In this article, you will get information about SEO recommendations for e-commerce websites, you can highlight your e-commerce sites more than your rivals and have the chance to reach your target audience. SEO helps you in increasing the visibility of sites in SERPs and the number of clicks. With effective SEO optimization of your website, it is possible to take your website to the top of the search engine results and reach the desired results within a short period of time. So, what are the procedures to be done in SEO work? Let’s take a closer look.

SEO Techniques for E-Commerce Websites

It would be beneficial for you to do various SEO studies to display your website higher in Google and other search engines. Because the ranking of a website in the search engine is in a very important position in order to increase the number of visitors and deliver its products or services to its target audience. Users looking for a product or service usually try to reach what they are looking for through the results on the first page of search engines. Therefore, with professional local SEO efforts, the primary goal should be to be on the first page of search results. The same is true for e-commerce sites. It is important for these sites that offer products or services to be on the first page of search engine results in order to make more sales. So, what are the SEO work to be done on e-commerce sites?

Let’s take a look at them.

1- Use long tail for keywords

Keywords, which are indispensable for SEO studies, have an important place in increasing website visibility. For this reason, it would be appropriate to use tools such as various keyword planners to find the most suitable and correct words. Using niche words that have not yet been discovered by competitors, especially, helps you to pass in an advantageous position. Here you can take help of reliable SEO Company UK.

If we explain this with an example; “Shoe” is a short tail word. But “the cheapest leather shoes” comes across as a long tail word. When you do a search on Google, it offers relevant search suggestions at the bottom of the page. You can use this section or various keyword tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush to find long-tail words. The important point here is to identify the words that will bring you sales.

2- Explain in detail the product descriptions on your website

Writing a detailed product description for each product on e-commerce sites puts you in an advantageous position. Today, many e-commerce sites do not include the necessary information in their product descriptions. For this reason, users who want to buy the relevant product give up purchasing because they cannot access the necessary information about that product and prefer to buy by reading the product descriptions on a different site. So, it’s important to understand proper guide to SEO.

Most of the e-commerce sites create sites using XML logic. At this point, the biggest mistake they make is leaving the product descriptions. Do not leave the products as you took them in XML. Customize each product description. Otherwise, your pages may experience indexing problems due to the copy problem.

3- Avoid repetitive content

It puts you at a disadvantage again in your content. Especially sites that are started to be crawled more frequently after the Google Panda algorithm update, get lower scores after scanning and fall into the background in the search results. Customize the product descriptions as I mentioned in the previous article. In addition, you should definitely create original and user-pleasing content within your category posts and blog posts. The content creation process is difficult, but when you see sales coming from the content you create, you realize how valuable the contents are.

4- Take care to use Canonical URL

Canonical URL is the standard known URL structure. With this URL structure, Google or other search engines do not define the content as duplicate, so you will not produce duplicate content.

In some E-commerce infrastructures, a product can be accessed from more than one URL.

For example;
.com / pants / black-denim-pants
.com / product / black denim pants
In this type of scenario, you need to mark a page with a canonical tag.

Also, this is one of the popular SEO trends 2021.

5- Try to use ALT tag for images

Be careful to use alt text tags in the images you add to your website for your products or services. Because the sub-text tags added to the images are perceived more easily by robots and it is possible to stand out more if a text that gives information about the image is encountered.

Images are one of the areas where e-commerce sites can provide traffic. Users can come to your site using Google Images. If you do not want to give the traffic from here to your competitors. You must create your product names and alt tags correctly.

6- Pay attention to your website being responsive

The responsiveness of e-commerce sites enables visitors to reach your website on every platform and make purchases as they wish. Google has announced that it gives more importance to mobile optimization in the updates it has published in recent years. For this reason, it is important that websites have a useful structure not only on desktop but also on mobile platforms.

7- Increase site speed

One of the important features of the Google search engine is site speed. Because site speed is also seen as a criterion in the ranking of search results. Transitions between pages, especially this site opening, should be at ideal speeds.

Site speed has become an issue for all site owners. It is one of Google’s most important ranking criteria. With the user experience update to be made by Google in May 2021, it will become more important. You should start getting your site ready for an update now.

8- Strengthen the inner web

Take care to keep the network within your e-commerce site strong. For example, publish blog posts for a product or service that is very popular. Provide product links in the blog post and in this way contribute to your website’s organic traffic. Furthermore, if you partner with professionals, you will know great SEO tips for business reach.

When you create links from your blog posts to your products, you can convert the traffic you get from the blog into sales, both with our backlink sharing between pages on your site and the links you will give to the product and category page


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