Top Most Important Website Ranking Factor That You All Must Know


There are some reasons that decide the website ranking factors and one must know each and every one of them to get the optimal result. You wouldn’t believe that even a Google uses more than 200 factors to rank someone’s website on search result. Do we are not going to cover each and every one of them because it would be our mind boggling, but we are going to cover some of the important elements that place a tremendous role in uplifting the standard of your website.

So you have launched the website, wrote some article and rushing into your mind pops up how to get organic traffic right. These helps website designer to strive harsh cases. we have divided this article into three factors, that is we have divided this article into 3 factors that is: on page, off page and side factor..

In on page factor, things that makes a huge difference are listed below:

● Your keyword should be in your title also: This actually generate a strong relevance in the search engine that easily tells what you are about to describe.

● Keyword: meta description serves to purpose that is telling the user what informative content you are willing to provide and telling the search engine what your content is all about.

● Keywords in H1 tag: Though putting a heading inside the contact the voice the entire article in a more subtle manner to make the reading experience favorably.

● Your content should be lengthy enough to engage The Reader: Besides, it has been found that contain that is informative and resourceful gets better presence.

● Stop recreating the same old content: Instead of focusing on quantity it would be optimal decision to focus on quantity. The internet is feeling you why so many same old story that is kept on Repeating again and again.

● Image Optimisation: There are millions of people that use Google search for an image search engine that indeed helpful in redirecting the traffic.

● Maintain continuity in bringing new content: This is something that most the blogger completely neglect. The formula is simple everyday new content on a continuous basis that tells that you are here to stay for a long period of time.

● One way linked to your website: Focus on getting a bad thing from the certified sources that are on your business theme. This tells the authority and sends the trusty signal.

● Internal linking of your website: Even the internal linking of your web pages causes on the strength and this engages and retains users for a long period of time.

For better understanding, we do suggest you to read upon step by step on page seo for careful and fruitful implementation.

In Website Factor,

● Putting the sitemap at the bottom of the page: This helps in indexing all the pages, images, content on time. It is by far the most efficient and simplest way to make available all your posts to search engine.

● Mobile optimized site: If you are having a business website, then this is something that you must focus on because 80% of the traffic is coming from the mobile device is only and this trend is likely to increase in future. There are multiple devices that people prefer to search about you. Making a website responsive puts you in a gear to welcome each and every one of them.

●Making your site verified at Google Webmaster: Integrating your website with the Google search console helps in getting your site index faster.

Off page factor

If you think that ranking is determined by focusing on your website internally, then you are absolutely wrong. Search engine algorithm looks for the factor of said your website also.

● Number of backlinks to domain
● Number of backlinks to pages
● Domain authority of linking page
● Checking the relevancy of the link
● The numbers of dofollow and nofollow links of your website

This is a bit trickiest task to achieve and its recommended that you seek for reliable Off page SEO provider in india for best possible results in rapid turnaround time.

Domain Factor

In the end, it all comes down to your domain factor. Here are the important points that you need to focus on:

● Focus on your domain registration length If you don’t main expire period is like 6 months or 1 year, then it clearly shows that you are not a player for a long period of time.

● Domain history: An Internet, there are several pre registered domain get ready to sell but they have the study history behind it. If your domain previously involved in any unethical practice, then it is likely to fail in ranking.

So this was it guys, it’s time for you to take some serious action towards your website so that you can uplift the standard and gain maximum presence. All these factors are tried and tested and helped majority of bloggers, including business in gaining the organic traffic that put in a front array of product and services to generate maximum sales lead.

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