5 Methods To Use Trending Topics For Link Building


Your effective digital presence offers amazing business growth. In today’s digital world, the effective business approach should be centred on link building and on driving more traffic to the website. The more links you will create; the better the data traffic you will receive. For that, you have to understand all the algorithms of SEO (search engine optimization). Whether you are an SEO expert or a website owner, you must know the importance of SEO-friendly content for building high-quality links and getting organic traffic.

As per the research of SEMrush over 600,000 keywords, the most important ranking key points are domains and backlinks. Thus, time to think about link building to raise the website traffic. When you are working on link building, don’t neglect the significance of interesting content topics. Ensure to stay tune with current happenings and trending topics of your niche. If you create interesting content, you will develop more clicks and sharing. For best result, read the following techniques to create quality links and generate more data traffic:

1- Focus on guest posting

Guest posting is one of the basic but important techniques for creating effective links for your websites. Through guest posting, you are going to compose and publish your article on the company or person’s websites. This technique allows you to share your thoughts with a new audience and also get a one worthy backlink for your site.

To get the full benefit of this strategy, ensure to write innovative and informative blogs so that your content will receive more shares and clicks. The guest posting describes the process of building a strong relationship with other’s website and its users. You can’t secure a link on the bases of any old publishing blog; instead of it, use your ideas and explain your thoughts under your niche.

2- Generating meaningful infographics

Users have attracted more towards graphics or infographics. Infographics are those images that share useful information in most aesthetically and pleasing manner. If you can generate attractive and meaningful infographics, then your image is likely to be distributed from people to people. This sharing provides you a new link whenever anybody refers or uses your graphic on his website.

For example, refer to the below infographics in which you will get information about creating an infographic from existing content. It describes 4 steps for producing an infographic in the most concise manner using necessary symbols.  You can share your perspectives in minimum words without changing the real context.

Still, if you have issues while creating your infographic, just ask one question that “What would I share with my friends?” When you can search for the answer to this question, you will have enough information to create a meaningful image. It may take time and money while developing a worthwhile infographic, but when you have done right, this venture can pay off in terms of the number of links.

3- Use emails to build links

We can’t complete our list without emails, the most-used platform for sharing basic and important information to many people in just one click. Google has cracked down on sitewide links (links visible on the blog’s footer and sidebars on every page of the website) and raise the significance of “in-content” links. These “in-content” links play in link building and usually place in the body content of referring website pages.

Email link building is one of the best ways to find these kinds of links in which you email the desired linking website and request for placing your link on a relevant page (matching to your needed content). For your understanding, let’s discuss an example. Suppose you have a local beauty parlor and after searching something on the internet, you encounter a website listing all the local small businesses. You require to email the owner of the site and request a link to your business website for getting worthwhile links. Because whenever anyone checks the list of the local parlor, she will find the name of your shop in it. Likewise, if you are an online writing service provider, build your links using Assignment Help as subject line to grab the attention of more students to your platform

4- Generate viral content

The most effective link-building methods do not include any type of outreach. It might be surprising for you but it is true. Creating viral content allows you to seed your links on prevalent social network platforms. Well, if you create something appealing and interesting, people would love to share that content with others that indirectly generate links without your direct involvement.

There is no formula or trick for generating online viral content, besides you have to search for current and trending topics over the internet in order to create evocative matter. Before creating anything, think about the motto of content creation either information sharing or entertainment only. If you have what to write, you will get ideas on how to write.

5- Scrutinize competitors’ links for more competitive

It is good to analyze your competitors’ efforts and progress from time to time to understand the market trends. Scrutinize link profiles of your competitors with the help of simple tools such as Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer from SEO moz. These tools help you to analysis the websites linking back to your competitors’ websites.

Search for your niche and build a strong strategy to create backlinks. Be careful with spam scoring while building links. It is good to have ideas of what are your competitors doing but following blindly is not the right decision.


Link building is important when you want to boost the rank of your website or clients’ brand. It will help you to optimize your website for a strong search engine ranking. One thing you must understand that your content is the base of all your effort. Make sure to spend enough time creating worthy content for link-building. It may not include your direct involvement but it will help you to expand your business reach effectively and positively.

It never likes link building is dead, it is still impacting your brands’ digital image through its outcomes. So, concentrate on building to boost the search engine ranking of a website.

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