On-Page Ranking Factors That Are Important Today


The world of SEO is changing and Google is becoming much more sophisticated in the run. It has become compulsory for SEO experts to stay updated about the important ranking factors. Remember, even if the ranking factor of Google changes, their goal to serve the user does not change.

Through a past update of Google, it came to light that Google started to penalize all content mills, which later became very much catastrophic for many websites. It was not the case where Google did not want any content, but it was looking for something better in the contents. These contents should be unique, useful and authoritative towards the user. This is something, which the local SEO companies have taken into notice, and with the on-page ranking factors of 2022, they will move a needle for their running business.

The important ranking factors

Several ranking factors are known to be important and hand-picked by experts. As you go through the check-list below, take your time to learn about each ranking factor and how it can provide a better user experience. Given below are important factors you need to know about ranking your business.

1- The direct website traffics

Google has the power to tell if your brand is credible enough just by looking at your website traffic. Direct traffic comes in through users who access your website with the help of a bookmark. However, the presence of direct traffic is very important and can impact the top ten positions in Google. To make it simpler to understand, direct traffic indicates that users are well-informed about your business. They pay a visit to your website in search of new products, services, and updates. This is a sign of brand-awareness and trust from the side of consumers.

2- Brand queries

Google can point out a website with no-name from the list of the brand website by checking the number of brand queries these websites possess. However, the more individuals type the name of your brand in the search result, the stronger the brand will get in the eyes of Google. Through a study, it has come to notice that when you have higher brand queries; it becomes much more important than the DA links.

3- User Experience

If you wish to elevate your business, the most powerful way to do so is by providing a good user experience. Keep in mind, the online users will visit a website more often that is easy to navigate and will answer all their questions, in a digestible manner. The work of the user’s experience is not just about your brand’s quality, but it will help in the process of translating it to revenues. This means that, if you invest around $1 in UX you will receive an ROI between $2-$100, respectively.

4- Dwell time: How to increase it?

The dwell time is the total time spent by a user on a particular website, before returning to the SERPs. The dwell time holds a great deal of importance since Google will like to know about the content that you are providing is beneficial for the users or not. However, there are several ways through which you can increase the dwell time on your website. It is considered a smart yet delicate solution through which you balance the digest contents and provide information according to the needs of the user. To improve the dwell time, it can be done by

  • Providing an engaging introduction for the users to read.
  • Breaking the large paragraphs to make the content readable.
  • Carry numerous sections, headings and bullet points.
  • The website should be mobile-friendly.
  • Comprise high visual assets like images and videos.
  • Providing answers to question in an actionable manner.

Once there is a presence of the users on your website, make sure to deliver an easy website navigation system that will help the website receive increase pages per session.

5- Improving the speed of the website

When you are not a person with the technical information, you pass this on to your development team. Before you take any further step, try to put the URL of your website into PageSpeed Insights, which is a free tool from Google itself. This tool will help you check the loading speed of your website, and will also provide you with information to improve it. Remember, although the results might not be 100% accurate in the process, for which you can compare it with a different tool as well. Google has promised to introduce a good and much better tool that will be much more accurate in the future.

6- Improving the domain authority

With each time passing, the more particular brand receives the popularity and fame in the social platform. At this point Google will only care about the website’s domain authority. On the other hand, if you wish to improve the DA, it will not be an easy task. If you are in for a long-term option, then there is still. Given below are some of the ways to improve the domain authority. They are

  • Building relationships with the help of links.
  • Providing value through amazing contents.
  • Set your expectations.

With the above-mentioned points in your hand, you make sure to increase the domain authority for your website in no time. However, these points are the only way that allows your website to receive a higher domain authority to go head-to-head with the competitors.

7- The backlinks

The important ranking factor of 2022 above all the other factors is the backlinks. A good set of backlinks that points towards your website holds great importance. It is said that the top link in Google search results has double referring domains compared to the content that is positioned at no.10.

8- Building a secure website

To create a secure website, it is not an easy task since the process is reserved for the individual who has good knowledge of coding. So, for you to come across a website that is not secure is considered to be normal. There are many websites these days that are still not secure to access. Always keep in mind a good and secure website will carry an https:// rather than being “https//” and in this situation the word “S” means secure. Google has made it easier for all users to quickly identify a website whether it is secure or not, with the help of the green lock button that appears at the URL bar.

9- The content development

There are many ways through which content development is the biggest ranking factor for 2022. To increase user traffic and user interaction on your website, you need to build and create high-quality content in the process. However, there are many requirements needed in the process of building good content and content length is one of them. Under this requirement, the content length is not considered to be a set ranking factor, but the higher rankings and longer contents have a direct correlation between them. In this method, you need to create a long-term content and replace fluff with the skyscraper technique, to write beyond and above the basics.

Things to know about Google ranking factors

According to the experts, it views that approximately 3.5billion searches are performed every day on Google. However, this company is universally well-known and holds about 85% of the desktop search engine market shares, respectively. Marketers are looking forward to performing well for organic search results. So, they need to have a piece of clear information about the factors on which Google takes under their belt when it comes to ranking the contents.

The ranking factors of 2022, will allow you and your brand to do well in the online platform, when it comes to advertising, promoting, and grabbing the attention of their customers. Once your brand receives the spotlight it wanted, then your chances of being in the top content rankings by Google will be accepted. That is why it is important to have a good amount of knowledge about these ranking factors, in order to stay at the top of the search results rankings.

The SEO experts from a local seo company will provide you with all the latest factors and help in the process of leading you to the top of the tree. By understanding each of the important factors for ranking and following them accordingly, will allow you to make a big difference for your brand and receive success along the way.

Final words

This information will offer you guidance and a clear image of the leading Google ranking factors of 2022. With the help of this information, it will allow you to take your steps carefully. There’s no denying the importance of SEO and how it can help you to create and build your company’s website. So, it’s high time you take note of the ranking factors and build your website in an innovative, unique, and splendid way!


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