating the information on their site to get favoured by Google’s algorithms. Thus, the latest off-page SEO techniques were born.

Today, Google has evolved and consider many signals to analyse which site deserves to rank on the first page of the search engine.

Furthermore, two popular changes occurred in recent years:

Revamp of Google’s search results pages
Google algorithm updates

Google is constantly evolving, with about 500-600 updates every year!

This doesn’t mean that your business will get ignored. The majority of these updates, improve stability, user experience, and reliability.

Top updates have the capabilities to be the game-changers and top content creation experts constantly keep an eye on the changes that might disrupt the industry.

Content Visibility Depends On SEO

As mentioned, content can not get successful without SEO. And considering that high-quality content needs hours- if not days- to develop, that could mean a massive loss for your company.

Your efforts could get wasted if you are spending time and resources developing content that fails in the search engines. The result oriented local SEO services will make sure your top-shelf content get the recognition it deserves. And potential customers will be more likely to find out more about your business if they find helpful content you published online.

Keywords Are Still Relevant

Search engines process keywords separately than they used to. Old practices linked with keyword usage like keyword stuffing- now come with penalties. But keywords are still relevant to ranking as well as in the search engines.

This may look like a negative change if you are accustomed to simply putting keywords into your site in a random place and wishing for the best, but it is good news for both you and your customers. The more valuable your keywords, the more qualified your traffic will be. Therefore even if fewer keywords mean fewer visitors, the ones you lose probably were not going to become customers anyway.

Although this might be a little frustrating to keep up with, you should look after algorithm changes as a positive change. Remember that search engines such as Google don’t change their methods to make things hard on-site owners- they are just trying to create an engaging experience for their users. This means that as they develop, you will ultimately get the visitors that are genuinely interested in your content and products.

So how search engine works? Or how can you attract the right visitors? Here are a few tips that will assist you to get started:

Use Tools To Discover Relevant Keywords

Profitable SEO campaigns start with keyword research. And keyword research tools, such as SEMrush, Keyword Tool, and Ubersuggest, permits you to showcase keyword and phrases that people are searching online so that they can discover your business.

This will assist you to develop pages that can attract traffic to your site and help you turn users to potential customers.

Integrate The Keywords Naturally

Although search engines are not so capable enough to understand and read content like human beings, they can tell the moment you are using certain phrases and words to boost your ranking. The perfect way to avoid being penalized for this is by integrating your keywords organically.

This may mean utilizing fewer keywords, and with less frequency, but that’s not particularly a bad thing. Add keywords to your page headers, title, and meta description, then utilize them where they make sense in your body. If they seem very awkward or forced, just don’t use them.

Focus On Long-Tail Keywords

If you have spent extra time doing keyword research with tools like Google’s keyword planner, you know that there are many competitive keywords. Rather than trying to compete for them, focus on longer, more specific phrases that fit perfectly in your business.

Finding the right long-tail keywords and phrases will need some time, but can be the most smart ways to earn more backlinks

SEO is revolutionizing rapidly and it can be hard to keep up with all the updates and trends. But one thing is common: the search engine will continue to give high-quality content and you need SEO to ensure that your audience is seeing the content.

What If You Don’t Use SEO?

Without the latest SEO risks list, you run the risk of losing your top-page ranking in search results. And competitors will probably jump at the chance to outrank you.

You might have the most fabulous and well-designed website, but if nobody can find it, you won’t be able to attract new customers or grow your business as a successful one.

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