Sites Selling Links under Threat of Yandex Penalty – Russian Search Engine

Yandex, which is the largest Russian search engine, has penalized hundreds of websites for buying links. These sites used to buy links with a motto to inflate their website rankings artificially in the search engine.

The penalty named AGS would affect the organic rankings of the websites that will be caught red handed in selling SEO links.Apart from Yandex, Google has also decided to demote certain sites. Thus, it is for sure that whichever site would go against the guidelines set by the search engine would definitely have to face the penalty.

It is also a fact that the penalty would not discriminate between the large or small sites, i.e. the well-known and less known brands, both will be treated equally.

Hundreds of sites have been affected by the AGS penalty, out of which there are a few big sites as well.

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Google is always known for issuing manual link and algorithmic penalties, but any significant penalties have not been announced in a pretty long time.