Guest Posting Mistakes: 11 Deadly Mistakes in Guest Posting


Guest posting can offer many benefits: it can support your search engine optimization, be a great way to introduce your business to new audiences, assist you to increase your thought leadership, and powerfully establish you as a professional in your industry.

Today, in this article, we will discuss:

What Is Guest Posting?

4 Key Benefits of Guest Posting

11 Mistakes in Guest Posting You Should Avoid

Tips for High-Quality Guest Posts

So, let’s begin with it….

Guest posting is an effective online marketing plan you can invest in. If you are planning to spread your brand’s message and earn the trust of your target audience, begin contributing content to other blogs related to your industry. There are many benefits that guest posting can provide both to your company and you, personally. Here is some more information that you need to know. Let’s first start with knowing what is guest blogging.

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is an effective method to enhance your content marketing plan. Content is important for SEO and engaging your readers. Guest posting just means publishing posts written by other writers. This can be another blogger in your industry, a content creation company, or someone you hire mainly for this purpose. Let’s look at the top-most benefits of guest posting on your blog.

✓ Guest posts provide more content to publish- The most common reason to use guest posting is that it offers you content that you do not have to write by yourself. If you are a business owner, you are already busy with many tasks. It is good if you get time to blog also. However, it is great to take a little pressure on yourself by publishing guest posts also.

✓ Guest posting increases traffic and reaches- By publishing content more randomly and on a wider array of topics with the help of professional blog writing services, you can massively expand your audience. Your guest post writer may also gather followers of their own over to your blog.

✓ Give your readers diverse points of view- Even if you are one of those bloggers who take out time to publish content on a daily basis, your readers will probably encourage a different point of view. Through guest posts, you can present them to ideas they would not have otherwise achieved or you may not have thought of yourself.

✓ Guest posts offer SEO benefits- The SEO advantages of content marketing cannot be ignored. A blog is the best way to rank for different keywords. So, how does guest posting assist you to improve your SEO? This is related to the above point of varied point of view. Guest posts on different topics not only provide your audience different viewpoints, but they also deliver search engines many contents to index. For instance, suppose you are in the food niche as well as publish articles about recipes and different culinary traditions.

You might receive a guest post on seafood recipes from Finland. You will not only have great content for your readers but some great long-tail keywords that will assist improve your SEO also.

✓ Guest posting helps build authority- This is yet another benefit of publishing authoritative content on topics related to your industry with the assistance of reliable link building experts. The more quality posts that occur on your blog, the more you establish your reputation as a professional in your niche. This great thing about guest posts is that even if someone else has written the content, it occurs on your blog and this helps you to solidify your brand.

4 Key Benefits of Guest Posting

1. You Become A Trusted Resource

The best benefit of guest posting is that as you write and develop more content on other platforms as well as outlets, you start to establish a portfolio and knowledge base. This information that you share with consumers and readers develops a profit of trust, permitting you to become an appropriate source of knowledge.

This only gives advantages to you as search engines are more likely to rank your blog posts majorly for the content in searches, and that will assist you to translate to your business.

2. Immediate Approach to Targeted Traffic

Regardless of whether you get a link to your website, contributing to other blogs will increase the interest of your audience. If you manage to write a high-quality post, expect traffic to begin flowing to your website once it goes live. Traffic is the core of any blog or online business. Something as simple as efficient guest posting for SEO can bring immense sales if you do it the correct way. Optimize your site’s landing pages, CTAs, and other aspects to increase your possibilities of conversion.

3. Establishing a Network of Links

As you contribute to developing an increasing amount of content with other sites, you not only make a profile of authority and trust, you are also developing a network of links. All these links that are feeding into your online pages or business can also be utilized to link to each other, interconnecting the posts and articles you have developed. These assists feed the gravity or authority that search engines are searching for, while also increasing customers and traffic towards the same domains.

This network becomes more beneficial the longer you write, as you may link your articles with previous works and are doing so develop a symbiotic system where all the attention is focused on your network and you do not lose any of it to other links.

4. Improve Your Online Authority

Advanced online marketing is all about authority. Even with the great content around the world, it will be complicated to turn your audience into loyal customers if they do not trust your business.

By contributing to other authoritative blogs with the help of a trustworthy link building company Canada, you get the opportunity to prove your credibility as an information source. It will make your target audience realize that you are someone who is identified by trustworthy brands. And as an outcome, they will be more receptive to any value proposition you may showcase on your website.

11 Mistakes in Guest Posting You Should Avoid

1. Going In Without a Plan

Guest posting is becoming very famous that many bloggers are jumping on the bandwagon. If you assume that it is all about having your articles published on other appropriate blogs and that is it, do not begin writing different articles yet.

Before anything else, you require to have a plan. You should have a clear aim. What do you need to get with guest blogging? Is it to gather more conversions, more followers, and so on? After defining your goals, that is when you begin strategizing.

If you are a beginner in this, you have to learn the method first. Look for blogs, go through their content, analyze their target audience, apply for guest posting, and after that write the article. If you do not have the time to do everything on your own, there is a well-known link building company that will make things convenient for you.

2. You Chose the Wrong Blog

What was your process to select the blog you posted on? Was it popular? Did it promise to increase traffic? Did you know the blog owner? While all these reasons may be legitimate, they may just not be the crucial reasons that make a blog the great blog to post on. Definitely, a blog you are guest posting on should have a great audience. But in reality, a small but majorly targeted blog may provide you much better outcomes than a huge blog from a completely wrong niche.

A popular blog may be best for bragging- but if they hardly provide you the opportunity to show who you are and will not let you highlight your business in the author bio, the perks will be less. Selecting the best blog for your guest post is an essential step towards guest posting success. Also, you can take the help of proper guide to SEO for proper understanding.

3. Not connecting with the relevant audience

It is very convenient to get lost in the sea of influential sites out there as well as lose sight of your major goal. You may get different gigs but you have got to ask yourself some appropriate questions at the beginning itself-

‣  Do they assist in increasing traffic for your business?
 Is the site focused on your targeted audience?
 Are your goals to garner backlinks or customers?

Well, you may think that a famous site is a method to go for a guest post but if it does not clear the type of clientele you are searching for, it is a lost cause. Some sites may find websites that have a great following and still cater to audience members who will connect to your business as well as its vision. You should also search for websites that have blogs similar to the content you hope to publish. Invest your time and energy appropriately. Also, this is one of the very easy link building strategies you can consider.

4. Grammatical/Spelling Errors in Pitches

If you cannot even craft a professional sounding as well as grammatically pitch about the blog post you require published, why should the blog manager you are pitching think your blog post will be best? Invest time in your pitches. And then proofread them. To ab log manager who is assessing a guest post from you, your email pitch is like a sample. Ensure it is representative of the quality of your blogging.

5. Not Following Format Guidelines

The majority of blog owners have some guidelines when it’s the matter of guest posting. This is understandable because the articles will showcase not only the guest blog but also the host. The host blog owner definitely establishes their brand, and they would like to maintain their good reputation.

If the blog owners provide you guidelines, ensure to go through them carefully. Here, you also make use of effective local SEO. Do not begin writing yet because, sometimes, your article topic requires approval first. Follow the directions as neglecting them may lead to the rejection of your article.

6. You Have No Idea What You Want

Have you only heard that guest posting is good and jumped to do it? And now you are thinking why you cannot see any benefits you were expecting. Did you ensure that you have a clear goal kept in consideration before you ran blindly into guest posting? Did you optimize everything around your guest post to get his goal?

If you do not have an aim, it will be difficult to optimize our efforts toward getting it. Just because guest posting is good does not mean that you can expect great outcomes if you do not even consider where you need to go with your guest blogging. Definitely, you know where you are headed and then ensure you get everything correct to get there. Also, if you do guest posting properly you can achieve many benefits as this is one of the best SEO trends 2021.

7. Missing Personalization As The Key

How mostly do you check emails that look impersonal as well as vague? Almost never will be your guess. Just imagine if the example is reversed. Influential websites have inboxes chock filled with such messages. View the mail here. It is cringe-worthy and would never get your attention.

What will make you stand out from the crowd? Personalization, yes. Do your complete research.

Every website has an about us as well as a contact information page. Search for the person most appropriate to your selected topic of blogging and write a pitch addressing him or her by name.
Write a concise as well as compact pitch without droning on and on.
Deliver reference links for earlier submissions so that the blog manager may get your prowess.
Mention some pointers referencing what gather your focus to this specific website.

This stands for any site you need to contact. Do not spam everyone with the same mail. Take your time but do it correctly.

8. Suggesting Topics That Have Already Been Covered

Recommending a blog post about a topic that the blog has already covered in the past is a definite method to get ignored a guest blogging chance. Conduct careful research about the blog you are pitching so you can propose an actual and new article that increases value. The perfect method to do this is by executing a Google site search. If you are planning to write a post about a specific topic to assist get your keyword goals, do a website search for those keywords to analyze posts already published about those keywords? This will enable you to view what the blog has already covered and assist you to come up with a good angle for that topic.

9. Neglecting Proofreading

Grammar and structure are some of the things that develop a high-quality article. The readers will definitely notice the grammatical mistakes in your article, and such errors will make people think that you are not an appropriate source of information. This will not be beneficial in providing you proper brand recognition. Thus, proofreading is important. To understand it clearly, first know how to use guest blogging.

10. Forgetting A Call To Action

If you are a marketer you likely understand that a call to action can very well make all the difference between failure and success. But did you think about utilizing a perfect call-to-action to get more out of your guest posting efforts? Where do you demand it? In your author bio for example.

11. Non Adherence To Guest Posting Guidelines

The blog manager has checked and approved your pitch. The first step is done. Now it is time to write your blog. Every famous site has many approved pitches but only some of them make the final cut. No manager has the time to help a guest contributor from beginning to finish to fine-tune a single blog so it is essential to put in the work.

Steps that can easily be done-

  Ask for specifications before you dive deep into it.
  Analyze the site for any published guidelines or FAQs.
  If you cannot find any, go through the old guest blog’s length and structure suitable to your area.
  Ensure to go through inbound links in your blog are on the allowed page.
  Approach the blog manager with an appropriate piece for review and ask if any edits are needed for a proper guest posting.

Tips for High-Quality Guest Posts

Publish posts that are free of spelling and grammatical errors- Don’t publish guest posts just to accumulate more posts. Keep in mind that everything you publish is a representation of your business.

✓ Only publish unique content- Before publishing any guest posts, ensure that they are new and that you have exclusive rights to them. You do not need to publish the same articles that can be found on other sites. This is not good for SEO and undermines your aim of establishing your business as an authority.

Be careful of outgoing links- It is okay to link to reliable sites. Such types of links, in fact, include credibility to the posts and can even assist your SEO. However, linking to bad-quality websites like affiliate links can affect your SEO. Plus, limit the number of links involved in the author’s bio. Permit a maximum of two links here, which may involve links to the author’s site as well as a social media account. This will immensely improve google rankings.

✓ Cover topics that are relevant to your audience- When publishing guest posts, you need to utilize the same standards as when you are writing your own content. Always check the potential blog posts carefully. In addition to wanting unique, well-written content, you also need to ensure that the topics are essential to your readers. It is mostly best when writers pitch you before delivering their posts. If you have writers you work with on a daily basis, you might also request specific topics.

It is always great to cover timely topics according to the recent developments and evergreen subjects your audience will give importance to months, even years, down the road.

Google Search

This a simple process that can give great results. Try doing a Google search for appropriate keywords related to your industry. For instance, you could search “video marketing guest posts” or guest posts for e-commerce. You can also search for “write for us”. Another method is to search where your preferred bloggers are guest posting. Search for “guest posts by mentioning the blogger’s name” to find other sites where they have published work.

You can also consider the below-mentioned patterns to get the correct pages for guest post submissions on certain sites: “submit guest post” “guest post by” “submit your post” “become a contributor” “guest author”

And, then, try entering this into Google: “list of websites that accept guest posts”.

Publishing guest posts is a powerful plan for keeping readers engaged, increasing your audience, and approving your search engine results. If you follow the above given suggestion, you will find that this is a great technique for making your blog famous as well as influential.

So, these are all the information that would have definitely shown you the major benefits of website guest posting that you should have.

Wrapping It Up:

Guest posting on other host websites can be a very powerful marketing tool in the right hands. These perks are observed by many parties, not completely limited to one over the other. If you want to hire Guest posting from professionals then consider Linkbuildingcorp. From the boost in traffic and the exposure of your company to just establishing better business relationships with other experts and the end consumer, we can give the benefits to an entire community.

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