Twitter to Increase its 140-Character Limit Soon for New Product

Twitter has finally decided to increase the limit of 140 characters. It has realized that some stuff cannot be summarized in just 140 characters.

Actually, twitter is working on a new product and according to the sources it will allow the twitter users to tweet their posts that are longer than 140 characters.It is not clear how the new product of twitter would look like, but twitter has seen the slowest pace growth in average users since 2013 (when the company went public).

Recently, Twitter was planning to modify its logo and now it is planning to expand the character limit. So, it is for sure that the company is constantly putting in efforts to grow tremendously with increased users.

It has always been a debate whether Twitter should increase it character limit or not, in order to compete with Facebook. Facebook actually has no limit on the length of posts.

Since a long time, the company has been working to come up with great solutions, in order to make the users easier for the users and motivate them to spend a significant amount of time with it.

As per sources, the 140-character limit has been removed already from the direct messages. Further, it is said that the company has announced plans to enable the users make political donations and buy goods via tweets.