Spotify and Twitter To Modify Their Logos

As per the recent news, Twitter and Spotify are planning to modify their logos to some extent.

Since years, many companies have been seen to change their graphic identity or brand name. These changes can be anything like, introducing a new name of the company or just modifying a bit the logo’s color.

The companies study how their brand is perceived within the marketplace. Thus, the decision to improve the logo depends on this factor. The new study indicates whether the company’s new logo would help it considerably in improving its image or not.

One of the reasons that make the companies to re-brand their identity is for legal or PR reasons. Google Inc. recently, was re-named as Alphabet. Similarly, Spotify and Twitter decided to modify. i.e. deepen the colors of their logos.

Normally, a prompt public response can be seen when there is a sudden brand change (without advance warning). In Spotify’s case, the change of hue provoked outrage on Twitter.

The Spotify design team said that it was necessary to upgrade and make the make the color palette more vibrant and refreshing.

As for Twitter, the company didn’t make any a formal announcement for the logo color change. The blue has turned more deeper. Further, its retweet button seems to have adopted the green color of Spotify.