What is Focus Keyword in SEO? How to Find SEO Focus Keywords?


If you want your site to be well-optimized for SEO, utilizing a focus keyword for your pages and posts is really very crucial.

Using a focus keyword will ensure that your informative content is optimized and all set to bring in some great traffic.

This is what every reliable SEO Company follows to get their blogs shown up on Google and other search engines.

But what is a focus keyword and how do find SEO focus keywords?

Today, we’ll read:

☛ What is a Focus Keyword in SEO?

a)- Why use a Long Tail for your Focus Keyword?

☛ How to Find SEO Focus Keywords?

a)- Begin with seed words
b)- Put seed words into a keyword research tool
c)- Get focus keywords with excellent SEO metrics

☛ In Conclusion

Let’s dive in!

What is a Focus Keyword in SEO?

A focus keyword is a keyword that you want for your post to rank on Google. Some people use the same focus keyword again and again.

But that’s not what the focus keyword is meant for! A focus keyword should be used only once.

And unless you have a website with very high domain authority, you’ll commonly be going for a focus keyword that is actually long tail keyword.

Pro Tip: If your website does not has decent DA, follow some proven tricks to increase domain authority.

Here are a few examples of focus keywords:

In an article titled: ‘Content Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide’, the focus keyword would be ‘content marketing’.
In an article titled: ‘The Best Travel Tips From 21 Years Traveling the World’, the focus keyword would be ‘travel tips’.

You May be Thinking Why Use a Long Tail for your Focus Keyword?

Well, we’ve two valid reasons to give that may help you add more to your SEO knowledge.

1- Easy to Rank

Long tail keywords rank faster on Page #1 of Google. Because their competition is relatively low and even they have low monthly search volume.

Don’t forget: The appropriate keywords for SEO specifically long tail keywords have low-hanging fruit and several bloggers have made a profit by targeting such keywords.

2- Deliver Traffic that Converts Better

One of the benefits of long tail keywords is that users who type them into the Google search are so far along the consumer journey than online users who type in “head” keywords.

This implies that traffic from long tail keywords easily converts quite better than traffic from ‘head’ keywords.

Through long tail keywords, you can get a similar number of consumers or sign-ups with a quite smaller volume of traffic.

How to Find SEO Focus Keywords?

Here are a couple of tips on how to find SEO focus keywords that will be the main keyword for better organic link building that you put in your article.

1- Begin with Seed words

If you want to find the seed words, use these techniques:

Check out 10 blogs related to your industry and copy the suitable titles of around 15 blog posts from every blog site

Each blog post title has the keyword that the author needed to rank for

Take out the seed word from that specific keyword

And here’s an example of how to easily extract seed word from the keyword:

travelling tips for travellers‘ is the keyword
travelling tips‘ is the seed word

By doing this, you will surely get a list of 100 to 150 seed words (generally 1 seed word for each blog post title you gathered).

2- Put Seed Words into a Keyword Research Tool

Here are some popular free keyword research tools:


Search volume for “travelling tips”)_Image

Word Tracker

Search volume for “travelling tips”_Image

And here are a few of the paid keyword research tools:


✓  SEMRush

3-Get Focus Keywords with Excellent SEO Metrics

Here are a couple of SEO metrics you should consider while your focus keyword.

1. Monthly search volume

If you’re a novice, look for relevant keywords that comprise a monthly search volume of 50 to 1000.

2. Domain Authority

We suggest you try MozBar Chrome Extension. This may help you look at the DA of websites that are ranking on Page #1 of Google for the specific keyword.

Here’s a suitable example showing DA on Page #1 of Google for the keyword ‘SEO for real estate agents’:

DA for ‘seo for real estate agents’_Image

And here’s another example showing DA on Page #1 of Google for the keyword ‘content marketing for eCommerce’:

DA for ‘content marketing for eCommerce’_Image

This technique of finding a suitable focus keyword is part of powerful SEO strategies to drive organic traffic to your website.

In Conclusion

Your SEO focus keyword is the main keyword that you need your article to rank for in search engines like Google.

Your article must have keyword synonyms, secondary keywords, and LSI keywords. And it’s probably that your article will additionally rank for these many keywords.

However, you should always contain a focus keyword that you need your article to rank for.

Follow the steps mentioned in this blog and you should begin viewing your blog ranking on Page #1 of Google for your relevant focus keyword.

If you don’t have sufficient knowledge of SEO or if you can’t decide what should be the focus keyword that can help rank your blog, it’s good to immediately hire dedicate SEO experts who have a knack for SEO and how to find the right focus keyword.

Look for a reputable SEO company before it’s too late.

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