Signup Forms

Link Building for Signup Forms
Client Overview

Signup Forms is a useful platform that has a minimal learning curve, registers people quickly through an easy procedure, and creates a wonderful experience for everyone.

Signup Forms approached us as their helping partner in a crowded industry. They were finding it difficult to set themselves apart from the more established rivals in their market. Because the customer had few marketing resources, we would serve as their main marketing team for the duration of this campaign.


Our goal was to create stronger connections that will assist the business stand out from the competition. We developed a collection of SEO data for that purpose. Additionally, they will become stronger than they were. People will learn more about the company’s offerings and potential advantages thanks to that information.


1. Competitive analysis

Any link-building effort should start by looking into competitor research because it aids in developing and informing a campaign strategy.

In our experience, overcoming the competition requires a grasp of how and why they are successful. Since the majority of link possibilities obtained by your rivals will be relevant to your website, it makes sense that you should obtain the same links.

We concentrated on competitor links that didn’t necessitate content generation because the customer lacked linkable assets at the start of the campaign. In the early stages of the campaign, this investigation turned up a few useful directories and resource pages that helped them complete their link profile.

2. Mention Links

Despite the company’s relative less with digital marketing, its offline activities had helped it establish a recognised brand. The chance to pursue unlinked mentions resulted from this.

The business gained links to both their home page and, when applicable, relevant, geo-specific sites as a result of these brand mentions. In addition to brand-specific references, we were able to locate various kinds of web publicity and mentions.


What effects did the mention and competitive backlinking effort have?

In conclusion, this campaign was a huge success. The customer observed consistent increases in the tracked keywords and ongoing increases in organic traffic.

● The initiative secured a number of linkages during a six-month period.

● An average ranking position improvement of 146% was seen across 17 tracked head phrase keywords.

● Overall organic traffic increased by 43%.

● Since more people found the website to be beneficial, it attracted more visitors and gained greater online awareness.