Guest Posting For SEO: How To Use Guest Posting To Boost Your SEO


Do you want authority, relevant links, qualified traffic, motivated sales, and leads in your business? If yes then guest posting can deliver you all of these and so much more. In fact, data from social marketing writing found that 62.96% of people come to the website after reading guest posts.

In this article, we will discuss some essential aspects of guest posting. Here, we will cover:

Importance Of Guest Blogging In Your Business
What Does High-Quality Guest Blogging Seem Like?
How Does Guest Blogging Impact SEO?
How To Use Guest Posting To Boost Your SEO?

Let’s dive into it…

Understanding Guest Posting

You might know that having a guest post on your site is a powerful tool to keep readers and get more traffic on the site for longer. But how is guest posting different and is it better?

Guest posting is creating a post and publishing it on a different site. The fruitful web page writing will be suitable and helpful to the publisher’s audience as well as being a topic that ties into your site.

For example, let’s say you run a salon and have a website offering all sorts of makeup services. You could create a guest post and have it published on a makeup blog or styling website. If you write a guest post titled “ 5 trendy makeup ideas to do this summer”, it will be relevant to their audience and business as well.

Importance Of Guest Blogging In Your Business

Guest blogging delivers multiple benefits to any business. By sharing your expertise on other company’s sites, you can make yourself an authority figure within your market, build relationships with other reputed leaders in your industry and present your brand to a new audience.

Also, featuring guest posts on your blog will assist you to provide new perspectives and unique content to your audience. People are always victim to a routine and follow the same old stuff, so publishing guest posts is a perfect way to engage readers, not to mention the promotional boost that develops when your guest bloggers share their blogs with some personal network.

Some blogs source most of their content from other known leaders in their industry. Even if you do not have the resources to stick to effective blogging, guest bloggers can offer new content to your readers without much time and effort needed by your team.

What Does High-Quality Guest Blogging Seem Like?

The major key to write a quality guest blog is to think of it as a value-add for your audience and not as an advertisement. It will be better if you know what is proper content writing before starting with guest posts.

As with any kind of inbound content, your guest posts should educate your reader, not promote your own products and services. If the topic is appropriate to your product or service, then obviously there is no harm in featuring it in your blog. But there is a huge difference between selling your services and offering actionable, informative, and helpful information to your audience.

Rather, write guest blogs with the aim of establishing yourself as an authority figure in your industry, introducing your name to new readers, and building potential relationships with other businesses or bloggers.

How Does Guest Blogging Impact SEO?

As long as you are considerate and careful about creating high-quality guest blogs for legitimate sites, guest blogging can be a perfect tool for ranking high in SERP and building your domain authority.

It is understandable, though, why many people have a doubt that whether or not guest blogging will hurt their business. With the risk of “spam bloggers” who try to influence blog owners to post low-quality content for their SEO and link building benefit, many marketers have decided to go against it completely.

Automatically, developing an effective guest blogging strategy leads to providing helpful, genuine, and relevant content to educate readers- not low-quality content used as a mere container for links to your site. As long as the quality of your content is maintained, guest blogging is a perfect way to improve your website rankings. The way Google views it, if other people are linking back to your blog on their sites, then the content on your blog should be interesting and relevant. When individuals comment, share, and link to your blog, your website moves up in SERPs. It means, it is more likely to pop up first when someone googles a similar topic as yours.

Google PageRank is an algorithm, so it cannot show the difference between spam and dynamic content. So while cramming your guest blog posts with exact focus keyword and links will push you up in the search results, it probably won’t boost traffic, and it surely won’t establish you as an authority in your field.

How To Use Guest Posting To Boost Your SEO?

Let’s go through all the ways guest posting can boost your SEO.

1. Increase Backlinks

If you have read anything about SEO, you definitely have heard about backlinks. It is a big deal.

Backlinks are links to your site from various websites. When search engines see that many websites are linking to yours, they consider it a clear indication that your site is valuable. This makes them improve their ranking and assists readers find you.

2. Find The Right Site To Publish Your Guest Post

When it’s the matter of link building, quality always over-powers quantity. Rather than trying to spread as many links to your website as possible, try and be a little more concerned.

The quantity of links to your website is only one half of the method when it comes to link juice and your SEO rankings. The other half goes to the quality of that link.

The more authority a domain has, the more link juice links from that website will pass to your SEO ranking. It is one of the trendy SEO techniques.

You can utilize certain tools like Moz or Ahrefs to find high-authority domains.

Other essential aspects to consider when selecting a publishing platform is:

✓ How relevant is it to your niche? The more relevant a website is the more link you will get. Readers are also more probably to follow backlinks and analyze them useful.

✓ How much traffic do they get? The more traffic a website gets, the more people will read your guest post and click links to your website. It is as easy as that.

✓ Do you have to pay for links? Google usually does not approve of paid links. The same goes for readers and paying for links may harm your image.

The same tools mentioned above can be utilized to establish the relevance and traffic of a website. You should also read why keywords important for SEO to get more profit.

3. Links From High-Quality Sites

But it is not just any old link. A useful backlink must be appropriate and come from a site that is valuable. Search engines have their own methods to check whether a site is high-quality or not and one of these is its domain authority.

You can check a website’s domain authority and the higher the score, the more authority the website tends to have. If you copy and paste Wikipedia’s URL in the section of the domain checker, you will find it has a score in the 90s range out of 100. So if Wikipedia is linked to your site, you’d benefit from its high quality.

Many sites that accept guest posts won’t have a score as good as Wikipedia, but mid-range scores still assist to boost your authority. As you can place a link to your site within every guest post, you will soon have good quality backlinks all over the internet.

4. Pay Attention To Link Density And Trust Flow

Spamming backlinks and keywords are the easiest thing for Google ranking algorithms to choose from. Avoid doing this at all costs, otherwise, your guest post will do just the opposite of boosting your SEO ranking.

Usually, it is suggested that you have one or two backlinks to your website in your complete article. Some don’t even backlink to their own site in their post at all and just depend on their author bio and site name. It is also suggested that you only utilize backlinks somewhere near the end or middle of your post and is the standard SEO marketing method. Try to only link to relevant content on your own website and not just to landing, product pages, or sales.

Linking to external websites is also okay. Obviously, you should try to avoid linking to direct competitors. However, linking many can also make the Google ranking algorithm doubtful.

As a rule, only utilize a link where it is essential to back up an opinion or deliver more information. Once again, linking to trusted, high-domain authorities will increase your ranking and make you look more professional.

5. Appear More In Search Engines

It is reported that between 71% and 92% of people do not look beyond the first page of search results.

What does that mean to you? It means that you want to appear on the 1st page to see your traffic increase.

Having an SEO-friendly blog on your site assists you occur more often in searches but guest blogging assists here too. If your specific article writing appears on websites with a higher domain authority than you, there stands a possibility of appearing higher up the rankings.

6. Write Great Content

In an environment where everyone is a blogger, it is more essential than ever to develop content that stands out and genuinely delivers to your audience.

Writing about things people want to read is important. Hence, the first step is to analyze what people want to read. But how you can do this?

One method is to look at the common question people want the answer of. It is a few different people who are asking about the same thing, there is a better possibility that a larger audience out there that would love to read a blog post about it.

Another method that you can use to make fabulous content is what is called “scratching your own itch”- in other words, solving an issue you have.

Think about what information would be valuable for you if you are in a role that is equivalent to your genuine customers. Then do successful blog writing that solves their issue, because if you have that issue, likely others do too.

You can also generate content that you wish you had. This similar to scratching your own itch, except you is writing content that solves issues you previously had. What is the book, the video course, the blog post, and so on? You wish you had when you faced these kinds of challenges before?

7. Anchor Text Helps Search Engines

The more you assist search engines know what the content is about, the more accurately they will be able to increase your rankings. By utilizing guest blogging services, you can select what your SEO anchor text in your guest post says.

Your anchor text should be short, an appropriate piece of content that tells the reader what the link is all about.

So going back to your parlor example, your anchor text to Lakme products could be, ‘buy Lakme products’.

8. Use It As A Way To Build Industry Connections

To make progressive establishing yourself as an industry authority, do not just write a post and leave it like that only. Try and use this as a chance to build industry connections that can lead to profitable opportunities.

For example, if you can consistently make good content for a platform, that can lead to an understanding where your content is always promoted. They might even be able to put you in contact with industry professionals or influencers who can assist you promote as well as create content for you.

Who knows what other opportunities can come in your way?

Knowing how to pitch for a guest post by researching each publication and personalizing your outreach is the major key to strike up a relationship. Blog writing is one of the most used accurate SEO services.

9. Pitch, Test, Track, Repeat

To know where you can get published, and to analyze which websites will deliver you with the best ROI, you have to test, track, and then repeat.

Not having the right connections is not an excuse for not guest blogging. You can send cold mail to editors- most of the guest posts would come from cold emails. It is going to look difficult at first, but you just have to do it. If you are not getting any guest posts rejected, you are not focusing on big websites.

But how will you pitch to an editor?

a). How To Pitch?

Every pitch is a little different based on the website, your relationship, and the topic, but most of them will have the same methods. Some sites include instructions. Ensure to follow those to a “T” if you want them to take you seriously.

Listed below are some key elements you can try to include with each pitch:

Clearly ask at the beginning and end of the email.
Introduce yourself and mention some achievements to build social proof, authority, and rapport.
Specify the article, what it is about, and why you think it is appropriate.
Link to the entire post in Google Drive.

10. Have A Specific Guest Post Writing Goal And Calculate The ROI

When you will first start, it can be difficult to get the outcomes you expected from guest posting. It is essential that you set a target or goal for your guest posts. That way, you can assume the results and see how successful you become.

Do you want to build quality links? Do you want to boost traffic? Want to build a reputation on the web? Or just trying to publish more interviews, guest posting, or public-speaking opportunities?

As per research by involving 20 guest writing authors, increases traffic.

However, when it’s a matter of results, most found that brand building or reputation is actually the most basic advantage you can get from guest posting. Also, keywords can also give you a massive advantage, but before using a keyword you should know how to create killer titles for keywords.

In total, 65% of respondents accomplished the goal they wanted. Of the rest, 24% did not reach their goal while it was inconsistent or complicated for the rest. The fact is that, without a pre-established goal, you won’t have any idea whether you got something or not. By viewing the results, you can see how to change your pitching style to reach your intended goal.

If you have a specific goal in mind then you will probably reach it. However, what is significant is the qualitative advantages of guest posting.

About 39% of writers expected guest posting to improve their brand or personal image, but actually, 83% gets benefited from it.

Therefore, even if you do not analyze any quantitative results from guest posting, that does not mean you are not getting any advantages. Guest posting can be a fabulous tool to build your brand reputation as long as you publish your guest post on trusted platforms, write quality content, and put your best efforts.

Wrapping It Up!

Definitely, link building is the prime reason to have a guest posting campaign. However, there are various reasons that can be just as, or even more, advantageous to your SEO and brand rankings. Considering guest posting as a brand-building tool will enable you to influence brand-awareness and SEO.

So, ready to build links and increase your ranking through guest blogging? If yes then reach the most trustworthy and reputed company- LinkBuildingCorp, that can deliver you effecting guest blogging services. With their SEO professionals, you will be able to grow your client base and rank on the first page of Google.

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