Google Mobile First Indexing: Why Optimize Your Website Today?


For every online business, learning about the Google Mobile First Indexing in 2018 is a must. It is actually a new year and that comes with more new strategies from Google. It has already been working out on its Mobile first indexing. As someone keeping tabs on latest changes taking place in the digital marketing world, you might have felt buzz around Google mobile first indexing well.

It is amazing if you have already came up with the mobile first strategy. In case you are trying to solve this puzzle, help is on its way. Right now, it is important to talk about the Local SEO Ranking Factors and the Google Mobile first indexing strategy. You need to learn the common questions around it and ways to make the website all decked up and ready. But first, let’s get right into the context.

It is always mandatory to know that more Google searches are likely to take place on mobile devices and not on desktops in some countries. It means more people are using mobile phones now than before to Google what they want. Now the question is how search engine giant reacted to it. Google started to present some rewards to the mobile friendly websites.

According to Google, they have something to say. To make the results rather useful, they have begun experimenting to make index mobile first. Even though the search index will continue to be single index of apps and websites, the algorithms will use the mobile version of contents on site for ranking pages from that site. It is designed to understand structured data and show parts from those pages in results.

Table of Content:

1- What Do You Know About Mobile First Indexing?
2- FAQs Related To Mobile First Indexing:
3- How To Determine Whether The Website Is Mobile-Friendly Or Not:
4- Top Website Optimization Strategies for Mobile First Index:

What Do You Know About Mobile First Indexing?

There are primarily four major parts revolving around ranking algorithms.

A) – Indexing:

Google Indexing is more like storing web pages in database. It does not index all pages as it might crawl.

B) – Crawling:

The crawler from Google will crawl on various web pages following links on web pages for discovering some new ones in the lot.

C) – Ranking:

It is another major part of this said algorithm. Google is known to take various ranking factors into proper notes for ranking pages on search engine ranking page

D) – Retrieval:

Whenever somebody searches, Google looks into indexed pages or damage and find everything as related to search query.

As it is vital to state, it is important that Google indexes pages first for retrieving later. Previously, Google used to have index pages depending on desktop sites. Even though it might crawled mobile sites and check factors like site speed and friendliness. The indexing is based on desktop version of sites. It is always mandatory to consider that mobile searches are way more than desktop ones. So, Google started to index mobile versions of websites to offer amazing user experience. After focusing on the experimentation carefully for around one and half year, Google started migrating sites for following best practices for Mobile First indexing right from 2018.

You can get along with Google Webmaster Central Blog to know more. The team continues to encourage masters to make contents friendly for mobiles. They evaluate content in index for determining how mobile friendly. Google is here to offer amazing search experience to the mobile users and adopting Mobile First as number one step.

FAQs Related To Mobile First Indexing:

Many people started to panic when Google first talked about Mobile First Indexing. It was a panic stricken situation for those, whose work depends a lot on Google’s traffic. People have a lot of misconceptions and to work on that, answering some major questions will help. Just explore the facts first.

1. What Happens In Case Of a Non-Mobile Friendly Site?

In case you fail to have a mobile site, Google will start indexing desktop website and then consider going for the ranking. But, if the desktop website is not that friendly for mobile devices, the ranking is subject to suffer a lot as mobile friendliness forms a major ranking factor.

2. How Websites Are Likely To Be Affected By Mobile First Index?

Right now, it is mostly associated with ways to gather content. Google has already started gathering content through some mobile devices for indexing the same. It is best to avoid Worst SEO Mistakes. Google clearly stated, gathering content by mobile first indexing comes with no ranking advantage over mobile content, which is not gathered this way or associated with desktop content. But, it should never be forgotten that mobile optimization is ranking factor. Working your way out with Mobile First index will help you with the mobile optimization service.

3. Is ‘Mobile First’ Strategy Really a Big Game Changer In Ranking?

If you ever come across a desktop website which is not at all mobile friendly, the ranking is going to get affected big time. With desktop website that is friendly enough, you are not going to see any changes in ranking. Google will not consider Mobile First as the ranking factor as of now. But, by gaining ready for Mobile First, you are actually creating a strong future hold.

4. Does Mobile First Boosts The Ranking Of Mobile Friendly Site?

As you can get from the previous questions answered, Mobile First is not any form of ranking factor. So, the ranking is not just going to get improved by making the site ready for the Mobile First. Right now, in terms of Google, it is a way to access content to index. But, adopting mobile first strategy will help with mobile optimization in best ways for better ranking.

5. Is There Any Any Potential Business Loss, In Case The Site Is Not Prepared For Mobile First?

Business owners with earning depending on search traffic will show some fearful signs after Google announced mobile first indexing. But, you are not going to lose any buck if the desktop website is made mobile friendly. At this present moment, Google will not consider Mobile First Indexing as ranking actor. But it is a mere way to access content for the proper indexing right now. You have to follow these points to avoid On-Page SEO Mistakes.

How To Determine Whether The Website Is Mobile-Friendly Or Not:

Even though the market houses so many tools for checking mobile friendliness, the best one has to be Google Mobile Friendly test. The tool is free of cost and quite easy to use at the same time. All you have to do is just enter website in search box and then click Run Test. You can end up with results in few seconds. The Google Mobile friendly tool further offers added resources like mobile usability site wide.

Top Website Optimization Strategies for Mobile First Index:

You are always invited to be sure of the points to avoid Web Design Mistakes. But first, it is about mobile first indexing. Google will not index all web pages as it might crawls any day on some websites to deal with index coverage issues or not matching Google’s guidelines. To ensure that the website is well-indexed by Google, there is a checklist that you should follow at any cost.

a) Optimize Content For Mobile

If you prefer writing long articles, audience will find it difficult to go through it on mobile phones. If your audience fails to like content, Google won’t too. So, the content needs to be optimized for mobile devices. Following some tips can help.

Use 14 pixels fonts or more
Use white space
Font color should match with theme
Proficient use of short sentences and paras
These pointers will definitely offer pleasant experience.

b) Responsive Design

It is not hard to state that Mobile First index will always support mobile friendly websites. So, your main aim here is to focus on ways to make website perform good on desktops as well as on mobile devices. So, you can easily adopt one responsive design. But, don’t get confused between responsive and mobile friendly websites. Responsive websites will offer audience a seamless experience and reduce possibility of common mistakes and deal with Optimize for Google Voice Search. There are some extra points to cover.

Ensure that links and buttons are clickable
Improve site’s speed as ranking factor
Never use mobile pop-ups

Google created free resources for helping developers with responsive website creation.

c) Voice Search Optimization

As mentioned in comScore, voice search is future. There are some ways to optimize voice search.

Write content based on people and include question phrase
Use schema metadata and more
You have to optimize the local listing as well to gain some results.

d) Devise Mobile-First Strategy

A failed mobile first strategy is one of the Reasons for SEO Ranking Dropped. With 2.5 billion smartphone users, you need to work on this strategy. For that you can use robot.txt testing tool for verifying if the mobile version is accessible to Google boat.


Even if you have weakness towards desktop, mobile is the king these days. So, for that superior search engine, Google is always relying on these mobile first index options these days. It is the future of search now.

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