Have you any time made out #0 position on Google search results?

However you maybe not ever heard about it, you should search results ranking on #0 position.

If you search on google.co.in for ‘seo packages’, you will surely get answer what ranks on the top result.

Both the results are quite distinct from daily search results and mentioned as Google’s Featured Snippets. As they look on the top and above the SERP results, it is known to be search results ranking on #0 position.Do you really like your content to appear in Google’s Featured Snippets?
So, let’s entirely discuss with proper points:

What Is Google’s Featured Snippet?

When somebody questions in Google Search, Google always displays a search result in a block at the uppermost of the search results page. This particularly featured snippet is a brief outline of the answer, removed from the same web page.

So, you can determine in the featured snippets of Ranking by SEO, the page title with URL of the page also go together with a Google’s featured snippet.

A question arises,

Where does a Google’s Featured Snippet originate from?

Google exactly removes the outline from a web page to display visitors. It is not exactly crucial that Google will only display Google’s Featured Snippets when anyone will put up a question. Google also appears featured snippets that will be the most favorable answers to the questions of searchers.

Why You Must Take Care About Google’s Featured Snippets

Are Google’s Featured Snippets useful? Of course yes.

Here are the great reasons why you must take care about Google’s Featured Snippets:

● When your business comes to top in Google Featured Snippets, seekers realize you on the top. This truly builds reliance and trustworthiness.

● You get rank on #0 niche even if you look on the third or fourth place in the search results. This increases click through rate (CTR).

● As Google’s Featured Snippets are predominant most of these days, you cannot pay do nothing at all.

Do you also requisite more causes to care about getting featured?

A Few Explanations about Google’s Featured Snippets

How Google does select web pages for featured snippets?

Fine, no one knows this thing at all. Though, we can scrutinize the data and appear to a smart estimate.

I have scrutinized a substantial amount of Google’s Featured Snippets and perceived the following significant facts.

Snipp-able Content Has More Probabilities for Featuring

Pointless to speak, Google exactly needs to deliver the searchers with the great clear, brief, and comprehensive answer. This aims Google is all the time searching for Snip-able content.

Now just evaluate these two Google’s Featured Snippets for the keyword ‘content marketing plan’ and ‘social media promotion strategy’

Both types of snippets are around 40-50 words. SEMrush has also scrutinized 10 million keywords and 1 million domains. It has originated that the most common measurement of content in Google’s Featured Snippets that is between 40-50 words.

Engagement Metrics Includes a Great Role

Of course this is true; engagement always plays an imperative part in getting selected by Google. Larry Kim has scrutinized around 50 pages of his website, WordStream, and created that engagement metrics touch the probabilities of a web page getting featured.

How can you write content that gets a possibility of getting selected by Google for featured snippets?

Vital Disclaimer about Google’s Featured Snippets

Google’s Featured Snippets are not any time easy to interpret. There are several reasons. The most crucial one is the shortage of access to data. You can also scrutinize the content construction of the featured snippets; however the thorough analysis can be finished only when you have access to those Webmaster accounts, which is not possible at all.

How to Write Content That Looks in Google featured Snippets

As featured snippet box is accessible to one and all who can generate useful content, the competition is hard.
Here are a few easiest ways that have assisted to get the content rank on #0 position.

1- Know the Questions Your Audience Is Asking

Typically, search terms start with one of the following sayings:
● How does
● How do
● How to
● What is
● Why do
● Why does

The excellent way to counterpart your content to the questions of searchers is to emphasis on long-tail keywords.

2- Create Content That Answers Questions

The entire model of Google’s Featured Snippets is to deliver the finest answers to searchers’ questions. You should create content in a manner that it must answer the questions of your customers. Merely then, you will view a probability of ranking on #0 position.

3- Produce High-Quality Content

Here are a few simple tips on writing excellent quality content that is more probably to get featured:
● Analysis the content into small parts
● Use several media (screenshots, infographics, etc.)
● Clarify a process in simple steps
● Write in a manner that even a learner can hold the topic
● Write user-centric content

You should write the content that can give proper answers searchers’ questions.

4- Use Question and Answer Pages

These segments are previously saying the questions of your target user.
Though, you need to ensure that Question and Answer pages have entirely the relevant information your target customer could be looking for.

Go in-depth into the topic, and comprise all the questions linked to the topic.


Getting content looked in Google’s Featured snippet is very tough, but not at all impossible. If your content answers to seekers’ questions, your possibilities to get featured will enhance by several folds.

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