5 Alarming Reasons the SEO Company is Ruining Your Business


In the digital business of today, SEO is one of the most critical factors that you need to pay attention to. However, some business owners do not really understand its worth. For some, SEO is nothing more than a dead parameter and for some it is an ever evolving factor. No matter, what is your take on SEO; you will not succeed the competition race, unless and until you apply the right strategies.

This is one of the reasons why companies hire SEO experts

On a majority basis, these experts are known to be the masters of latest SEO updates and techniques. But, what be your condition, if neither you nor the service provider is too smart to handle the SEO part? So, just get up. It’s high time..!! Your service providers might be ruining your business. Here’s why-

1. Not Updated

Generally it is found that the companies do not remain updated with the latest Google updates or algorithms. Google continuously changes its algorithm and if you are not updated with that, you’ll be certainly out of the competition. So, if you find out that the SEO person is applying all the obsolete techniques, you need to take an action for sure.

2. Avoid Complete Reports

A professional SEO link building company is the one that provides a detailed and comprehensive report of the work done. Such detailed reports generally include the total number of blogs or articles written and submitted over number of places. On the other hand, if the company is not genuine, it would never provide on-demand reports and include all old school activities like classified, bookmarking, alexa ranking and so on.

3. Spammy Activities

Sign in to your Google webmaster tools account and check the inbound links coming to your website. The website can become a prey to the manual penalty, if irrelevant inbound links are found on your website. So, it is necessary on your part to check how the service providers are involved in link building. Make sure they earn links and not make links.

4. Not Involving You

It happens often that the service providers resist from involving you in the process. This may be a sign that they might not be utilizing white hat techniques. Hence, if this is the case, you must certainly change the service provider. Instead try choosing a reputed organic SEO company that follows all organic practices and involves you completely in the process. Further, ask them to explain each detail in layman’s language, so that you understand the process in and out.

5. Avoid On-Page Technical SEO

The source code of the page defines the technical SEO components. These components generally involve301 & 302 redirects, flash, IP detection, HTTP, crawler access, javascript and load time. These are the most important components in SEO and the ones that should gain your maximum attention. But, if the company does not pay attention to them, you know what to do.

Wake Up..!! You Still Have Time!!!

It is never too late, unless and until you find a solution. You still have time to judge the activities of your SEO provider. Keep a close watch and if you find any discrepancy, immediately get rid of that service provider. Atleast, you’ll stop the company (the service provider) from killing your business scope.

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