How To Increase Organic Traffic to Website? [15 Top Experts Tips]


Many businesses strive to increase organic web traffic. Getting more of these users on-page is a great way to find qualified leads and increase sales because organic traffic is derived from users who are searching for your specific product or service.

But the question is how to increase organic traffic to the website? To answer this, we’ve come up with this guide that will provide you with 15 top expert tips.

Let’s dive in to learn them.

How To Increase Organic Traffic to Website? [15 Top Experts Tips]
1. Target People Also Ask Sections
2. Identify Your Keyword Gaps
3. Embrace Social Content On Your Website
4. Create Irresistible Headlines
5. Utilize Hashtags And Trending Topics
6. Deliver Value
7. Publish Both Internally And Externally
8. Develop Relationships
9. Testimonials And Reviews
10. Real Questions, Real Answers
11. Publish Guest Blogs On Your Site
12. Interlink
13. Boost The Speed Of Your Website
14. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly
15. Using Schema Markup

Every website owner and marketer dreams of ranking high in search results.

There is no doubt that organic traffic will flow your way if you rank on the first page.

Getting organic traffic to your website can take time, but it’s the most superior form of traffic. The reason is as follows.

You will have a higher conversion rate for organic traffic compared to random visitors from paid search engines, since organic traffic is targeted.

Additionally, organic traffic can increase your credibility since users are more likely to trust organically ranked websites.

Therefore it is important to understand how you can increase your organic traffic with the 15 powerful experts tips.

How To Increase Organic Traffic to Website? [15 Top Experts Tips]

If you are seeking a quick fix to drive traffic to your website, then organic search isn’t for you.

There is a lot of work involved and you have to be patient in order to see results.

The experts say, it is important to remember that choosing the organic traffic boosting tips for your business is one of the best investments you can make.

That’s why we are going to discuss some of the most effective tips that will help you to drive organic traffic effectively.

Below are some of the effective tips suggested by the experts.

1. Target People Also Ask Sections

People also ask sections in Google’s search results appear in 43% of all searches, with engagement numbers ranging from 3% to 13%. Out of those interactions, 40% result in clicks.

With proficient SEO experts, if you optimize your content to provide concise answers to questions that users are looking for, you’ll increase your chances of appearing in this section.

A great source for these questions is the bottom of the Google search results pages.

For example, if you run a fitness blog, you could create an article that answers the question “What are the best exercises for weight loss?”

2. Identify Your Keyword Gaps

The concept of a keyword gap is simple: it is a list of potential topics that users are looking for, but for which they are not finding any content from you.

You must keep track of website traffic updates.

Closing the keyword gap is a great way to increase traffic and make your website more competitive.

To analyze these gaps, you need access to a keyword research tool such as Ahrefs or SEO Ranking, which can be very expensive but can be used with a free trial.

For example, if you run a fitness website, you may identify a keyword gap around “at-home workouts,” so you could create content around that topic to attract more traffic.

3. Embrace Social Content On Your Website

Social media is a fruitful website ranking factor.

It is better to promote your website on social media.

Blogging is a good way to ask questions and then answer them.

Educate your audience with videos, photos, and posts, directing readers to your website for more details, before/after photos, or a case study.

You should engage with your audience more than anything, and encourage them to do the same.

For example, a fashion website could embed Instagram posts of influencers wearing their clothing.

4. Create Irresistible Headlines

Get to know how to increase website traffic by mastering the art of headline writing so that you can attract more traffic to your website and encourage readers to read your posts.

The headline is the key to the success of your blog, and without one you will not get many readers.

In business, headlines are crucial and can make the difference between success and failure.

For example, Like if you write an article on productivity, instead of “5 Ways to Boost Your Productivity,” you can try “Unlock Your True Potential with These 5 Productivity Hacks.”

Enhance websites visibility by utilizing Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and other well-known social media sites.

The algorithms will favor you if your content is good.

Using the correct hashtags and following the trending topics, you can engage more audience successfully.

Find fresh and engaging ways to promote your business to gain followers by utilizing hashtags and trending themes.

You never know what will advance you, so be sure to note everything, even the seemingly unimportant things.

For example, Like if you’ve a vegetarian food blog, you could use the trending hashtags like #MeatlessMonday to promote their vegetarian recipes.

6. Deliver Value

It’s all about thought leadership and giving potential customers something of value.

Avoid things that can result in more website high bounce rates.

Although not a novel concept, picking the social media channels that your target audience regularly visits and then posting as frequently as you can about viewpoints and insights addressing your value proposition may be highly effective.

For example, If you are dealing with finances or have a personal finance website, you could create a guide on topics like “How to Save Money on Groceries.”

This will grab the attention of local audiences looking for ways to save money.

7. Publish Both Internally And Externally

You must discover how to improve website online presence by regularly updating with blog posts and content that should be published on external sites as well.

Once that content has been created, it should be shared on social media and included in email marketing pieces, or even included as a printed insert in marketing collateral.

Additionally, make sure your website URL is included in all of your company’s social media profiles and in your email signatures.

For example, You can share your content on your own website and social media platforms, as well as external platforms like Medium or LinkedIn to increase reach and visibility.

8. Develop Relationships

Learn how to increase website authority by partnering with your customers and leveraging your relationships!

You can publish content that is co-branded with your partners or customers, or both.

This will allow you to double or even triple the attention you receive from both of your marketing efforts.

This strategy can be implemented through co-branded case studies or infographics with customers and partners.

For example, If you’re a digital marketer, you must cultivate relationships with the top digital influencers, thought leaders, and other websites in your niche to build partnerships, gain backlinks, and increase visibility.

9. Testimonials And Reviews

Traffic and SEO are dominated by online testimonial platforms which prioritize companies with favorable Google reviews.

With effective local SEO solutions, you can easily target your local audience for reviews and testimonials.

Customer reviews and testimonials are increasingly used by customers as a gauge of their experience, so focusing on these efforts will build credibility.

Despite the fact that they cost time, they do not cost money.

For example, If you’re dealing with e-commerce business, you could feature customer reviews on your product pages that will encourage users to make a purchase and refer your website to others as well.

10. Real Questions, Real Answers

You should publish content that guides your audience through the self-service buying process.

Don’t write content aimed at Google’s search engine algorithm, rather than at answering their real questions.

Follow website sitemap guide and keep in mind that your company should not only explain your company’s solution to the pain point, but also break down complex topics into bite-sized digestible pieces.

The more you’ll answer your audience, the more they’ll take interest in your website.

For example, If you’ve a business that relates to parenting and you own a parenting website, you could create a Q&A article on different guiding topics such as “How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night.”

11. Publish Guest Blogs On Your Site

It’s important to focus on website heatmap and take initiative for influential guest posting.

A popular guest author can not only broaden your topics and perspectives, but they’ll also share the article with their network and link to it on their site, bringing new readers to your site.

Post only high-quality, original content without spammy links (to avoid getting a Google penalty and losing traffic).

By developing a standard set of guest posting guidelines, you can ensure your content stays on brand.

For example, You can invite experts in your niche to write guest blogs on your website to add diversity to your content and gain backlinks.

You must know how to utilize Internal Links for SEO. Create and publish content on your site with at least 1-3 links to other pages.

In addition to driving traffic to those pages, it will also (a) keep visitors on your site longer, (b) encourage them to visit more pages on your site, and (c) enhance their experience on your site, thus improving your ranking and driving more traffic.

For example, Link to other relevant pages and blog posts on your website to improve navigation and boost SEO.

13. Boost The Speed Of Your Website

You can effectively improve website online presence if your website speed is faster.

Your bounce rate will be sky-high if your site takes forever to load.

With the page experience update, speed has become even more of a ranking factor.

It is important to ensure your pages are as technically optimized as possible, including the image file size, the page structure, and the functionality of third-party plugins.

Your site should load as quickly as possible.

Using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, you can get a score for your site’s performance and see suggestions for improving it. Make use of it!

For example, You can improve website speed by optimizing images, minimizing code, and leveraging caching tools to improve user experience and boost SEO.

14. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

You’re basically telling your visitors to leave your site if you make them pinch and scroll when browsing on their mobile devices.

Focus on google mobile first indexing no matter how basic your website is.

You will still need to make sure it is accessible and comfortable to view across various devices, including smaller smartphones.

For example, You can optimize your website for mobile devices to improve user experience and increase mobile traffic.

15. Using Schema Markup

Incorporating Schema markup into your website (or implementing another microdata format) will not necessarily increase traffic, but it will help search engine bots index your pages more quickly.

Schema can also assist in improving click-through rates by resulting in richer site snippets.

For example, a recipe website could use schema markup to display star ratings and cooking times in search results.

All these expert tips can help your website in getting organic traffic successfully if followed in the right manner.


Get to know how to find local SEO company as you don’t need a secret to increase organic traffic to your website.

With them you can keep up a consistent posting schedule by doing your research, choosing topics to write about, and figuring out what to write about.

The results of an effective content strategy will be recurring organic traffic over time.

Your audience will be interested in what you have to say.

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