Keywords For Website: How to Find a Website’s Keywords (Organic & Paid)


Whether you’re an ecommerce website owner or a digital marketing professional trying to help your clients grow their online presence, search engine optimization (SEO) is incredibly important.

Throughout this article, I will show you how to identify your top organic keywords.

1. Organic Keywords: What Are They?
2. SEO Focus Keywords: How to Find Them?
3. SEO Keywords: Why they are so important?
4. How to find the paid keywords of any website?
5. How do you determine keyword difficulty?
6. Organic Keywords: How do I improve my ranking?

One of the effective SEO tactics includes organic keywords. A free organic search keyword is one that attracts organic search traffic.

By optimizing a website, potential customers will be able to find the products, services, and knowledge they need more easily.

Would you like to learn more about how organic keywords can help you attract new customers to your website? Let’s get started right away.

Organic Keywords: What Are They?

The term organic keyword refers to the powerful keywords for SEO that a person searches for without clicking on an advertisement.

In spite of the fact that organic search is very affordable, it is a valuable marketing tool. There are now more than 3.5 billion searches performed by Google each day (roughly 40,000 keyword searches per second).

You can boost your site’s visibility greatly if you can capture some of that organic traffic.

This goal can be achieved by implementing carefully selected organic keywords that have been well researched.

SEO Focus Keywords: How to Find Them?

Get to know how to find SEO focus keywords through great research work on Google. The focus keyword is the phrase or word you want to rank highly in Google searches. Writing content around this phrase improves Google’s search results, and your website gets more visitors.

Example: Imagine you are writing an article about best practices for social media marketing.

Here are some potential focus key phrases you discovered during keyword research:

social media marketing best practices – search volume 1,000

social media practices – volume 720

social marketing best practices 2021 – volume 140

social marketing newsletter best practices – volume 70

An effective keyword research for seo is necessary to find the right keyword for your website like the keyword “social media marketing best practices” is determined to be your focus keyword based on your research.

Your article might also benefit from using the rest as headings.

SEO Keywords: Why They Are So Important

You can increase your chances of ranking on Page 1 by doing keyword research and optimization.

You can better serve your consumers through keyword research in addition to ranking higher.

To know more why SEO keywords are crucial, let’s dive in the following:

Keywords are very much necessary for SEO as with the help of them you can,

A. Target a specific market and speak its language

B. Provide your target audience with useful content

C. Identify a relevant match for a query by submitting a webpage to Google

D. Help Google understand the content of a webpage to improve search engine rankings

E. Make sure the right people see your content

F. Optimize your webpages to attract more qualified traffic

G. Improve conversions by making your brand more visible to consumers

SEO considers all of these factors. This is why one must go through how to choose keywords for SEO.

The purpose of keyword research is to gain an understanding of how your target audience might describe and search for your products and services.

Furthermore, it shows how people use search engines to find out more about your topics.

By using these words and phrases, you will be able to come up with ideas for new content. Optimizing your web pages can also help you match searcher intent and answer searcher questions.

Not only keywords but the backlinks affect the ranking progress of the website.

This is the reason to recognize why hire a backlinks and how they can bring better outcomes to your web ranking results.

How to Find the Paid Keywords of Any Website?

Many of the SEO tools available today also allow for the possibility of searching for paid keywords (also called Google AdWords keywords).

As a marketer, you can discover new keywords, topics, and trends that are just beginning to trend by studying what topics your target audience is interested in and how they respond to them.

Keep in mind to properly utilize the high-volume keyword research tools.

The following steps will guide you through using Site Explorer for that purpose. Here are some options:

1. Put the URL of any website into the box. The mode can be adjusted to display keywords for an entire domain, a path, or an exact URL.

2. Search for the term.

3. This link will take you to a report of paid keywords.

You will find additional information in this report, apart from keywords, such as:

1- CPC stands for cost per click.

2- Volume of searches.

3- An estimate of the traffic a given keyword brings to a page.

4- Using the keyword as a landing page.

5- Keyword ad.

More to come.

How Do you Determine Keyword Difficulty?

Understand what is keyword difficulty to make your content more reachable and high-ranked.

The keyword difficulty of your content can be calculated by looking at how challenging it would be to rank on Google’s first page for a specific keyword.

It would take considerable effort and time on your part to see results for a difficult keyword.

Smart strategies take keyword difficulty and search volume into account when choosing what to target.

It is easier to rank if you balance opportunity with ease of use. Not necessarily.

Organic Keywords: How do I Improve My Ranking?

Check out our keyword research guide to learn what keyword research is and how to evaluate your organic keywords.

You should be careful not to stuff your content with too many organic keywords.

If you cram too many keywords into a piece of content that isn’t helpful to searchers, search engines will penalize you.

To improve your site’s organic search ranking, here are some ways to understand what efforts to make.

A. Find Out Where you Rank in Search

Knowing your current ranking in Google’s search results is crucial before you boost your website’s search ranking.

Now here you will need to know why backlinks are important as they play a major role in ranking.

This information will help you identify areas for improvement and provide a solid foundation for future endeavors

B. Identify Keywords

Having determined where your website is ranked for certain key terms, you will be able to refine and define a keyword list based on which you can create content for your website – in other words, you can choose keywords that bring in targeted traffic and increase your ranking for your website.

With the right website SEO solutions and keywords, you’ll see an improvement in your organic search rankings based on what you’re trying to sell, your message, and where your customers are likely to be on their buying journey.

C. Establish a Cornerstone Page

You are likely to have multiple pages that loosely relate to the same topic.

In addition to building brand awareness, innovative cornerstone content can help you boost your search engine ranking.

A cornerstone page is a master resource that search engines can index because it contains relevant content from your website’s other pages.

Go through the guide to learn SEO for Beginners to make it more easier to understand.


It is possible to significantly increase traffic and sales by ranking organically for keywords.

The environment is, however, constantly changing, and it requires constant monitoring. It is only half the battle to achieve top organic search engine rankings.

To demonstrate your value and maximize your outcomes, you should track website traffic, lead generation, and sales generation.

In order to rank for specific keywords, you need to write unique, relevant content.

Which is why you need to understand why are keywords important. This is an easy and quick way to ensure that your website continues to grow.

And also as a consumer, you can also use these methods to make sure that your website health is taken care of as well.

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