What is an SEO Audit and What You Need to Know About It?


Having an online presence is not sufficient enough to improve your sales and take your business to a height you have ever expected. Of course, a proper website optimization is always a great help to get you motivated and provide your business a finest platform to grow online. However, before making any decision towards implementing the strategies to improve the ranking of your website, it’s good to determine the exact condition of your website so that only the right methods (that will be useful for your particular business) can be implemented. An SEO audit helps to understand that what you actually need to perform when it to comes to enhancing the ranking of your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very vast industry with more than $65 million business worldwide. Today, more and more companies want to invest in SEO in order to make their websites more visible in search results of Google. The fantastic conversions of the traffic to the websites of businesses is a proof its stunning success.

According to experts from the industry, there are more than 200 different criteria on which basis Google’s algorithm determines whether it should give the place to your website on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Although it’s been very difficult to find out the exact strategies who Google Algorithm exactly works, many people from the industry experts to work on more than 70 different elements to control and optimize a website successfully. SEO is really important when it comes to encouraging the development of off-page strategies that help to improve the brand reputation online.

If you are a newbie to SEO, and want to know what help to do SEO audit, the information given here in this blog will surely help to perform a successful audit.

A Brief Introduction to an SEO audit

An SEO audit is primarily the process of determining the weak areas of your website that have restricted your website to be ranked on good positions over major search engines like Google. There are various components that actually come under the major factors of an SEO audit. However, three main categories are given below:

1. Technical SEO:

Technical SEO is primarily concerned with having a look at the technical elements of your website. The IT set up of your website is examined by it and it also helps to find out any technical queries that may be responsible to restrict your website to be indexed and crawled by search engines. Of course, Google has to struggle hard to index or crawl individual pages of your website in case of the improper functioning of technical aspects.

2. On-page SEO:

The primary role of on-page element is to help search engines to understand the content topic and its significance to the initial search query. Various things like title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, HTML header tags, and URL structure can be examined with the help of an audit.

3. Off-page SEO:

This is also one of the most important SEO audit tips every business owner should know to improvise their website ranking. An off-page SEO audit is helpful when it comes to determining the quality and number of backlinks pointing to the website of your company and finding out which method of promotion will work for your website appropriately.

Why You Need to Apply for an SEO Audit?

A proper report of your findings will become easily accessible with the help of performing an audit of your website. You would find it very easy to identify the major areas where you actually need to work to improve its presence condition and take it to the next level. You would be able to find out what to sort out, optimize and prioritize without an audit.

How to Conduct an SEO Audit?

There are various tools available online to help you to conduct an SEO audit successfully in order to determine the major areas of your website. You can use any of them, and perform a jargon-free, detailed assessment that is easy, simple and quick.

Final Words

Conducting an SEO audit properly is the foremost and very important stage to when you are planning to optimize your website. All your efforts might go in vain without a proper SEO audit. With a right tool, it becomes conveniently easier for you to determine the strategy, monitor and track your program while optimizing your website.

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