Content Marketing Strategy: 6 Key Elements of Successful Content Marketing Strategies


Getting more traffic to come your way and increasing conversion rates is every content marketer’s dream. Helping you to establish your brand online with a powerful brand image, content marketing really takes the entire game to a different level.

Did you know?

It costs you 62% less than traditional marketing tactics (yes, you read that right!) such as outbound promotions yet generates thrice as many leads. You have a win-win situation right there!

It is no doubt to state that content-based marketing has already gained quite some popularity among the masses. According to some people, there is nothing that special in the use of the content for attracting customers.

But, what is new in this field is that some proven marketing roles have been invented and teams are further restructured for better results. Right now, quality content creation is becoming more tactical as a proper result.

To know what is a content marketing strategy, and so many things related to it is important, which you will learn here.

Here is a comprehensive guide for you…

In this guide, you will learn:

What is Content Marketing Strategy?
Simple Strategies to Follow For Best Content Marketing

a) Video Content Will Continue to Rise
b) Defining The Audience Before Even Starting To Create Content
c) Creating A Proficient Style Guide
d) Ensure Massive Engagement on Linkedin
e) Optimize Content For Advancing Search Trends
f) Ways To Reuse And Repurpose Content
g) Look for More Brand Partnerships & Collaborations
h) Try Going For Evergreen Or Epic Content
i) Checking On Gap Analysis
j) Taking Help Of The Tools As Available
k) Get Conversational
l) Email Promotion Will Continue to Rule

Key Elements You Must Have in Your Content Marketing Strategy

a) Figure out who you want to reach out to
b) Positioning your brand
c) Maintain clarity for goals and objectives
d) Whip up riveting content – every time
e) Push the promotions envelope
f) Include optimisation in your marketing plan

Content Marketing Strategy Defined

Do you know what are the top three goals that every marketer achieves from successful content marketing?

The answer is:

generating brand awareness
building credibility and trust
educating audiences.

Content marketing fits well in a wide integrated marketing strategy.

According to the productive SEO Company, the top challenges that professional marketers face with content marketing are producing content that brings more leads, finding innovative ideas for new content, and forming content that attracts high levels of online engagement.

Thus you need a strategy that can make your content marketing effective.

“A content marketing strategy is a full-proof plan for building a customer base by publishing, holding up, and disseminating consistent content that teaches, engages, or inspires to convert strange readers into fans and then fans into potential customers.”

This is not the same as the content strategy and content plan.

Pay attention

Content strategy includes proper planning, creation, and maintenance of content. Whereas a content plan is created to organize material implementation in a well-ordered manner.

We hope you understood the difference now.

Many companies are taking the help of professional content marketers to implement a powerful content marketing strategy that drives massive traffic and boosts conversions.

Simple Strategies to Follow For the Best Content Marketing

1- Video Content Will Continue to Rise

Video marketing will remain on the cards for more industries this year.

Here are some stats that you can’t ignore:

As per Hubspot, 58% of users opt-out to watch video content over any type of content.

54% of consumers prefer to view video content from a business or brand they support.

86% of brands/businesses use video as a marketing tool.

Video marketers receive 66% more qualified leads every year.

Along with quality website content writing, having a video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by up to 80%

Marketers who utilize video gain revenue 49% faster than non-video users

You can simply assume the extreme popularity of video with the number of video-based apps being introduced each month.

Also, many social networking platforms like Instagram and Facebook have launched their live video feature that enables anyone to come live and watch live stream videos from any part of the world.

With the growing popularity of video content, brands must start paying attention to the create quality videos for their brand. YouTube is the key and most famous source when it comes to viewing video content.

To boost the video’s visibility on YouTube search, you can optimize the video description and tag it with trending keywords related to your topic.

2- Defining The Audience Before Even Starting To Create Content

You have to think about people as an audience and not quite as customers. The proper content creation helps to make your task compelling, and also aligns writing well with the brand.

● For the best marketing by content, you have to take a quick look at your targeted customers and some of the engaging visitors.

● After that, you need to figure out the right content type, which can attract such people. Think about the content type which can help transform a visitor into a customer and try adding that.

3- Creating A Proficient Style Guide

You can always argue about the grammar intricacies, but the thing which is more important is the flow and consistency. Therefore, a guide is quite important during such instances.

■ Some of the online consultancy firms will have a proper style guide for providing some information to the staff writers and to some of the outside contributors.

■ The main aim of this guide is to ensure a consistent approach to presentation and even article formatting across the website.

4- Ensure Massive Engagement on Linkedin

Linkedin is getting the most popular networking site these days. This site is meant for professionals who do creative blog writing, share their thoughts, post vacancies, share inspiring stories and industry news.

According to the stats:

94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for marketing their content.

LinkedIn drives over 50% of social traffic on B2B websites & blogs.

Every week, content viewed on LinkedIn is 9 billion times.

3 million users share informative content weekly on LinkedIn

Longer content is shared frequently on LinkedIn than short content

This platform brings better opportunities for brands to boost reach. However, like any other social networking site, your content has to be informative and impactful if you want to get it viral on Linkedin. What you publish on Linkedin is totally different from what your post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

According to the content marketing expert from a reliable local link building agency: on Linkedin, you can repost your valuable blog content in the form of an article rather than sharing the link to the blog.

Pro Tip:

If you want people to know about your brand on Linkedin, make sure you update the profile accordingly. Here are the things you need to do-

Write an impressive “About Me” section highlighting your brand values and position.

Update the skills sections and add more skills that you possess.

Ask your valuable clients to write testimonials for you that would bring more value to your brand

Keep sharing the latest news and updates related to your company on your Linkedin profile.

5- Optimize Content For Advancing Search Trends

The existing search trend is seeing a huge transformation from the past. Now, search is not only limited to written queries, but you can also search anything through images and voice.

In that case, your impactful SEO content writing for the web has to be optimized for the emerging search trends that offer more power to voice than text. This means now you have to understand how voice search is different from text searches.

Normal search queries are of 3-4 words, whereas, voice search queries often reach 20 words. Such queries are most frequently question-based and not like phrases that are written as queries.

How to optimize content for voice search?

If you want to optimize content for voice search, then:

Compose posts in the form of Q/A.

Break up lengthy paragraphs into bullet points and subheadings.

Develop conversational content.

These are some useful ways suggested by a professional content marketer in which voice search queries can capture some crucial parts of your content to display in the featured snippets.

Other things you can do to make your voice search effective is by making your website mobile-friendly as most voice search queries are conducted on mobile devices.

Don’t forget to add SSL certification for site speed and to ensure its safety. Provide smooth navigation and use structured data to offer an amazing user experience.

6- Ways To Reuse And Repurpose Content

There are some companies principally creating content. But you have to think about how the content can be well adapted and reused for fitting some of the other formats in the market.

► You can try to create an infographic or even a slide presentation. On the other hand, you can try your hands at creating videos, webinars and even some tweets.

► Even though the article was used originally as a post but these changes can help in marketing your content more vividly. To know how to write article, you must follow the proper steps to make your article engaging.

7- Look for More Brand Partnerships & Collaborations

This is new and getting more effective day by day. This is among the leading trends in digital marketing now.

In this process, two brands come together to mutually promote their services and products or even brands collaborate with top influencers for promotion. Brand collaboration happens between two brands that target the same audience or it may happen between different brands. Either way, the aim of the partnership is to boost brand exposure as well as bring more revenue.

For influencer marketing, brands will opt out to collaborate with more micro-influencers from particular niches so that many users can engage with the services and products being endorsed. With online users getting smarter day by day about picking services and products online, celebrity influence marketing is getting less relevant to a wider audience.

Important Stats You Need to Know:

Instagram is the best choice for brands who engage in influencer marketing.

93% of marketers have utilized influencer marketing.

More brands will be expected to leverage micro-influencers in their campaigns.

People like to hear honest views coming from people they can love to watch and relate to. So, if you recommend plus size clothes, rather than investing a huge amount on celebrities for endorsement, collaborate with plus size influencers with a good follower base. which will definitely give you better results.

8- Try Going For Evergreen Or Epic Content

You might have come across the term evergreen quite a lot but don’t actually know what it means. Most content writers are working hard to create such content all the time or even most of the time. This type of content also helps your reap the major benefits of link building.

Even though news based articles or news have their own distinct shelf life, there are some other types of articles with useful advice and tips, which can easily perform well and for a longer time period. These types of articles are the evergreen ones, which never get old.

9- Checking On Gap Analysis

Content marketers should work hard for identifying the gaps in Google. It will help them to identify some of the promising search positions, which you fail to own right now.

★ Checking on the gaps on Google will steer content producers in the proper direction for business growth and higher marketing tactics.

★ You can consider a particular volume of searches for any particular term. After that, check out the competition, and try to figure out some of the challenge scale. You can further look for the popular content writing trends and choose a content type that you are planning to produce.

10- Taking Help Of The Tools As Available

You are about to come across some of the most useful marketing tools for your content. The main aim of these content marketing tools is to take some work out of the content-based generation and aid in the brainstorming procedure.

❏ Sometimes, you can try using Google’s Keyword Planner for identifying a list of valuable terms and some of the phrases for targeting in SERPs.

❏ After identifying these terms, the content team will then brainstorm some of the article ideas for targeting these terms. Such planning will ensure that trendy content writing topics you have worked on will have as much work as possible for attracting more visitors to your side.

11- Get Conversational

Conversational content marketing strategy is another hit idea that is creating a storm in the digital marketing industry.

Did you know?

Today80% of businesses have chatbot automation, as per a survey by Business Insider.

Now, many e-commerce companies have implemented chatbots on their sites for smooth conversations and virtual assistance to assist users with quick checkout as well as the after-sales process.

Getting inspired by this, many other websites too swiftly introduced AI-driven technologies to boost the user experience by manifolds. Chatbots, when used rightly, can make business operations easy and provide quality as well as active customer support.

12- Email Promotion Will Continue to Rule

This year also, email marketing is going to rule and bring more traffic as well as leads to a website.

According to the Stats:

As per some research, this type of marketing is still the most powerful content distribution platform by over 75% of people.

The number of email users globally is set to reach 4.48 million users in 2024.

65% of small businesses state that their email copy is quite effective.

Now, you need to understand how does content marketing works here.

In order to increase the number of subscribers or to keep the existing ones retained, you should mail them exclusive content every time. Remember, that content should be already published anywhere on your site. This is the best way for your followers to feel special.

As most marketing emails are found in spam folders, give your email newsletters a touch of personalization such as:

1. Address your valuable subscribers by their names.

2. Follow a mobile-friendly format as most people check their emails on their phones.

3. Make your email newsletter look professional.

4. Add a catchy subject line and headlines.

5. Use images, subheadlines, and videos wherever required.

There are so many examples of amazing content writing for business growth available online that are the results of successful content marketing strategies. If you read them wisely and include them in your marketing strategy, you will definitely get the right result. Try to focus on the quality of content that matters a lot.

As you know that the digital space is transforming rapidly, marketers all around the globe are looking for newer ways to make their online presence felt. Content marketing presents the perfect scope for them to achieve that.

We’ve already talked about the various content marketing strategies that will be going to rule this year, but now the question arises – how to create the most powerful content marketing strategy?

To make your content marketing strategy work effectively, you must know about the main elements that make it successful.

Key Elements You Must Have in Your Content Marketing Strategy

When you are about to make a b2b or effective b2c content marketing strategy, it is crucial for you to check out key elements in detail as discussed below and make sure that your content marketing plan has all of them so you can take your business to newer heights.

1- Figure out who you want to reach out to

Although marketing goals are intricately tied to knowing who your target audience is, it is best to discuss them separately. The target audience for any business is one of the core elements for designing a successful strategy for content marketing and thus requires focused attention.

To know who your prospective clientele are, you need to get under their skin and think like them. As any good content marketer who works with experienced and reliable SEO professionals, worth his copy and will tell you some of the factors you should keep in mind when getting to know your target audience:

● Buyer personas are the imaginary profiles of your prospective and current clients. You can create a database for them using data from previous customers and target new ones that match the profiles of the previous ones.

● Factors such as gender, age group, community, culture, income levels, social values, and general preferences all account for how the buyer persona will ultimately shape up.

2- Positioning your brand

When you define the brand positioning clearly, you can provide an amazing experience for your audience and create the right image through every content marketing channel.

Here are some of the questions that help you brainstorm your positioning in the market:

Who are my potential customers and existing ones?

Who are my top competitors, and what are their ways to market their brands?

What is the USP of my brand?

What makes my brand better than my competitors?

The highly reputable link building company will suggest utilizing the information to make the key pillars of your brand story. A brand story includes the summary of your company’s mission, history, purpose as well as values.

If can assist you to prefer a suitable direction in your content marketing strategy, identifying suitable messages as well as topics to translate with your content.

3- Maintain clarity for goals and objectives

While this seems like a no-brainer, quite a high number of businesses are still not clear about their content marketing goals and objectives. You need to have a clear picture in mind regarding your marketing goals and objectives if you want your strategies to work out just like you have planned. Make sure that everyone in the content team (that includes you as well) is on the same page concerning questions such as:

● Why you are investing in content marketing?

● How it can benefit your business and whether those benefits important enough?

● How do you wish to go about measuring the effectiveness of your marketing strategy?

● What are the plans of action that need to be in place for the strategies to work out?

The best way to ensure that you know the goals and objectives clearly is to document a business case at the very outset. You can arrange reviews for the same at regular intervals to realign the goals with how the marketing strategies are paying off, and incorporate new ones as per the demands of your audience or industry.

A well-documented business case will help you know the costs, benefits, and risks involved in applying a content marketing strategy in your company.

4- Whip up riveting content – every time

Content marketing revolves around content, but it needs to be mind-blowing for it to even matter. Every marketer needs to understand that even the grandest of marketing plans can fail due to the absence of half-baked or rehashed content.

Originality and relevance are the two most sought-after factors in content that goes viral and is even viewed on value driven google featured snippet.

Here are a few things that your content must have to make it appealing to your readers.

● An attention-grabbing headline or title that makes your readers want to read a little bit more into what you have got to say.

● Relatable and fresh content that is useful for the readers. No one would like to know about the seven shades of a celeb’s lip colour unless you are offering the same seven shades in your Spring-Summer collection at throwaway prices.

● Relevant keywords for your industry so it rakes in those SEO brownie points as well.

● Content that engages the readers (an online poll, for example) scores higher. So make sure you include factors for engagement in your content as well.

5- Push the promotions envelope

Content promotion goes hand in hand with important SEO techniques. The more you choose to pull out all stops to make sure that your content is visible everywhere, the more you will benefit in SEO for higher engagement rates. When you promote your content, you must go all out to make your presence felt and noted.

Living in the age of the Internet, there is no dearth of great content making its way to the readers. So how do you ensure a place in their minds? Simply by taking your promotion game to a whole new level. Have your competitors taken to Instagram for promotions? Why not try beating them at their own game by coming up with killer Instagram story content? Apart from the usual Google+, Twitter and Facebook, you can also promote your business through Instagram, guest posting, getting your business registered on an online forum in your niche and following up on email lists.

6- Include optimization in your marketing plan

Simply spinning out awesome content won’t cut the deal anymore. You must look for ways to optimize seo content writing fully so it reaches the right audience. Creating platforms for channelizing the superb copy that you know will be an instant hit is imperative if you actually want them jumping up and down with excitement after reading the post.

Keep in mind the following factors for having a splendid optimization plan for your content marketing strategy.

● Designing the page: Right from the placement of headers and logos to how readers scroll down your page, design factors must be optimized keeping your SEO goals in mind.

● Landing page details: The copy of the landing page is crucial for SEO. Mention of giveaways such as e-books, online courses or audio content also matters when it comes to using the landing page for achieving SEO goals. In this case, essential website content writing tips may help you to make your marketing successful.

● Email list: One of the vital tools at your disposal, email lists are the real people that you can reach out to by dint of great content. Once you have a flawless copy in hand, channelise the same using your email lists so that readers are compelled to hit ‘open’.

In Conclusion

Content marketing is one of the leading marketing pathways that lead to increased business revenue. Putting the digital age to great use, content marketing aims at reaching out to the right people at the right time, armed with content that they need or want to see. Ensure that you have all the content marketing strategies and key elements discussed here, and your marketing game is sure to up its level by quite a few notches. Good luck!

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