5 SEO Strategies To Use In 2023 For Low Efforts And High Return


The competition to rank on Google is almost at its peak. So, which SEO strategy 2023 you will use to outperform rivals and position your site on #1 position? As many months have already passed, you have only a certain time period to decide which SEO strategies and tactics will work effectively to dominate on SERPs and generate more leads for boosted revenue in 2023. With search engines frequently coming up with several new updates, it becomes essential to adopt techniques that help you keep pace with new algorithms and search engine updates to emerge out big and unique in this year.

4 Pillars Of Actionable SEO Strategy

There are four pillars of search engine optimization strategy that help in generating an ample amount of organic traffic for a niche website. These are described below with a short overview –

a)- Draw The Attention Of Online Users

Do you know what search engines value the most? Experience of online searchers! All biggest search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo want to serve their online visitors the most useful results for their queries. Thus, your main focus should be on pleasing the searchers. But, note that you have only a few seconds to make the first impression.

Research study proved that average online visitors leave a webpage or a blog within 15 seconds. Longer dwell time shows the interest and engagement of web searchers on a site when stay for a long time or click on multiple pages. Increased dwell time is a signal of positive user experience and conversion of visitors into email subscriber and potential customers. Mobile-friendly design with fluid site architecture and improved speed is a primary step to please searchers. Use SEO link building to prevent micro issues such as redirect issues, thin content, broken links, 404 errors, etc.

b)- Meet Search Intent

Loading your webpage with a flood of lengthy content and too many backlinks cannot meet the search intent of surfers. Search intent refers to a reason why people prefer to conduct a specific search. For example, why they are searching? Are they searching to get an answer to certain questions? Are they searching for any website or get some information for purchasing any product?

c)- 4 Types Of Search Intent

There are four different types of search intent

1) Informational

This is when people search for some information about a specific subject matter such as content writing, education, etc.

2) Transactional

People who search on the web to find the best products to purchase usually perform a search with transactional intent. For example, buying any stuff online.

3) Navigational

Searchers with this intent browse the internet to reach a particular site. For example, surfers searching for Facebook generally make their way towards this social networking site.

d)- Commercial Investigation

People with this type of intent use the internet to do research on a product they are going to purchase in the coming days. For example, you want to buy a mobile phone and search the web to find out which mobile phone you should purchase as per your needs?

Target relevant long-tail keywords in your niche market and collect the best content ideas from your rivals. Consider users’ behavior to determine what they are actually looking for and provide them with pertinent facts. Use case studies, infographics, events, freebies, reviews, impressive videos, and other evergreen content for better user engagement.

3. Develop Your Web

Quality backlinks are like fuel on the fire. It not only provides a higher ranking, but also helps to obtain boosted search traffic. Relevancy and authority are king and queen of backlinks. It means your key focus should be on gaining relevant and quality backlinks. Use trust flow, domain rate, and domain authority to check the link quality. Get contextual links (clickable links found within webpage text-based content) and use accurate anchor text.

4. Optimize And Boost

Remember that your main focus should be not only on gaining online traffic, but converting all of the organic search traffic into potential customers of your products or services. Thinking how to do SEO that works out effectively to build trust and rapport with prospects? Read and follow actionable strategies as mentioned below.

5 SEO Strategies That Will Work Out The Most In 2023

Using evergreen SEO strategies, you can increase your online traffic and get brilliant ROI (return on investment) in the long run. Here are some SEO strategies to follow 2023 to shine a bright light in your online path without affecting by the silly algorithms updates of search engine.

1. Video Content

It would not be a surprising fact that video is the useful form of SEO strategy as 62% of Google universal searches comprise video and offer about 41% higher CTR. It is 50 times more likely to obtain organic page ranking than simple text results. The importance of video content optimization is increasing because the 1-minute video speaks more than 1.8 million plain words. It is estimated that 78% of mobile data will be used for watching videos. Sprint to about 500 subscribers marks to claim a vanity URL. Use YouTube optimized keywords and descriptions for mobile and desktop users. Go through effective YouTube SEO guide to get complete insights of how to rank at the top for videos.

2. Mobile-First Indexing

Many people get confused by the term mobile-first indexing and consider it for mobile only. But, this is not the case. There is a single search index for both desktop and mobile versions. Google uses mobile versions after the site migration. Crawl your pages with a mobile bot to determine how search engines spiders consider your mobile pages. Regularly track loading speed and performance of your mobile page through PageSpeed Insights and Website Auditor.

3. Voice Search Strategy

Voice search is a dominating factor in SEO with about millions of Alexa products offered and sold in the market. 62% of customers said that they purchase products after searching for it through a voice-enabled speaker. It is estimated that voice search will contribute about 50% of searches done online. 53% of users make voice searches on a daily basis. About 27% of people visit the local business site through voice search. Voice recognition market is expected to reach $601 million by the end of this year. Thus, shift your focus to using long-tail keywords.

4. Technical Optimization

Technical SEO will remain the top SEO trend in 2023. Everybody knows that Google prefers high-speed sites. Thus, it is time to focus on JavaScript and improving site speed. Make your site capable to get live as PWA (progressive web apps).

5. Evergreen Long Format Content

Long form content results in higher search ranking. It is found that content of about 2500 words ranks best on 1st and 2nd position on the first page. Long-form content writing is more likely to generate quality backlinks. Google generally recommends composing content that satisfies users search intent by providing detailed information on a single place.

That is all you need to consider. 2023 would be a booming year with a successful implementation of these vital strategies. So, get started soon.

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