Google Bet On Android Go To Capture Billion With 100$ Mobile


In the latest event of Google I/O we get to see many announcement like Google lens but what really captured audiences and experts’ eye was the latest development of Android Go. This reminds previous initiative of Sundar Pichai, CEO at Google, to capture next billion markets through Android One project. Main motive of that project was to bring out low cost line of Smartphone with standard hardware specification. It was entirely for people in developing economy that stills don’t have Smartphone. Despite of all the goods, it gradually became non starter and failed to confine spot in marketplace.

Gone are those days as company had fresh plan to connect with “next Billion”. In declaration, Sundar Pichai told us that A-Go will be more like software solution rather than hardware solution. It has been claimed that this version is made absolutely to phones of low specs and will also work with those that has 512 MB RAM. Spotting on highlights, consumer will have options to install applications from custom made lite version of App store. Further adding, all Smartphone that are less than 1 GB of Ram will automatically gets this version on default after announcement of Android O.

In interaction to media, they told that their vision is clear as they are trying to enter into 50$ Smartphone. The restriction is lack of reliable devices that could provide good user experience to the end customer. Other than this, the advent of 4G Volte has also forced lots of buyers to up price segment.

Smartphone market in India is also at its blooming stage and more affordable devices are coming up every week of good specification. Majority of masses are moving from featured phone to touch screen Smartphone and this trend clearly fits to Google Android Go execution. This giant search engine is so enthusiastic that recently it also announced YouTube Go that offers image streaming by consuming les data.

Tech Geeks and Experts say that it could be like huge opportunity. Though there were criticism also that once Google get succeeded to level up experience to all devices then 50 $ or 500 $ won’t be having much differences. In the end, it’d the experience that’ll sell not the device.

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