How To Earn and Build Links To Your Website


The building of links to your website plays a great role in SEO and the general performance of your website. With relevant links, you can boost your sales and ranking. The aim of building links is to help people who need solutions to find relevant content, information, or services on your website.

It is vital to note that, blind links can kill your marketing strategy as well as the SEO performance of your business website. In this list, we tackle the important aspects of earning backlinks as well as building them to improve your online presence and the performance of your website.

Before you embark on the journey to building links, make sure that your website is ready for conversions. Do not just create links for the purpose of triggering SEO bots. When the search engines realize that your users do not find whatever they need from your site, they will penalize you for irrelevance, and your ranking will get ruined.

Here are the things to do to get high-quality links to your website:

1. Focus on Creating Solutions

Many people out there are looking for solutions to their problems. Doing research on your niche will help you identify the biggest problems people are facing in any industry. When setting up websites and content, do not look at selling products to these people. Creating solutions is a viable option that will draw the attention of many readers. Many blogs will also be willing to link to your site to help their users.

Even if your site is offering professional services (for example computer repair) and products (say, computer antivirus), a person in need of a solution as to why their computers cannot update does not necessarily need your products. But as you can guess, when they find relevant content that solves their problems without the need to hire technicians, they will gladly want to buy your products when they need.

The example above is for someone dealing with computers. In any business, the solutions you provide will draw the attention of people who are already customers in your business line. Your solution providing content helps create quality links. Even high authority websites will be glad to link to you as long as their readers get the solution they need.

2. You Want a Link from Big Brands? Why not Become One?

Now I know you will say I want to confuse you. But look! Any business that is new in the industry would be frantically looking for links from popular blogs and forums they come across on the internet. The problem is that nobody is willing to give you free links. You have to pay to promote your business on the high authority blogs.

The best approach here is to create your own forum that addresses matters that pertain to your business industry. Ensure that your forum focuses on providing solutions, not just for people to post anything. When you provide value, people will start filling up to share what they have with other readers. Other sites will also gladly start to link to you to help their readers.

3. Build Backlinks from Broken Links

a) – Many people think that the strategy is tough and not worth the time it consumes. However, the reality is that broken link building is the most effective way to create links for your site. The reason as to why many people report dissatisfying results is because of doing it incorrectly. Before you embark on the process of searching for broken links for the purpose of link building, you have to understand the steps you should take and how to approach bloggers for link building.

b) – The process entails the creation of the correct content to which a dead link should point after the update. Before you go on to ask for a link from a blogger who linked to a site that is not working anymore, you should first dig through to find out what content it was. According to Ahrefs , after identifying the dead link, you need to go ahead and research on the content that existed on the dead link before.

c) – When it comes to this point, many people fail. You cannot just publish a random article and ask for a backlink. Using the Wayback Machine (Internet Archive), you can look up for the content that was previously published on the broken link. Analyze the content and get the idea of what must have attracted the blogger to give a link to the site.

d) – When you have the right information that the readers want on the broken link, you need to write the article from scratch, highlighting the essential points that will add value to your readers. Ensure the article is compelling and of high quality, before you publish. You also have to ensure that you only do content that is within your niche, else you will be irrelevant.

After publishing the article, you can reach out to the blogger to ask them to link to the existing content instead of a dead link. Be sure to sound friendly and polite in your email to avoid getting ignored.

4. Create Infographics Content for Outreach

Many people like reading content presented in form of graphics. Infographics are one of the widely shared contents on social media and among bloggers. Infographics show various types of data in charts, graphs, and text that describe the subject you are addressing.

Creating infographics can be a tough task. First of all, you need to be a copywriter so that you can design content that is relevant and accurate. Apart from that, you need to have some design skills to create the various types of graphics you will need. Without outstanding graphics, your content may be hard to read or comprehend, and, in turn, may cause a low readership. People love linking to outstanding content.

Executing infographic outreach could take lots of time. If you are not patient enough, you can give up. But the fruits of the same are quite appealing. After creating and publishing your infographics, you need to reach out to blogs with relevant content and ask them if they can link to your site.

5. Create Relationships with Influential People

Gone are the days when we used to ping blogs with links expecting them to pay back with a link to us. In the present day, you should instead create a relationship with people who have an impact on the blogosphere. If you are promoting a new product in the market, bloggers outreach could be your best bet for appropriate links to your website.

One way you can achieve your goal is to find top bloggers that rank for your product or niche. Talk to them about the new product you have launched and agree with them if they can link to you on given terms. For instance, you could offer them a free trial for them to test out the product you are offering, and they could write a review on their blogs. They could as well link to you from an informational page with a keyword that matches your product.

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