3 Applied On Page SEO Technique for Inbound Marketers


When it comes to inbound marketing we are extremely focus on creating a content that could attract and generates huge amounts of leads. To the readers it tells the value of your brand that further motivates them to purchase. But to make these content successful one can’t neglect the importance of on page search engine optimization for better ranking and gaining traffic.

There are two advantages that you gain once content marketing strategy executed for your business and here they are:

Quality Of Traffic

This indicates that right amount of people are clicking to your website

Search Engine Ranking

When your site pages or blogs starting to rank at top position resulting into organic traffic

What Is On Page SEO?

On page SEO is something that you do on your website structure, pages, posts, images, etc. The content and the keywords tell what your website stands for. It involves some steps that are clearly listed below:

Creating unique content as per your business niche
Optimizing tags, images, Meta Description, Alt tag with accurate keywords research
Optimizing website structure and enhancing its performance
Improving technical aspects of your website that hinders Google indexing or ranking

Lets jump onto the topic On Page SEO strategy for Inbound Marketers that are tried and tested to become effective for promotion.

1- Great Content Generate Presence

There’s a reason that most of the organization look for professional writers for their unique content in their blogs. Blog content plays an important role in telling what your website, business, product and services is all about. Here are some important points that you need to focus:

Do Not Repeat The Same Topic
Coming Up With Unique Heading That Grabs The Attention
Content Should Be As Per Your Business Niche
It Should Be Of At Least 500 Words

2- Add Target Keywords IntoPosttitle

It is extremely important to optimize content with specific targeted keywords as it helps in getting search engine ranking. Targeted keyword should be as per business theme and post category.

Come Up With Concise Title
Include Targeted Keywords At Beginning
Every Post And Page Should Have Unique Title

3- Optimizing Your URL’s

Same principle goes you’re your page and post URL also. This helps for better search results but make sure that you keep in short and sound reasonable. In most of the cases, user puts same key phrase in all the post which is not the right way to optimize. Combination of the right length and right keywords is recommended.

Getting more leads and sales for an online business becomes more easier by implementing above mentioned strategy accurately in your website. One must consider these as an important digital strategy as this had resulted increase in organic traffic a lot.

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