When it is about writing content that can make your website rank, there’s a lot of things to consider. You need to take your time out and find various statistics that can help to build a better website. But in this, have you ever stopped and thought about how targeted keywords can work? Do you know why their difficulty score is important?

Understanding keyword difficulty and how it helps in top SEO solutions can be tricky. In a world where there are several websites, each website’s main focus is on the search volume with the keyword difficulty. Before working with the keyword, it’s important to know about the keyword and understand the level of competition for ranking supremacy. Keyword difficulty is the best-known metric that is used to know about the keyword ranking ability and search traffic.

In this article, you’ll get a closer look at what it is, why it is important in SEO, and how its score plays important role in doing keyword research.

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What is the Keyword Difficulty?
Keyword Difficulty Through The Eyes Of SEO
Why Keyword Difficulty Is Important In SEO?
Using Keyword Difficulty In Your SEO Strategy
How is the Keyword Difficulty Calculated?
Determining Keyword Difficulty Score?

What is the Keyword Difficulty?

Keyword difficulty which is also known as the ranking difficulty is a measure of how hard it’s going to get ranked for a keyword on the SERPs. It actually indicated how much competition there is for that particular keyword. With this, the business owner can measure how difficult it is for you to rank for that keyword by seeing the competition level for it. This metric is commonly used when the keywords are about to include in the content.

You shouldn’t target extremely high-competition keywords as they bring a lot of challenges when it comes to rank. You should also not go for extremely low-competition keywords because those usually don’t have a very good position in the search engine ranking. So, it is essential to try to maintain a balance between the search volume and keyword difficulty. The best idea is to go for the keywords with the moderate competition or low competition with good search volumes.

Keyword Difficulty_Image

According to experts, “Keyword difficulty is the most used SEO metric. The higher difficulty, the better it is to rank your website”

If you have the most informative content and want to make it perfectly optimized then the addition of the right keywords is important. With the keyword difficulty, you can see using the right solution that helps in winning the battle to be at the top in search ranking positioning with the best keywords. General terms explain when you understand the meaning of how high or low difficulty, you can decide whether to optimize an organic content or bid on a keyword while a PPC campaign.

So before you decide which keywords you want to target it is important to take a look at your competitors who are already at the top position with a specific phrase. When you pay attention to how strong their domains then it is hardly possible to surpass them with your piece. This becomes more difficult if you are entering the market.

Essentially, when there is a keyword of higher volume then you can see it being harder to rank on the page and beat out your competition.

Keyword Difficulty Through The Eyes Of SEO

Keyword difficulty in SEO is generally measured by the number and quality of backlinks to the top pages in the SERP. When you see pages being competitive and how strong their backlinks are, the keyword difficulty helps to gauge the competitiveness by looking at the domain authorities.

Fortunately, when you focus more on the keyword difficulty score this actually helps to relieve the pain of manually checking thousands of keywords in the search. For all growing businesses, this metric is very useful which makes to evaluate the keywords at a glance.

Why Keyword Difficulty Is Important In SEO?

The keyword difficulty works best on spying on the competition. With metrics on particular keywords helps you to see which keywords are performing best and can make the content ready to serve. This also helps to know how much ROI you can get by moving up in SERPs.

So, the majority of people have doubt why keyword difficulty is considered as the hot topic of conversation when it comes to SEO? The main aim of SEO is to make your content rank in the search engines where keywords play a major role. To choose the best keywords going for the keyword difficulty process is important. A lot of people do say that keyword difficulty or KD depends on if your website is fresh or well established.

Note: The importance of keyword difficulty largely depends on how well established and successful the website is. To make a high authority site you need to choose the best keywords that are competitive and work best according to your strategy.

Tip: If you have a small or medium-sized business, it is best to target keywords that have a relatively low keyword difficulty score (<= 70).

When estimating how important it is to use keyword difficulty for SEO to rank then the given reason will help you to understand why:

1. Outrank Your Competitors

We all are well aware of the fact that SEO is all about outranking the competitors and making a presence at the top in the search engines. So if you are looking at the competing website, this is one of the best ways to estimate the difficulty of keywords in the ranking. Along with this, there are several other things that need your focus:

• backlinks
• content quality
• on-page optimization

Backlinks are considered an important ranking factor. When you provide the content that has the best keywords added into then this can work on providing the best backlinks. This is actually known as a good estimation of how hard it will be to rank for a keyword.

Also, the keyword difficulty can be measured and put into a metric. To outrank your competitors in the best way, it is important to estimate the keyword difficulty to make your website ready to compete with the competitors.

Note: The more you focus on the keywords used by the high authority websites, the harder it will become for you to outrank them.

2. Build Authority Of Your Website

Besides outranking the competitors, the benefit of using website SEO helps to rank for a keyword that helps to determine the authority of the website. This point is very important for the people making a new website. When you write a great piece of content, without getting the right keywords, you will not make your website rank or get backlinks. With the help of keyword difficulty, you can go for the keyword that has relatively low competition.

Note: There are several metrics that estimate the authority of a website. For this, the keyword difficulty serves as the metric to rank the website.

3. Increases Quality Content

Along with the authority of the website, the content is the other side of the coin that can make you rank high in the SERP. Writing the best quality content is not enough and for this, you need to focus on using the right keywords. When you go for keyword difficulty, you are able to choose the right keywords that can make your content rank high and able to compete with other pages in the ranking.

Note: With the help of keywords you can also provide the readers the content of the best quality that has great depth of knowledge with better visuals. There are various factors that contribute to the level of keyword difficulty in the case.

4. Search intent

Every website owner considers the search intent behind every search query. This means that the website owners want to understand what people type and what keywords they use to reach out to their solutions. When you choose on-page SEO technique to make your website rank, it is important to understand the search intent behind the keyword.

For example: If you are the company selling the air conditioner, then you need to rank with the help of the best keywords. If your keyword is “best air conditioner” and the top pages on the SERP are reviews then it will be difficult for you to rank while using that keyword. Even if your website is the more authoritative and the best one on providing air conditioners, it is important to make the website better optimized.

Note: Keyword difficulty allows marketers to design and set the benchmark for an actionable content strategy. This also helps in content marketing and provides better keyword research.

When it comes to the searcher intent, the Keyword Difficulty score means a lot of different things to each of the searches. With this, you can be assured to add specific types of keywords into your content strategy with a good search volume related to your niche.

Using Keyword Difficulty In Your SEO Strategy

When you know what are keywords and how keywords’ difficulty plays important role in SEO, you’ll see your website performing better. Here’s how keyword difficulty helps in best SEO strategy:

• Think big

When you are using keyword difficulty, the major aspect you should consider is doing keyword research. When you do research, consider the important aspects such as the popularity of the keyword and relevance. If the keyword you choose has low difficulty then using a particular keyword in your content will not bring any traffic.

Note: To make the best use of the keywords in your content, it is important to go for relevant keywords and check their difficulty score. With a low difficulty score and low relevancy, you will not be able to rank for the keyword. This will generally lower your website position in the search and your content will not get shown up for relevant keywords.

• Ready to go according to difficulty

The keyword difficulty metric helps you in trying to rank for a keyword by knowing its difficulty. It generally helps in getting a general sense of what you need for your content and what is required best in determining your position. Here are some things that can help you to understand how to rank for a highly competitive keyword:

• Outstanding content

It is always said that good content helps to outrank highly authoritative competitors. But with this, it is important to know that along with outstanding content you also need competitive keywords that help to present your website best in the required niche.

• Attract a relevant audience

When you narrow down your choice for particular keywords, you will get the oriented website. With keyword difficulty, you can choose the best links that bring in quality internal links to outrank authoritative websites.

• Quality backlinks

Using the right kind of keywords helps to increase the content quality that brings in a high number of quality backlinks to a specific page. This can help you rank for that page even if your overall domain authority is lower

• Analyze the SERP results

According to the experts, “You should never rely on a single keyword”. The keyword difficulty metric helps to give a quick overview of the keywords that you can use to beat your competitors in the SERP. To rank the website, anything done outside the website has the potential to affect search engine rankings. When you understand what is off-page SEO you can see it becoming better to do analysis based on the difficulty metric for the keywords.

Example: We all see the top positions are generally taken by “big brands” that have high authority. This authority is gets reflected in the metric and influences your ability to rank for the keyword at the top.

Note: There are several keyword research tools available and this makes it difficult to predict the keyword difficulty score. So, it’s important to compare the values.

How is the Keyword Difficulty Calculated?

The best way to do keyword research is to calculate the keyword difficulty. The scores of keyword difficulty may vary from tool to tool but there are some fundamental factors that help to understand the keyword difficulty score. As discussed, keyword difficulty shows how easy or hard a keyword can make it is to rank on search engines.

The calculation is based on the selected following metrics:

• Domain Authority
• Page Authority
• Citation Flow
• Trust Flow

Determine Keyword Difficulty Score?

The keyword difficulty score is in the percentage range between one and a hundred. The higher the score is the more competitive the keyword becomes. Given is the segmentation of keywords based on the keyword difficulty scores.

Keywords Difficulty Range_Image

1. High Difficulty Keywords: KDS Above 70%

These are various high-difficulty keywords that are generally used by the website with high competition. If you target these keywords, then you need to invest in SEO solutions. This is because these keywords are very competing but also provide immediate results. By investing time and money in professional SEO solutions ensure the successful implementation of strategies with high-difficulty keywords.

2. Moderate Difficulty Keywords- KDS 30% to 70%

If you want to rank by choosing the solutions that are realistic and profitable, this will provide good search volumes. There is so much competition and it’s not easy when it comes to selecting the right keywords. By choosing the moderate difficulty keywords, you still have the chance to rank at better positions.

3. Low Difficulty Keywords – KDS Below 30%

These keywords don’t have high search volumes and this generally includes long-tail keywords that are most relevant to every business type. In this, the competition is not high to rank on the SERP.


Keyword difficulty is one of the important metrics used to select the best target keywords. It tells you how easy or difficult it will be for you to rank for that keyword. This becomes easy when you take help from professionals. LinkBuildingCorp. helps in using the keywords while describing the keyword difficulty score.

The experts use the best tools to find the keyword difficulty score that helps to choose the best keywords for your business. To avail of our solutions, contact us at +91-9205356986 or request a free instant quote.

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