Top 11+ Off Page SEO Ranking Factors: The Definitive Guide


If you think that just doing the on-page SEO for your website will do the trick for getting a better ranking, you might be wrong.

There are a lot of other things that you will have to take care of so that you can get the best ranking based on the quality of your content and the effectiveness of SEO for your website.

Off-Page SEO is a concept that is as important as effective on-page SEO. It is something that will be able to provide your website with a lot of credibilities.

Before making a move, you may need to understand what off-page SEO is all about. Off-page SEO is the set of actions that are done outside the website’s domain so that the ranking of the website can be boosted with the help of outer sources. Certain SEO experts will be able to do it much more professionally.

You can count on the trustworthy ways suggested by knowledgeable SEO specialist through which you will be able to contribute to the optimization of your website.

Today, we’ll read:

Major Factors for Better Ranking Through Off-Page SEO

1. Understanding & Working on Your Expertise
2. Backlinks
3. Working on Better Layout & Interlinking of Web Pages
4. Anchor Text
5. Brand mentions
6. Page rank of linking page & Relevance of links
7. Working on the Link Building
8. Do follow links and no follow links & Diversity of links
9. Domain Authority of Linking Domain
10. Stellar Marketing Techniques Through Social Media
11. Local SEO factors
12. Guest Posting Might Be a Big Help
13. Link anchor

Let’s get started…..

Major Factors for Better Ranking Through Off-Page SEO

There are a lot of different factors that you can consider so that you can enhance the process of SEO for your website which will help in better ranking. These factors will help you understand why off-page SEO is as important as on-page SEO.

You can work with the best off-page SEO so that you can rank the website much better in every way possible.

1. Understanding & Working on Your Expertise

You need to establish your work through better understanding. Content plays a very important role which is why putting up good quality expert content by investing in affordable content writing solution will help you to retain audiences.

Make sure that the genre you are working with holds up to the knowledge that you have or you have gained. Retaining the audience is the major factor for better optimization. Building a better audience through expertise with the content can help you get better brand recognition.

You will be able to retain your audience and your brand quality in a much better and more efficient way. Considering that you are working on a genre-based website, you may need to put the best content possible for interacting with the audience.

For accurate E-Commerce website SEO or prominent link building for SEO, you will have to optimize the product descriptions and user interface.

Backlinks are the links that you bring from someone else’s domain to yours. And search engines such as Google use backlinks to increase confidence. If an authorized website links to yours then there is a high chance that you are reputable as well.

Domain-level links have 20% of the capability to rank and the page-level link has 18% of the ranking weight. Together, backlinks have a 50% of the chances to increase your ranking.

Recently, a survey was conducted by a group of SEO experts to find out which ranking factor helps local SEO the most. Adding to that, off-page also accounts for around 50% of total rankings.

Websites with more backlinks tend to rank higher than those that have fewer backlinks. And the website ranking in the first position has 3 times more productive backlinks for SEO than the ones ranking in 2nd and below that position.

According to Google, backlinks are the most important things for ranking after content and RankBrain.

Off-page contributes to ranking more in comparison to on-page, and backlinks are the most essential off-page ranking factor.

But what does a good backlink profile looks like?

a)- Number of linking root domains: The more unique domains that link to your website, the better it will be for your website.

b)- Quality links: These types of links come from high domain authority websites. For example, a link from YouTube will assist you to rank higher compared to a link from a Random link.

c)- Anchor text: Anchor text is referred to the text part of the hyperlink. Google has stated that it utilizes anchor text to understand the context and relevance of the page it links to. You cannot always control this, but keywords in anchor text may boost the value of a link.

d)- Links that send qualified traffic: Backlinks are not just about rankings. Always use the links that send referral traffic to your site and help you in accurate small business SEO. Plus, there is proof that links with a good number of referral traffic might hold more value from the perspective of Google.

e)- Relevance: If you are running a clothing store, a link from a clothing website will do more good than a link from a mobile accessory website.

f)- Dofollow: Dofollow link means search engines can follow them and pass the link juice. However, some links are “nofollow”, which means that they are not followed by search engines and don’t pass along link juice. So, you need dofollow.

3. Working on Better Layout & Interlinking of Web Pages

The overall ranking of a website is highly affected by the kind of interlinking and layout done on the web pages. A better layout of all the web pages that you have will be able to generate a better ranking for your website. If the layout is not good, it could be one of the major reasons for SEO ranking dropped.

• You can create a whole structure of hierarchy so that you can get a better layout. You can interlink all the relevant pages so that the user can access the same kind of web page by just clicking on a button

• You can also opt for better interlinking by better search engine optimization of your content. The interlinking needs to be efficient based on the powerful blog post length in a way that it can get all the pages in a cluster.

• You should always make sure that no page whatsoever is left alone in any case. Connecting all the pages will help you with the optimization of content and web pages for the web crawler.

Understanding the importance of interlinking will help you to optimize your website efficiently. You should never overlook the importance of connecting all the pages which will help you to sustain your website.

This is one of the things, you need to check while doing correct SEO audit checklist.

4. Anchor Text

Having a link that is hyperlinked with the keyword of the page you are targeting is much more powerful than having a link that says “Click Here for more”. Like everything, anchor text is best used in moderation. If search engines notice a large influx of links all using the same anchor text, then you can be penalized.

5. Brand mentions

Brand mentions Are links to another brand’s mentioning your brand name online, whether in a case study, an article, on social media, within a forum, or somewhere else.

Now you may think that how much does the brand mentioned contributing to rankings?

It is hard to be specific in this, but we know they do.

Google patents and Google’s search quality guidelines confirm that search engines can monitor mentions, identify their sentiment, and utilize them to increase ranking. You just need to put the right SEO efforts for better result.

Here is bad news, you have little control over who mentions you or when, and brand metrics are basically difficult to monitor.

So, how can you increase brand mentions?

Social media, reviews, guest posting, influencer outreach, and high-quality content, all these techniques help you massive in growing your brand mentions. But how many of those fall within the SEO sector?

It actually depends.

It could be many things, or it could be none according to your business.

Either manner, listed below are the things that every SEO should keep into account:

a)- Reach

No matter what credible SEO tips for higher rankings you use, if you want to increase brand mentions at an effective rate, you need more people to let them know that you exist. This means you need to do things that maximize your reach. Prefer the opportunities that will put you and your perspectives in front of the people.

b)- Spheres of influence

To increase brand mentions, you need other influencers in your industry who loves your brand. Customers can do a lot of things to help your business grow. Every SEO should participate in building a sphere of influencers from your industry, whether bloggers, individuals, thought leaders, disruptors, or businesses.

c)- Universal message

Your sphere of influence has to be something valuable to share with your audience. It does not matter how you do it, whether, with thought leadership, articles, a video series, podcasts, or something else, but every brand-building program requires a message that connects with buyers, non-buyers, influencers, and future buyers. And SEO should have a great hand in creating that message.

Here professionals can help you. This might have made you understand why hire an SEO company.

It should be remembered that all pages are not ranked equally and properly. Google can rank websites on the first page. This is why it is always good if the pages that link to your site have more Page Rank rather than low page ranked websites.

Also, all the sites that are linking to you should be in the same industry in which you are operating your business. This gives you more leverage in ranking stakes than in cases when the connected websites are not that appropriate or relevant.

Google chooses relevant links as much as it like organic links.

Link building is the most traditional and the most important way of off-page and top notch local SEO. You create one-way links for other websites which are also known as backlinks. You may ask why links are important for SEO benefits but these backlinks will directly link your website to different websites that will be able to give you a mark of trust and authenticity.

A few things need to be assessed before performing the task:

Checking the popularity of the other website.

It is better to get relating genre website for backlinking.

Quality anchor text on the link will do the trick.

The linking website should be trustworthy in every way.

Make sure that there are a few other links on the website.

Ranking of the website you are backlinking from.

One thing to always keep in mind is that the quality of the links should be always better than the quantity of the links. This way you can get actual advantages of SEO. You need to understand that better-ranked websites will be fruitful for backlinking rather than a new website.

You can look up knowledgeable link-building experts who will be able to help you in a much better way.

A long time ago, Google has made it official that no-follow links are not counted anymore. This is the reason why it is suggested that you should focus on do-follow links and acquire them as more as possible. It will help you get a higher off-page ranking for sure.

The links you have built to your website are an essential factor when it’s a matter of off-page ranking. If you have some similar kinds of links, it could be counted as spam and your rankings can get affected in a negative way.

9. Domain Authority of Linking Domain

Domain authority is highlighted by many reliable SEO experts. The term is actually a proprietary system that SEO MOZ utilized during the process of ranking the strength of a domain. Whether you refer to it as DR, DA, or something else, the strength of the domain linking to you will influence the weight as well as the value of the link.

10. Stellar Marketing Techniques Through Social Media

This is one of the most important aspects of off-page SEO apart from backlinking. The marketing that you are doing for the website needs to be a certain way so that you can attract a good audience. you can use various ways of marketing which include traditional marketing methods and modern marketing methods like ads or social media. Social media is the most effective way of gaining an audience.

You can use various social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and various others to improve the social-route viewership on your website. You can also use various types of SEO for more effective results.

You need to understand the role of certain entities when it comes to optimizing your website. Better PR and marketing through social media are the only ways you can gain an audience in the real world.

For better optimization, you can also take the help of completely dedicated SEO experts who can help you out through the entire process of off-page SEO.

11. Local SEO factors

Local SEO refers to SEO for local businesses.

In local SEO, 3 things differ from regular SEO in terms of off-page optimization:

✓ Google My Business (GMB)
✓ Reviews
✓ Citations

As per some professionals, reviews, GMB, and citations lead to 54% of total ranking factors for local pack results and 20% of total ranking factors for localized organic results. To do local SEO perfectly, first know how to choose SEO agency.

a)- Google My Business

Google My Business is like a hub for local businesses.

For more queries with local intent, Google shows GMB listings in three different places:

✓ Knowledge Panel
✓ Map results
✓ Local Pack results (AKA “Snack Pack”)

As per a survey, local SEO professionals believe an optimized GMB listing accounts for 33% of rankings for local results and around 12% of rankings for local organic results.

So, gow can you optimize a GMB page?

The factors most essential for GMB’s success are:

✓ Completeness of GMB profile

Every field should be filled out properly.

✓ Keywords in GMB title

Unluckily, you don’t have much control over this. Your title should be your business name, no matter whether it’s keyword-rich or not. However, try adding your category descriptor in your name if you can. You need to also follow popular SEO trends for making the process more result-oriented.

✓ Primary category of GMB profile

Categories are not the best, they may not have your actual category. But get the one that’s closest.

✓ Secondary categories of GMB profile

Mention as many related categories as possible.

✓ Verified/claimed GMB listing

Claim and verify your Google My Business page, always. When you verify, you can upgrade information and handle your page.

✓ Keywords in GMB landing page title

The landing webpage in this situation is probably your location page or homepage. Make sure it is optimized for your city + service + brand name.

✓ Page authority of GMB landing page URL

You can link your Google My Business page to any webpage on your site. But keep in mind your homepage because it probably has the highest page authority of any webpage on your website.

✓ Local area code

Google utilizes proximity to service local results, and an area code assists them to identify a GMB listing location. This is one of the valuable SEO strategies to use.

✓ Quality and authority of inbound links

Liks rule the world, even for your GMB ratings.

✓ Quantity of GMB reviews

Make sure to get more native Google reviews.

b)- Citations (NAP consistency)

A local citation is all about mentioning your address, name, and phone number somewhere on the web, such as an industry-specific website, a local business directory, social media, or an app.

Citations can also include calls-to-action, email addresses, links, star reviews, links to your website, or something else.

According to a survey, citation information has 8% of local pack rankings and 5% of localized organic results.

A survey also found that citations were the 5th most important website ranking factor for localized as well as local pack organic results.

When it’s the matter of citations, three thing benefits the most:

✓ Accuracy

It is important that your address, name, and phone number occur consistently around all your citations. Search engines utilize NAP consistency as a trust factor when ranking local companies.

If your business detail is inconsistent, they will think you might have closed or moved, which can lead to bad local rankings. Not to mention inappropriate business information can confuse customers as well.

✓ Quality

Just like backlinks, not all citations are developed equal either. For instance, a citation on a site such as Yelp, Facebook, or Google is more beneficial compared to a citation on a random website with low DA. Just like an industry-specific citation will have more weight compared to a non-specific citation. Here, you can take help from trustworthy local SEO company.

✓ Quantity

In the same way, backlink quality establishes trust with Google, citation quantity increases trust as well. The more instances of quality NAP, the more certain Google will think about your business.

How do you establish and clean up citations?

You can also do it manually but it would be tedious.

Fortunately, many tools and services provide NAP citation building and cleanup at a cost-effective rate.

Listed below are some of the favorites:

✓ Yext: Yext has direct integrations with various popular business directories online. Just from a single dashboard, you can add or clean up citations within some time.

Whitespark: Whitespark has a Yext-like solution. But they also have a solution that creates new listings. It is great for developing quantity.

✓ BrightLocal: BrightLocal provides citation building for as little as possible.

c)- Reviews

As per professionals, reviews are one of the progressive Off page SEO techniques and the most essential ranking factor for local pack results and also the 4th most essential aspect for localized organic results.

An array of Google review ratings have the biggest and most positive impact on conversion from GMB pages.

But go through the reviews holistically when acquiring more:

✓ Review sentiment: Just like a good sentiment can assist rankings, bad sentiment can affect rankings.

✓ Review quantity: More is always more, as long as reviews are around 4 or 5 stars.

✓ Review diversity: Google is not just a review platform, even it is the most essential.

✓ Review velocity: Are you getting a lot of reviews in one month but nothing until the next year? Focus on consistency.

✓ Domain authority of the review site: As more reputable the business will be, the more reputable will be the review ratings.

12. Guest Posting Might Be a Big Help

There is another major concept like premium guest posting for SEO which will be able to help you in better ranking. The concept of guest posting suggests that you can post your content piece on some other popular website as the guest blogger from which you will be able to gain visitors for your website. It is dependent on you if you are looking to do it just one time or on occasion. Doing guest posts regularly might help you in gaining a better number of visitors.

Everything is dependent on just one thing when you are doing effective guest posting for SEO for your website through the off-page medium. You need to provide the best quality of content so that you can easily attract visitors with the help of the kind of content you are posting on a popular website. This is your chance to show them the best kind of content so that they are intrigued to view more.

By doing better website guest posting for business occasionally, you will be able to get better backlinks for your website. This way, you will be able to increase the credibility of your website so that it will be ranking higher than you may expect. You can get a lot of benefits from performing all kinds of popular guest postings even though it is one of the oldest means of getting better backlinks.

Earlier anchor texts of links were regarded as powerful factors when it comes to off-page rankings. These days, they are regarded as indicators of web spam and have a negative impact on your ranking if not used correctly.

There are many other factors that can be very beneficial in terms of off-page optimization. The first and most important aspect is engaging to a great extent with the instant community via social media. There are specific benefits of social media you can take through link anchor.

Another factor in this regard is increasing the visibility of the local search results. It is also essential to have NAP consistency and encourage local citations. Also, it is essential to feature positive reviews of one’s business as that indicates to the customers that they can rely more on the brand.

The final factor that needs to be considered is link-building, which should be done in a proper manner.

In conclusion:

It is important to work on different factors that may allow you to have a better ranking on the search engine. Some of the times, you may need to have some professional help and that is where we come in the scenario. LinkBuildingCop will help you in every way so that you can be on the top when it comes to off-page SEO.

You can get started by contacting us at +91-9205356986 or requesting a quick quote.

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