It is the Time to Relax, Penguin Update Would Not Occur This Year

It was heavily in the news that the penguin algorithm update would occur by the end of 2015, i.e. the present year.

But, according to the latest reports, it is confirmed that the penguin real time algorithm would not occur till the next year.

According to reports, whenever the update would be implemented, the search results and rankings would be yielded immediately. However, the search algorithm is expected not to change suddenly. Further, it is also said that any change that will occur would be in real time.

During the last penguin update, many companies saw drastic impact on their rankings. Now, the update is not happening, thus, the SEO professionals have ample amount of time to make everything in order.

It would be beneficial if every company looks at certain facts that are the matter of penalizing in Google’s view. This will help the company from getting affected by the update, whenever it will happen.

As per experts, it is recommended that first of all, a company must check all the external sites that are linking to their website.

Right now, every company has all the time. So, correct all that, which can put your website in danger in future.


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