How To Be Top Of Your Competitor With SEO Strategies?


SEO is a renowned technique to boost a website, brand or business rank on the search engine. Several people including beginners, experts are doing SEO for their or client website to make it to the top of search engine results. In order to be on top several strategies are used by people. However, to be top of your competitor, you have to apply common SEO strategies in a different manner. SEO Strategies are common for everyone but its execution plays a very important role and make you on top of your competitor. Read the full blog and get to know about it in detail.

1. Exclusive Content

The content on the website must be exclusive and should not match with any other website content. Those websites having content that is not duplicate of any other content generally rank higher than the other website by the search engine. Search engine cache unique content more easily than a duplicate content. Duplicate content website is generally rejected as spam by the search engine. Don’t do such mistake of posting that content on your website. Update the old content of the website to boost its rank against your competitor.

2. Target Keywords

Make use of trending and relevant keywords in your content. This will definitely help your website content to reach more people and finally resulting into higher rank as well as ROI. Keyword planner tool can be used to identify the trending as well high visitor keyword. Keyword relevance plays a crucial role for being top of your competitor. Analyze the keywords of the competitor and work according to that, which keyword is more beneficial and will reach to more users.

3. Competitor Alert

Regularly update about the competitor work and apply that work strategy in your work. This will help, you to be top of your competitor. Analyzing competitor is a crucial part of the SEO strategy, if you lack this approach chances to get a good rank, visibility or online occurrence of the brand is very low. Google analytics is a great tool, to check about the competitor website, brand or product. Make a habit of regularly analyzing the competitor work to get a good online occurrence.

4. Marketing     

Marketing of a product is very crucial to get good sales. The main goal of marketing a product is to make users aware about the product and get higher ROI. If your marketing lacking the basic activities, chances of being on top of your competitor is very low. Use video, banner, SMS, Wi-Fi advertising strategies to promote your website. Use video content in your website to attract more and more users towards it. Video, infographics are very appealing stuff that can attract a number of users in a few post. Driving quality visitors is very important for higher ROI.

5. Website Design

The website for which SEO work is need to be done, must be appealing and fast in loading. If this is not happening, visitor will not use it. No matter a website is having great layout, content or video stuff, if it is not loading fast, visitor will simply shut it down and move to next one. Make sure the bounce rate is low for a website. Bounce rate means the time for which a visitor stays on a website. No visitor will stay for long on a website, if it is not having interesting content to go through, video content or infographic stuff. If a visitor stays for a long on a website, higher ROI is definitely on the cards. Mobile friendly website is the core of any marketing strategy, as maximum number of users open a website on mobile these days. Website must be compatible with every OS and version of mobile. Make backlink of your website by getting them from website having higher rank on search engine.

6. Social Media

Connecting with people on social media is a great way to share your views. To promote a brand or product, big companies are taking the help of social media websites only. The reason for that is that social media has billions of active users and its reach is quite massive. In order to drive more visitors to a brand, link it with these social media channels. Post your website link on the social media websites like YouTube, Twitter or Google+. This will surely help you to be top of your competitor.


From above the conclusion that can be derived is that every person is doing SEO for its brand, but to be on top some different need to be done. The above said strategies will definitely help you to be top of your competitor.

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