People always look for the best solution available locally. For this, they search on Google to find local businesses. They can easily locate your business if you have chosen professional local SEO. With the implementation of the best local SEO strategies, you make customers choose your solutions. Have you ever imagined how Local SEO can help your business to be the best in a specific area?

There are several businesses that appear at the instance when customers search online. From several options, you need to make the customer choose your solutions. By selecting professional SEO solutions, you can see your business growing online. The local SEO helps you to rank high and increase visibility. If your website ranks higher than your competitor then you are likely to get more customers. SEO sounds simple but if you’re looking for ways to grow locally then this article is perfect.

There is a lot of importance for local SEO and in this article, you will get to know about local SEO and how important it is for business.

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What Is Local SEO?
How local SEO works?
Optimizing Website To Get Found in Local Searches
Reasons Why Local SEO Is Important
Benefits of Local SEO

What Is Local SEO?

SEO is contained of various elements and before implementing it, it is important to understand why SEO is so important. SEO is crucial for every business that wants to make the website more visible. Online visibility brings in more traffic. Along with traffic, it brings more opportunities for your business to grow. If you want to grow your business locally, then it is important to focus on Local SEO.

Local SEO is the most commonly used SEO tactic that helps your business in becoming more visible in local search results. It’s an SEO category that helps the business to grow and target a specific location that can make our business rank high. By the use of an effective local SEO strategy, you can make the website appear on top of local search results.

Google and other search engines use a user’s location by taking an IP address and geolocation to determine the results. So when someone performs a local search, the search engine will display local businesses relevant to their location.

By using local SEO service, you can easily thrive in a competitive market. A professional local SEO agency helps to bring in more customers to the website. To get more customers you need to choose the best SEO company, that makes sure that your entire website is ready to attract more customers. In this, the SEO experts implement the best strategies that make the customers land up at your website.

Below is the situation of how local SEO can help you to grow while aiming for a more specific keyword.

If the search involves looking for Pizza specifically in the USA. It is important to note that you don’t have to add in the exact location. If you’re looking for a Pizza service near you Google will automatically give you results based on your location. This helps to direct the customers to the website that is providing pizza solutions nearby. This means, if your business has implemented the best local SEO strategy then you will be the one to rank to the top.

As you can see, local businesses will get benefit highly from local SEO. The process done in local SEO differs greatly from SEO. In local SEO, the major focus is on growing the solutions in a particular area. With this, the business can cater to audiences from various locations. Also, in this, the website finds a way to get quality link from other sites too.

Example: If you provide the best Pizza in the USA then some other website might link your website. This means that you can enjoy local SEO solutions and optimize your website to get it rank better as compared to competitors.

Whatever business you own it is important to understand how and why you need to appear in the local searches. When you are looking for the top online marketing benefits for business, it is important to know more about local SEO. To make your business get visible, you need to focus on three factors that can make your businesses appear in local search results:

1. Proximity

Proximity is about how close your business is to the customer looking for the solutions. Google tends to generate online lists that are closest to the searcher location. You cannot control the proximity factor but you can make your website rank locally.

2. Relevance

The search engines generate results based on the relevancy of the content. Your relevancy depends on the search query and the content used in the website. If someone searches for a bag online then Google compiles a list of businesses that offer bags in certain locations.

3. Prominence

The other important factor, prominence focuses on what customers have to say about your solutions. To make your website get on the Google listing, you need to gain positive feedback and comments or reviews. Google recommends a website that has excellent ratings.

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When you are creating a local SEO strategy it is important to keep three factors in mind. With this, you can see your business in the best position in local search results. These factors can help a lot to optimize your local SEO and drive more foot traffic to your company.

How Local SEO Works?

The only search engine that gets the majority of searches is Google. If you want to grow your business it is important to focus on improving your presence on Google. Google has various websites and gets it ranked on the basis of several factors. There are millions of web pages in existence by considering ranking factors you can make your website grow. Wait, that’s not all.

When a user does a search query, Google isn’t conducting a live crawl but it has already crawled a site. Google spiders make your website get indexed on the server. When you think of local SEO you are actually using the best way to make the website rank higher in all search results.

Example: You own a business of bakery.

If someone is searching for “bakery” solutions online, then search engines show results based on the location. The results will show differently depending on their geographical location and the time at which they are searching. For example, if it’s the USA then search results will get modified and get show up the companies with a physical store in the USA only.

There are several local search ranking factors, but the important factor among local SERPs is the customer’s search history. If the customer is making regular searches for a bakery in the USA the search results will get shown accordingly. In this way, if you want to grow your business in a specific location, you can make use of local SEO.

Optimizing Website To Get Found in Local Searches

The best and easiest to get searched online is making a presence in local searches. For this, you need to have a street address or the city according to which you can optimize your solutions. If you don’t have an address, you can add content regarding your target area. There are various ways to optimize to get found in local searches:

◆ Add to local directory websites: To make a local presence, it is important to add your name, address and phone number, and other contact details to the local directory listing.

◆ Monitor social mentions: You need to check if your business is being mentioned on any social media posts. With this, you’ll be able to gain feedback and grow your business.

◆ Getting Into Google My Business listing: It is important to add your business into Google My Business listing. In this, you need to upload photos and verify. This will help your customer to review and make sure to get the right name, address, and phone number.

◆ Add address to your Facebook page: You can make a page for a local business and attract customers.

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The content can really help you to grow locally. By implementing ideas for keyword research in your content, you can easily get listed locally. When your business gets referrals from the customers, you will gain more clients that improve your business relationships.

Reasons Why Local SEO is Important

If you have a local business but you aren’t even on the front page of the search engines, then it is important to make your online presence. If you haven’t invested in your local SEO then it’s not too late. Local SEO can make your website grow which means more people will choose your business when they want satisfactory results. By investing in your local SEO, your business can see a great rise up and compete with the other local businesses within your niche.

Here are some reasons why you must invest in Local SEO:

➢ Makes You Competitive

If you’re not investing in local SEO, it is important to know that other local businesses may also be implementing the same solutions. This means to be in the best position and attract more people, you need to choose professional SEO solutions. When all of the other businesses are showing up on the first page of engine results, you can take control with the best local SEO solutions. For this, you can put your business niche into Google alongside your local area.

Example: If you have a sweets shop, by using professional web page writing you can make your business be at the top position in your region. In this, you might include keywords such as “sweets shop in India” or “best sweet shop in India”

➢ Bring-In Visitors and Newcomers

For every business, getting local customers is not to be a case of “bread and butter”. The business needs to establish a good online presence that helps to attract a lot of people locally. If you are establishing your business, then the majority of visitors don’t yet know about your business. To make a good reputation and to get a strong customer base, you need to implement strong local SEO strategies.

When you use local SEO, your customers are able to find you easily. People will also be able to identify that your business is in organic search instead of a paid one. This can actually help the people that are new to your area. So, for the newcomers, you can actually put your best foot forward to make new customers.

➢ Quick Searches Drive Sales

Image the situation where you have ever been out on a walk and immediately decide to visit a bakery shop. In this situation, you’ll take your smartphone and make an online search. So, this makes it clear to make people aware of your solutions, you need to make your website visible on all devices. When someone searches through their mobile device, results get shown from the local area immediately. If your website has done the best local SEO, then your business website will get displayed the person’s distance from the business.

When you work on establishing strong local SEO, people are more likely to find you. With this, your website will attract more customers.

➢ Affordable Option

Comparatively speaking as compared to various on-page SEO trends, local SEO is an inexpensive way to grow and advertise your business. When you invest in local SEO solutions, you can see it is worth helping your website in achieving long-term goals. When your website has good SEO, it doesn’t go to down in the ranking anyway. You will be able to maintain a good position and SEO continues to boost yourself up the ladder that makes an SEO-friendly website.

Choosing PPC is an expensive option than local SEO. In this, you’ll have to keep paying as long as stay on the front page. SEO is the best affordable way to grow in organic results.

Benefits of Local SEO

If your business has a physical location and wants to attract more people, there is no reason why you should not try local SEO. Local SEO is the best way that can add tremendous value to your business. With the benefits discussed below you can see how local SEO benefit your website:

➢ Cost-effective

Nowadays, there are several marketing strategies but local SEO is extremely affordable. It is cost-effective which makes the business able to target both mobile and desktop customers of a particular location. According to a recent survey, 75% of smartphones users use their devices to search for solutions locally.

➢ Gain benefits from Google My Business

By implementing local SEO, you can see Google My Business assisting you to grow your business in a better way. Here’s how Google My Business can help to grow your business locally:

Increase traffic: To increase traffic, you need to redirect searchers to your website. For this, you need to include your website’s link in the profile to increase traffic. This is the most significant benefit of local SEO.

Provide information: To grow in the best way, you need to make customers aware about providing the best details. You can provide small details such as an address, contact details, service hours, etc. on the GMB listing. With this, customers can easily find you and may contact you if required.

Showcase your solutions: While providing information, you can add details about your solutions. This puts the spotlight and advertises your business’s offerings.

This can help to increase website traffic which improves the exposure of your website. This makes it further beneficial for small businesses that want to advertise themselves in a limited geographical region. Local SEO strengthens your business’s visibility and brings more customers.

➢ Boost sales

The local businesses that rank top gain the best benefits. With local SEO, you can assure that your business gets visible to any client looking for local items. It can easily turn Google searches into physical shopping.

Let’s understand with some common facts:

76% of people don’t turn over to the next page of search results.
Pages ranked in the top in SERPs receive more clicks.
66% of customers look for most items online before visiting stores.

Most of the customers prefer the “near me” option while doing a search. If your website gets high in rankings then credits go to local SEO. With this, you can attract more customers and save up your costs on other modes of advertising.


Implementing local SEO means that your business gets visible for the searches in the targeted area. With the best SEO strategies, you can see your business growing and providing your solutions to local customers. Local SEO is an affordable option and with the LinkBuildingCorp. you can easily see your business attracting more customers.

Our experts implement various local SEO techniques that make you able to be at the top position in your niche. To choose our solutions, contact us at +91-9205356986 or request a free instant quote.

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