How Can A Blog Improve Your SEO Efforts?


What was looked a few years back as only the medium of exchanging views and opinions has now become the most powerful technology in the social media marketing industry?

Yes, blogging has now achieved an important status and this is the reason marketers are looking it as a technique to get good positions in the search engines.

In the highly competitive environment, benefits of blogging are quite many. In an online world, it will help you in gaining popularity and recognition. It’ll let you get connected with the audiences and by increasing your blogging activity on regular basis; it will definitely help in ensuring better rankings in the search engines.

Though it was overlooked as a passive marketing tool, it is surging forward and is highly effective. Now it is acting as a channel between your customers and clients.

Table of Content

1- Business blogs -Important social platform

2- The advantages of blogging

3- What is the relevance of Blogs in the business?

4- Regular blogging for maximum exposure

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are making their online presence in a big way because of blogging.

1- Business blogs -Important social platform

It is interesting to see that nearly 14percent of the marketers prefer blogging and this shows its prominence. It has become a part of SEO plans for all companies who want an online presence and use different strategies to target search engines.

As Google favors new and updated content, and for your search engine ranking greatly matters, so blogging is crucial to you than ever before. Through blogs, you can include fresh content on your website.

2- The advantages of blogging

a)- The better way to promote business online is through a business blog. This will help in actively increasing your brand image. What you’ll require is engaging and appropriate content based on your business or target audience.

b)- Your main motive must be to appeal potential customers which you could do only through content- driven branding.

c)- By sharing your thoughts and feelings you can draw the interest of people who find your blog interesting. It will be more worthwhile, if you are posting high quality content as on the internet, it is reviewed and in case your quality of content is poor, it may swap your positions in the search engine.

d)- For better ranking, focus on popular and good content. This will help in gaining several prospective customers who you are visiting your website for your products and services. This way you are motivating them for online marketing and also making your site a well-established brand.

e)- By blogging on a daily basis you can create a group of interested customers and at the end of the day; it will mean more potential customers –more queries – more business.

Obviously, your website will be visible in the search engine rankings.

3- What is the relevance of Blogs in the business?

It is simple and you must develop thought-provoking content that is relevant to your industry. It must be beneficial to the potential employee, client, and customer. This makes it clear that the content can help them to connect with your company and allow them to see it with more personal outlook.

By creating content that is relevant to your business, you are encouraging your community or subscribers to log in to your email lists and show their interest in business or blog you are posting on your site.

A blog can be an important tool for online marketing if written strategically. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small business or a big company; the main point is to create effective content keeping in mind the target audience.

Place yourselves uniquely in front of your competitors to achieve that goal. Blogs are good for business and it definitely helps in creating the positive impression.

You can use it to market yourself and show your expertise. If you are serious about your online presence blogs can prove to be invaluable in the long run.

4- Regular blogging for maximum exposure

There are endless possibilities and it is necessary to think just like your targeted audience. B2B marketers are investing a lot to give their blogs a personal touch to make it stand out from the competition.

You can achieve maximum benefits in the most convenient way by posting interesting content related to your company and products.

Keep yourself updated with the content guidelines, latest algorithms and make the necessary changes to serve your target audience in the best way.

Instead of using technical jargons use simple words. Avoid duplicate content and keyword stuffing to bring high returns.


You can sum-up your blog with call-to-action to encourage the visitors to interact, give opinions and leave their suggestions. By adding comment field you could possibly communicate far more effectively and form a relationship with potential customers.

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